Best Apps For Rooted Android

In the initial days of Android, there were various features you could only have access to by rooting your phone. Some of them include overlocking, wifi hotspot, UI apps mods. But today, Android smartphones are superfast and productive with various features, which makes overlocking unnecessary unless you are crazy and want to launch Angry Birds to open in five seconds instead of 15 seconds.

There are still people who want to root their Android smartphone. So if you own a rooted Android device or planning to root your Android device, then this article is for you. Below, we have bucketed a list of best apps for rooted Android devices that you can use.

8 Best Apps For Rooted Android Devices

Best Apps For Rooted Android
Best Apps For Rooted Android

Below are some must-have and best apps for rooted Android devices;

1-      Greenify


Greenify is one of the best apps for rooted android devices that you can have on your rooted android devices. The app is efficient in increasing the battery life of your smartphone. It is a straightforward app, and the primary function of the app is to hibernate running apps selectively, which helps users to choose apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, to run smoothly.

The app effectively puts the power-consuming apps into hibernation when they are unused and prevent them from lagging your phone and draining the battery.


Some of its highlights include;

  • Prevent inactive apps to slow down your phone
  • Identify power-consuming apps and hibernate them to extend battery life
  • Straightforward to use
  • Small size and doesn’t occupy much space

2-      Tasker


The app is another one of the best apps for rooted android devices, which offers unmatchable automation powers. The app has about 350-plus actions that allow users to customize their smartphones like never before.

Users can automate every component of their rooted android phone using the app. Be it to automate daily routine or have a floating button in Google dialer. The app has your back. Additionally, the app can also work with nonrooted devices, but it is more powerful for rooted devices.

Moreover, if you have any difficulty regarding the app, there are a plethora of guides, video tutorials, and wikis available on the internet that can help you to get most out of it. Start with straightforward things, such as automatically opening your favorite music app when plugging in the headphones, or turn on the wifi, and make your way up to more complex tasks.


Some of its best highlights include;

  • Combine contexts and tasks as per your preferences
  • Wake up with a random song from the music library
  • Change all the home icons and wallpapers daily
  • Start your day with a specific app showing
  • Easy to use

3-      Sixaxis Controller

Sixaxis Controller
Sixaxis Controller

If you are a keen mobile gamer, then you must have brushed up against the restrictions of touchscreen controls in various games, such as first-person shooters. Some games are better played with a physical controller, and if you own an extra PS controller, it fulfills the needs.

The apps enable users to pair a PS controller with an Android device through Bluetooth and allow them to use the controller as a native gamepad. The controller can also be used as a mouse or keyboard for navigations, as well as maps its buttons to the screen of the device for titles that don’t officially provide support to controllers.

It is necessary to use Sixaxis Compatibility Checker before going for its premium version because it is not compatible with all devices.


Some of its key highlights include;

  • Motion sensing
  • Pressure-sensitive buttons
  • Digital buttons
  • Analog sticks

4-      SD Maid

SD Maid
SD Maid

A maid for your rooted Android phone is something you might want to have. The app is a system cleaning app, which works with both rooted and unrooted Android smartphones. The app has limited features for unrooted devices. The app comes with hundreds of useful features that you expect from a standard cleaning app.

The app offers both free and in-app purchases versions and helps to make your smartphone clean and tidy. The app is straightforward to navigate and comes with an incredibly small size, which doesn’t require much space to get installed.


Some of its unique highlights include;

  • Manipulate files through a full-fledged file explorer
  • Efficiently manage installed user and system apps
  • Optimize databases
  • Get an overview of your device storage
  • Formerly detect files of uninstalled apps
  • Instantly search files by content, date, or name
  • Easy to use

5-      Super SU

Super SU
Super SU

It is yet another best app and considered an alternative for Superuser. The app helps you to keep track of apps that you have granted root permissions. The app makes sure whether your device is rooted properly and has root access, as well as to check if Superuser is installed or not.

The app saves your time by not undergoing through the same process over and over again by remembering your choice next time an app the request for a permission level. The app is free and also offers in-app purchases for some additional features, including pin protection.


Some of its best features include;

  • Hold track of all the apps that require root access, as well as confirm the actual and safe functionality of a rooted app.
  • Upon rerunning the app, it will automatically ensure the permission level
  • Work fine in recovery mode as well
  • Per-app user override
  • Detect deep procedures
  • Personalized options, including changing themes and icon

6-      Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup
Titanium Backup

Titanium bAckup is another best app for rooted android devices. The app is best for those who perform a whole lot of flashing in their smartphones. The app is an exceptional resource for backing up the data and ROM. It provides various options to backup data, such as backing up a particular data and apps.

Moreover, the app also allows users to schedule their backups automatically, freeze apps and convert them into user apps, and more. The app might look complicated for newbies, but they can find a plethora of tutorials on the internet, that can help them.


Some of its key highlights include;

  • Powerful backup tool
  • Restore and freeze apps instantly
  • Zero-click batch and scheduled backups
  • Multi-user app data
  • Convert system apps into user apps
  • Hypershell speed
  • Restore individual apps and data from nonrooted ADB backups
  • Backup apps without closing them

7-      System App Remover

System App Remover
System App Remover

It is another best app for rooted android devices, which makes it easy to remove all unwanted apps safely and instantly. Users can get rid of all those unwanted apps at once, as well as rename them, move them, and organize them.

Additionally, the app also allows users to backup all the uninstalled app to check stability issues, and if required, restore them. The app is best to uninstall about everything from your rooted android device using a filter to identify the app that can be removed safely.


Some of its features include;

  • Remove multiple system apps at once by marking the boxes
  • Backup and restore removed apps
  • Move the apps to the phone or SD card memory
  • Organize apps by name, size, and time
  • Release all the data when an app is removed

8-      Simple Reboot

Simple Reboot
Simple Reboot

Simple Reboot is another best app for rooted android devices and an open-source app that concentrates mainly on rebooting. Customized ROMs provide configurable options for the reboot menu that stock ROM doesn’t. That is where you need this app. Instead of using keys to USB connections, all you have to do is to choose an option, and it will reboot your device.

The app doesn’t require any permissions and just need root access, and you are ready to reboot your device.


Some of its highlights include;

  • Safe Reboot and soft reboot features
  • No permissions required
  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly small size and doesn’t occupy much space


Rooted Android smartphones grant you access to various new features that otherwise, you cant access. If you have a rooted device or planning to have one, then above are some best apps for rooted Android that you should use on your smartphone.

If you have any idea regarding the best apps for rooted android phones, you can share it with us.


Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Is rooting your phone is illegal?

Ans: Rooting a phone means removing the restrictions placed by the manufacturers, and many of them allow you to root your device legally. However, if you have a tablet and want to root it, then it is illegal.



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