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Best Alternatives to My Candy Love This Year

My Candy Love is a popular dating simulation game that has gained a significant following over the years. The game allows players to create their own avatar, interact with other characters, and make choices that impact the storyline. However, for players looking for something new or different, there are several alternative dating simulation games available that offer similar gameplay and features.

One of the best alternatives to My Candy Love is Mystic Messenger. Like My Candy Love, Mystic Messenger is a dating simulation game that allows players to interact with a variety of characters and make choices that affect the outcome of the game. However, Mystic Messenger also incorporates real-time messaging and phone calls into the gameplay, adding an extra layer of immersion for players.

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Best Alternatives to My Candy Love

1. Episode – MyCandyLove Alternative

Episode - MyCandyLove Alternative

Episode is an excellent and fantastic visual novel. It is a dating, interactive and Fantasy Simulation game that is loved by millions of players worldwide. This gameplay revolves around on romance, drama, and fashion elements, and it lets you select the character, choose the right path for your avatar and get into the game world.

You can also customize your avatar and try different looks available in the game. This game takes place in a populated virtual world with thousands of other online players around the world.

2. X-Note – MyCandyLove Alternative

X-Note - MyCandyLove Alternative

X-Note is the second-best alternative to My Candy Love. It is a visual novel with a compelling storyline and a supernatural mystery that provides its players with a brilliant combination of Life and Dating Simulation aesthetics.

The gameplay revolves around the character of Essi, a young girl whose mother dies in a car accident and that affects Essi’s life severely. As a result of her mother’s death, Essi gets reserved and starts behaving differently with everyone. Going through the memories of her happy life, she finds a USB Flash drive named X-Note, that contains the information behind her mother’s death.

Well, your task in this game is to be Essi, go with the story, make several choices and get different endings that are based upon the actions that you perform.

3. High School Story – MyCandyLove Alternative

High School Story - MyCandyLove Alternative

High School Story is a story-based visual novel and Dating Simulation game that can also be played in a browser on Android and iOS devices. This game lets you live your high school life. In this game, you need to attend huge parties, dates and making a lot of new friends.

You can also interact and mingle with people from different groups of trades like Cheerleaders, Nerds, Preps, Hipsters, e.t.c.

In High School Story, you can socialize on a massive scale with the people who have the same ideas as yours. Besides making friends in this game, you can also face rivals too. As per the nature of this game, High School Story lets you get in the game world by creating and customizing your avatar.

4. Pirates in Love – MyCandyLove Alternative

Pirates in Love - MyCandyLove Alternative

Pirates in Love is a wonderful dating simulation game with a fabulous otome and visual novel style romance life. Pirates in Love offers a great storyline as well as it allows you to join a group of Pirates and embark on a journey to find the lost treasures.

Being an only girl on-board, you will be the core of the universe and definitely the center of attention to every man on the ship.

As the battle for your attention is already going on, it solely depends upon you to choose the best for yourself. Pirates in Love is a choices based gameplay that allows you to make your own choices and actions so that you can have a better experience with this game.

5. Roommates – MyCandyLove Alternative

Roommates - MyCandyLove Alternative

The storyline of this game follows Anne and Max along with their 1st-year college life in which they share the Latin house with other roommates and experience different scenes in daily life. Roommates is an adventure-based, dating simulation game. This visual novel is created and developed by Winter Wolves.

At the beginning of the game, you are allowed to choose your character as Anne and Max. After selecting the role, you can enter into this brilliant game world. Roommates offer a fantastic combination of classic novel gameplay with dialogues communications and several other advanced features.

6. Lucky Rabbit Reflex – MyCandyLove Alternative

Lucky Rabbit Reflex - MyCandyLove Alternative

Lucky Rabbit Reflex is an Otome styled visual novel. It is a dating, love and social networking simulation by Studio Super 63. This game allows you to choose your desired character (girl or boy) and after that, try finding a girlfriend or boyfriend for your style while building and developing life and enjoy an enjoyable Life-Simulation experience.

Lucky Rabbit Reflex lets you focus on your studies, make new friends, hang out with friends, find a particular job, and much more. In short, Lucky Rabbit Reflex is a great game to play.

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7. Magical Diary – MyCandyLove Alternative

Magical Diary - MyCandyLove Alternative

Magical Diary is an outstanding fantasy-based, dating simulation game, developed by Hanko Games. The game lets you spawn yourself in the world by selecting and customizing a 3D avatar.

You act in the game as a freshman girl to a magic school in which you can also make new friends, learn magical spells, attempt magical exams, attend classes and find a date for a famous school event.

Because of the Visual Novel nature of the game, you can always get to know the story properly and if you want to end the story a bit differently, you can alter the events and the ending will be different.

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8. RE: Alistair – MyCandyLove Alternative

RE: Alistair - MyCandyLove Alternative

RE: Alistair is an Otome-based game. It is a visual novel with a single-player simulation. It is created by Sakevisual and is available on different platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The game allows its players to get into the role of the protagonist who is a female, named Merui Lucas. It offers an exciting story, in which the protagonist loves to play video games. Merui Lucas often plays a Massively Multiplayer Online game known as Rivenwell Online with her online fellow named Fiona.

A boy (Alistair) steals ancient items from Merui Lucad in the game and forces her to get it back. Explore the Gameworld, complete the objectives to progress through the game and earn points. With exciting features, immersive gameplay and stunning visuals, this game is the best and highly recommended.

These were the best alternatives to My Candy Love. I hope that you will like these suggestions. If you have any questions then please mention them in the comments section.

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Q1. What type of game is my candy love?

A1. My Candy Love is a brand new flirting game for teen girls. With new episodes being released on a regular basis, you can make choices and fill your fantasy with stories made by you.

Q2. Are there any similar games to My Candy Love that are free?

A2. Yes, there are many free games similar to My Candy Love. Some examples include High School Story, Campus Life, and My Sweet Roomies. While these games may have some in-app purchases, they can still be enjoyed without spending money.

Q3. Can I play My Candy Love on my mobile device?

A3. Yes, My Candy Love is available on both Android and iOS devices. However, it may not be compatible with older devices or operating systems.

Q4. Are there any games like My Candy Love that are more focused on LGBTQ+ romance?

A4. Yes, there are several games like My Candy Love that feature LGBTQ+ romance, such as Love Island: The Game, The Arcana, and LongStory. These games offer diverse storylines and character options for players who want to explore romantic relationships outside of heterosexual norms.

Q5. Are there any games like My Candy Love that are more story-driven?

A5. Yes, there are several games like My Candy Love that are more focused on the story, such as Life is Strange, Oxenfree, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead. These games offer immersive, branching storylines that are heavily influenced by player choices.

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