Vivid Seats vs. StubHub – Which Ticket-Buying Platform is Better?

Vivid Seats and StubHub are two of the most popular online ticket-buying platforms for events such as concerts, sports games, and theater shows. While both platforms offer similar services, there are some key differences that set them apart. In this article, we will compare Vivid Seats and StubHub to help you decide which ticket-buying platform is better for your needs.

When it comes to buying tickets for events, the process can often be confusing and overwhelming. With so many different platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to use. This is where a comparison of Vivid Seats and StubHub can be helpful. By examining the features and benefits of each platform, you can make an informed decision and ensure that you get the best possible experience when buying tickets for your next event.

Why People Buy Tickets Online?

The main reason people buy tickets online is:

  • Low and Affordable prices as compared to offline buying.
  • You can easily book a ticket at home.
  • There are very fewer chances that the tickets have already been sold.
  • In many cases like online concerts, buying tickets online is a requirement, not an option.

Well, there are many places to go if you are thinking to buy your tickets online. But when it comes to user choice, there are only two contenders out there:-

  1. Vivid Seats.
  2. Stub Hub.

The rivalry between these two online ticket providing platforms is well known. Whether it is user-friendliness or an easy procedure of buying tickets online. These two platforms are giving their best. These two websites also allow you to sell the tickets that you no longer need, thus giving you a great opportunity to save your money.

Which site is better for me?

You would be perplexed about choosing the perfect these two. But don’t worry, I have done a comparison of Vivid Seats vs StubHub, and I am sure after reading the article you will be able to decide which one is better Vivid Seats or StubHub?

StubHub – Ticket Buying Platform

StubHub was originally founded by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr in 2000, later on, it was owned by eBay.It has the potential to be among the best websites providing online tickets facilities to the people around the globe. You can easily buy tickets for concerts, movies, sports or live entertainments.

Initially, it started its services in the US, but now it is providing its services all over the world. It contains more than 120 partners and has millions of audience. It is serving successfully in the US, Uk, Canada, and Germany.


A few years back, StubHub started the price of the ticket before the user could go for any transaction. In theory, it sounds great but in practice, this move scared people. So, now StubHub won’t show you the price until you decide to buy the ticket. StarHub does not have decent service like Vivid Seat but it is greatly recommended as Vivid seats. The prices of StubHub are a little higher than VividSeats.StubHub has amazing Mobile App which means you can use it on many platforms and devices. StubHub may not be as appealing as VividSeats but is very helpful in finding events by date. You can do this by sorting events by date.

Vivid Seats – Ticket MarketPlace

Another online ticket buying platform is Vivid Seats. It was founded in 2001 and is owned and operated by Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilato.


This website is very wonderful in its looking and very much easy to use. You would be glad to know that it is the third largest online ticket selling marketplace in the world.  It is so popular among people that it has now become the official ticket provider for various sports companies like ESPN and Sports Illustrated Group.

Similarities: StubHub and Vivid Seats 

If we talk about the similarities between StubHub and VividSeats, Range is the similarity in both of them.

Both of these online ticket buying platforms offers tickets for a large variety of events. They can provide you with tickets ranging from sports to concerts, theaters to concerts and everything in-between. Both of them have been ruling the marketplace for more than 15 years. And they both offer seat availability where many primary tickets providing websites do not.

 Comparison: StubHub vs. Vivid Seats

We will compare the two on the basis of  these factors:

  • Ease of Use
  • Cost
  • Customer Service
  • Overall Experience

StubHub vs. Vivid Seats: Which One is Easy to use?

When we are searching for online tickets, all we need is to find a platform that will perfectly appease us. All people need while looking for tickets is the right date, right venue and to land o for the right section and favorable seats.

Both these websites are brilliant in finding what you are really looking for. But Vivid Seats has a slight edge on StubHub.StubHub ignores the design in favor of the data it serves and that is the reason it does not look engaging and attractive to people. Vivid Seats is more sophisticated, easy to use and gives capable functions. Vivid Seats lets you sort tickets by sorting them according to the date, region or artist.

StubHub is easy to navigate and operate and is quite simple and neat.

stubhub and vivid Seats

The other thing to like about StubHub is its App. Vivid Seats provides the information about tickets on Google, StubHub provides about information on its App as well. You can officially buy tickets even a few hours before the event starts. So, buy tickets quickly and easily on its StubHub App.

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StubHub vs. Vivid Seats- Which is Cheap?

Pricing is one the important factor to consider if you are looking for an online ticket. When it comes to buying and selling tickets, the Primary marketplace provides these service twice the original fee.

