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Top Best Apple CarPlay Apps


Apple CarPlay Apps is a great step ahead by Apple developed this app for the drivers for their safety if they want to use the phone during driving, now they can use the carplay app on their car’s screen which shares the interface screen of your handheld devices such as an iphone or any such relevant device. In this way, the driver does not lose its attention while driving on the road. The app allows the driver to call friends and family, and integrate favorite music, shows, and podcasts into the car.

In the modern ages, services like Apple CarPlay comes with great benefits to the drivers who love technology and also understand the usage from dashboard gadgetry. CarPlay allows iPhone’s popular features to appear on your car’s dashboard screen, from which you can control the commands by voice, touchscreen, or through other controls. The questions raised that why you should be using this app and which apps are the best ones to be used in the carplay while you can drive along the countryside or the highway and feel free to use the technology as well. So we will start talking about the best Apple Carplay apps built for the drivers and passengers to be used for their ease during their journey.

You can access CarPlay’s excessive features with the use of Siri’s voice commands which is, Apple’s digital assistant, e.g., you can say “call Pina” or “get the directions to Vegas,” or “play Lights out,” and it will obey you. For those people whose car doesn’t have the microphone or the voice recognition technology can navigate through the screen with the help of touchscreen, or he can choose to use the buttons manually that are found around the steering wheel or the center console.

Best Apple CarPlay Apps

The whole point of creating these apps is to divert the attention of the driver from its phone to the screen of the car, which is less risky as compared to using the phone while driving. So let’s start with the best apps considered for Apple Carplay.


Amazon owns the audible app. It is a great app that allows you to keep your focus and attention on the road while you are driving, and you can listen to a book read by any professional narrators or your favorite celebrities. If you are traveling through public transport, then reading is the best time to pass for you to kill time without realizing the distance covered. But that can’t happen in a private transport where you have to drive from one destination to another. So from this app, you can choose from a wide collection of podcasts that will make you smoothly drive the longest distances without getting bored or dizzy. This app offers the user a 30-day free trial period and lets them do the monthly subscriptions to access its audiobooks library.


The most important CarPlay app voted by the users for navigation purposes is Maps. It is a great app as you can get the idea from the name that it consists of an overview map of your location visible through internet connectivity. When you click on its icon, and you will get an overview and the image or view of your location. You can click on the hit the Destinations link, and Maps will suggest the places based on wherever you are. Through this app, you can find restaurants near you, or gas stations, or any such place that you want to go.

It also provides you a Microphone button from where you can communicate with Siri, and then you can speak to navigate with your destination through the use of maps. You should also keep this in mind that the Apple Maps is the only navigation app that is compatible with the CarPlay, which means that you can’t use Google Maps with Carplay.


This integrated app in CarPlay lets you make the calls and also receive them through your android car system connected with your phone. Opening this app will let you browse your contact list from your phone or the device you are connected from, and you can also check and play your voicemails from here and send them a reply, too or make a call to your friends and family.

But you should keep in mind that for safety purposes, instead of scanning and searching through the screen manually, you can use a voice command of Siri to search for a specific name or contact that you are trying to reach and be able to receive calls in your car. You get a dial-pad, and your recent dialed contacts too for a quick call making.


WhatsApp Messenger is also available in CarPlay. It is almost like a basic messaging app, but here, you cant scroll the list of messages and conversations from Carplay. So you can use your voice commands and text messages read out loud by Siri, and then you can respond to those messages or audio notes back with a voice command quickly and efficiently. It is very simple to use when you are driving, which means that you don’t have to worry about losing the focus of your drive. There is also a built-in voice assistant of WhatsApp that you can use to instantly reply to any message or voice notes with a voice message or basic command.

It makes this app great and easy to use for the driver when he is driving, so he doesn’t lose his focus on the way.


