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Best Apps for iPhone 5S


There are numerous apps available on the Apple App Store that you can download and install on your iPhone device. Deciding what apps you should have on your brand new iPhone 5S is quite a difficult task. Your new iPhone 5S comes with a  bunch of useful in-built apps, including Safari, iMEssage, iBooks, and more that are enough to take off a great start. But there are also many other apps that you should have on your iPhone 5S that can completely transform it.

To help you out choosing the best apps for iPhone 5S, we have made a list of best apps for iPhone 5S, which is a must-have for every iPhone 5S user.

5 Best Apps for iPhone 5S

Best Apps for iPhone 5S
Best Apps for iPhone 5S

Here are some of our favorites apps for your iPhone 5S.

1- Dropbox


Dropbox is a must-have app for every iPhone 5S user. The app is a cloud storage tool that makes sure that anything that you store in its special folders is safe online, as well as offers a powerful integration for developers. Using Dropbox, you can have access to your data files from anywhere, and it doesn’t require you to connect to an internet connection as you can mark particular files as favorites.

The app has the ability to play media files and preview text files from iWork documents and Microsoft Office. Sharing files through Dropbox is eas, and it sends a link to the recipient to a Dropbox-hosted file copy instead of making you wait until the attachment is upload.

Dropbox Key Features;

  • Easy file sharing.
  • Keep your data safe and access your files from anywhere.
  • Mark files as favorites to access them while offline.
  • It is free
  • Backup your camera roll.

2- Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps

When we talk about online maps, Apple is good but not as good as Google. Google maps offer you not only free maps, but also turn-by-turn navigation for walking, bicycling, driving, and more. The app allows you to navigate your world much faster and easier. It contains maps of approximately 225 countries and territories, as well as millions of businesses and places. The app offers real-time navigation, transits, and traffic info, and you can find what you need by getting the information on businesses that include pharmacies, grocery stores, shopping malls, and much more.

Google Maps Key Features;

  • Find the best routes with automatic routing based on incidents, live traffic, road closure, etc.
  • Know about the latest businesses, including stores, malls, restaurants, and more.
  • Create a list of your favorite places.
  • Offline maps to navigate without having an internet connection.
  • Indoor maps to find a way inside places like airports, stadiums, malls, and more.

3- Netflix


It feels great when you stream Netflix movies and TV shows on your iPhone 5S for the first time; you can search and browse your favorite titles on your iPhone in seconds. However, it is not iPhone’s most stylishly implemented app and feels a bit similar to a website but does what it suppose to do very well. For streaming movies and TV shows on your iPhone using Netflix, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection for a smooth watching experience. This is the best app for iPhone 5S that you can have for streaming movies and TV shows.

Netflix Key Features;

  • Up to date list of new TV shows and movies.
  • Stream, movies, documentaries, TV shows, and more.
  • Enjoy a safe and secure watching experience in a family-friendly environment.
  • Get notification of your favorite episodes and releases.
  • Download movies and videos on your device to stream them later while you are offline.

4- Kindle


Though your iPhone is much smaller than the kindle, the Kindle app on your phone does a very good job. With the app installed on your iPhone device, you can read books, magazines, ebooks you have purchased from the Kindle bookstore. The interface of the app is simple, and you just need to swipe left or right to turn the pages. Moreover, you can tap and hold on a work that is unfamiliar for you to see its meaning.

Kindle also allows its users to adjust their virtual book color scheme according to their preferences and change the font size. Additionally, the app also allows you to search for specific text, go to individual chapters, and post your favorite passages on your social media. If you are a book lover, this is the best app for iPhone 5S that you can have.

Kindle Key Features;

  • Read your favorite books, magazines, manga, comics, and more.
  • Adjust color scheme and font size according to your needs.
  • Straightforward interface.
  • Swipe to turn the pages.
  • Tap and hold a word to know its definition.
  • Post your favorite book passages on social media.

5- AroundMe


Another useful and best app for iPhone 5S that you can have is AroundMe. If you are a person who travels frequently, you should install this app on your iPhone device right now. The interface of the app is just fantastic. It helps you to find places near you, such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc. It has a list of categories and uses location to see nearby places you are looking for. If you have ever stuck in a  situation where your flight is canceled at 2 AM, and you are struggling to find a place to stay, you should have this app. It has info about places you are searching for, as well as their links, photos, and summary.

AroundMe Key Features;

  • Best for frequent travelers.
  • Find nearby places, such as hotels, gas stations, and more.
  • Category list to sort things out.
  • Use location services to find points of interest.


If you are looking for the best apps for iPhone 5S, this is a list of must-have apps that you should install. Your queries and questions regarding the best apps for iPhone 5S are welcome, and you can write us a comment.


Q: Are there free apps available for iPhone 5S?

Ans: Yes, there are thousands of apps that you can have on your iPhone 5S.


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