If there is an emergency or you want to get in touch with someone as soon as possible, you can also use the messages apps of the Carplay that lets you review your recent conversations, but it should be actually done by your passenger that will make it easier for you to drive instead of focusing what to write next and to whom. You can choose to select Siri to read out aloud your messages and then respond to those texts in return through Siri. That will be an easy step for you while you are driving.

You can use commands for messages like Text Melissa, Jon is coming.


You go out on a drive in your car, and the basic thing that comes in your mind at first is turning on the radio or music. You can use the Music app of CarPlay to play the music that you have purchased from the iTunes, or any other source directly. But mostly, you are an iOS user, so you will require the music available on the Apple Music store if you are a subscriber. You can scroll through the playlists and view your saved music by opening the music app on the Carplay. Or you can choose to ask Siri to find and play specific music that is stored in your device. It can, through the search of favorite artists, albums, genres, and other categories.

Spotify Music

Spotify’s music is just like a normal music app that contains millions of sound lists covering all of the eras and genres, and it does offer you to either seek out specific artists or a song or just let the app play random music as you drive your way all the way down to the destination. There is a free version of Spotify’s music that has many ads going on throughout the use, and it does only let you skip an only a certain number of music for a very limited time period. Whereas if you choose to buy the premium version, then all the ads are removed, and you get unlimited access to all the music of the world with better quality, and you get more skips options like an unlimited number of skips for any music too.


TuneIn is a Radio app that has one of the largest databases of content in the world. You can get to download this app, and then it will let you access more than 120,000 stations to choose from. You can stream the real-time audio from the radio stations all over the world with this app, and you can easily access the entertainment, sports, news, music, and other popular categories.

You can also get a premium subscription of this app that has few more advantages over the simple version. For example, you can get play-by-play access to a host of sports for $10 on a monthly basis, so you don’t miss anything related to your favorite NFL or MLB team updates. And in bonus, you also get ad-free 130 music stations on your radio.


The iHeartRadio app is also a radio app that lets you discover any AM or FM around the globe. If you are in a mood to listen to your favorite news, podcast or want to see the latest sports scores, then this is the right app for you. It does also save and collect all the songs that you like as you listen, and it does create a personalized station for you as a sort of playlist. This app also has premium features that let you save and replay the songs that are being played, and you can create as many playlists for them as you like, and you can also skip the number of tracks that you want to.

There are two premium options available on this app: iHeartRadio Plus, that is for $6 per month, and iHeartRadio All Access, which is for $13 per month.

Pandora Music

Pandora is a music app that has a bulk of music libraries like Spotify, and it is personally driven by radio stations based on the artist or a song that you created along with their genres. The drawback is that it also has a lot of ads running on it on the free version of the app, you can remove these ads if you pay for the premium version and it will let you skip the songs as well as remove the ads. It gives a free 30-day trial first to the users, and after that, they can decide whether they want a Pandora plus subscription or not.


When it comes to the talk of iOS podcast players, the Overcast is the best answer that makes downloading, subscriptions, and listening of your favorite music in just a breeze. It is an app that is loaded with full CarPlay support and has a robust feature set.

If you are really looking forward, you should try this app to digest the podcasts that are on the go. You can get a premium one that is based on a yearly basis, and you can pay with a yearly fee with the benefit of removal of all the ads running on the app too.


The VOX app is also made for the Carplay, but it is a bit different from all the other apps. How? It takes a different approach by enhancing the quality of the songs rather than providing a direct access to them. It does support multiple audio formats for your music, and it is actually integrated with the support of the SoundCloud app. VOX provides a custom equalizer from which you can adjust the audio settings, and it has the ability to account for the gaps and sound loss to ensure that you get the most out of this app.


In this discussion, we discussed the best carplay apps that are available for the drivers to use in their drive. We discussed their specific features and all the functionalities that these apps provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


1. Can you watch the videos on the carplay?

Carplay only supports certain apps, and it only gives out the result to the in-car display of what the apps tell it to do. For safety reasons, you can say it never supported for video playbacks by Apple via Carplay.


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