Both StubHub and Vivid Seats are allowing people to buy and sell tickets online, but you will be surprised to know that both of them have different pricing rules.
StubHub says what you see is what you pay, And they say quite right. And that is why StubHub is a better option for people who like straightforwardness.StubHub will charge you a minimum price for every booking where the buyer will buy the 10% fo the list price and the seller receives the 15% charge on the list price.

But if we compare according to the facts and figures, the prices of StubHub are quite expensive as compared to the prices of Vivid Seats. That is why VividSeats captures more buyers the StubHub.

StubHub tickets

Comparing both prices, Vivid Seat prices are lower than the StubHub for the same even, same seats and same rows. The lowest average price differs by $35 per ticket. But the reason why Vivid Seats are much cheaper is that here you don’t pay what you see. At first, the price that you see is low, but once you reach the payment window, you realize that there is some amount added to the processing fees. In this way, you pay a bit more than what you were told first. But, still, the prices will not reach as high as StubHub.And this is the reason why people are considering Vivid Seats as compared to StubHub nowadays.

Vivid Seat will charge the buyer 24.5% of the list price while the seller will get 10%.

StubHub vs Vivid Seats- Customer Service

Not getting fake tickets while using online platforms for buying and selling tickets. But if you are using these two platforms, you don’t need to worry about these things. There might be some cases when a user receives fake tickets from StubHub and Vivid Seats, but these ratios are very low. If you ever receive fake tickets, you should immediately contact the customer service.

The customer service of these platforms is very friendly and helping. They will refund your money as soon as possible. They will get you the real tickets.

If we decide about the better customer service, then Vivid Seats have been greatly praised because of their friendly behavior. They will even call you if the venue or timing of the event changes. In compensation of the fake tickets, Vivid Seats, they even provide you with discounts. StubHub, on the other hand, not that good with its customer service.

StubHub vs. Vivid Seats-Overall

StubHub is a popular marketplace in the world with its able and capable advertising campaigns. StubHub was among the first that started the trend of selling tickets online. Vivid Seats definitely gives a face-off to StubHub and has much better deals. But in general perspective, Vivid Seats is more preferred due to its lower prices and wonderful customer service.

You will not regret your decision, Whatever you choose Vivid Seats or StubHub.

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Q1. How do Vivid Seats and StubHub differ from each other?

A1. Vivid Seats and StubHub are both ticket-buying platforms, but Vivid Seats specializes in providing customers with a variety of seating options and competitive pricing, while StubHub offers a more comprehensive suite of services including event recommendations, and personalized alerts for events.

Q2. Which platform has more affordable ticket prices?

A2. Both platforms offer competitive pricing, but Vivid Seats is known for its “Price Alerts” feature, which notifies customers when tickets for their desired events drop in price. StubHub also offers a similar feature, but it is less customizable.

Q3. Which platform has better customer support?

A3. Both platforms have customer support available through phone, email, and chat. However, StubHub has a more comprehensive FAQ section and offers additional services like a FanProtect Guarantee, which provides customers with peace of mind when buying tickets.

Q4. Can I trust the authenticity of tickets purchased from these platforms?

A4. Both Vivid Seats and StubHub have measures in place to ensure the authenticity of tickets sold on their platforms. Vivid Seats offers a 100% Buyer Guarantee, and StubHub offers a FanProtect Guarantee, both of which provide refunds or replacement tickets if there are issues with the tickets purchased.

Q5. Which platform has a better selection of events?

A5. Both platforms offer a wide variety of events, but StubHub has a more extensive selection of events available globally. Vivid Seats, on the other hand, focuses more on providing customers with the best seating options for events within the United States.


  • @VividSeats is a complete ripoff! Paid $334 on VividSeats for concert tickets and got to the event the tickets were only $40. I called the hotline today and they do not care! Please stay away from this company!!

    • Yes! Vivid seats should be illegal! I called the Federal Consumer Advocacy Program today about this company. They must have purchased several online review sites to bolster their reviews. They are a scam company. Beware!!

  • Tried to sell tickets on Vivid Seats and three days went by and they were never listed. Contacted them and they told me that my account was still under review…REALLY ??? Stub Hub may be a little bit more pricey, but they are a LOT more reputable, and the listings you do will go on immediately. Would never deal with them again . Go with Stu Hub or one of the others stay away from Vivid Seats they don’t have clue how to run a business.

  • Maybe I am just the (un)lucky buyer. I bought 8 seats to the NHL Winter Classic 2020. Vivid will NOT provide me an e-ticket via their app. They have only sent me a link to download the PDFs. Well, I can’t validate these are legit, and I’d rather not find out the day of the event at the Cotton Bowl.

    I promised 4 of them for sale BEFORE buying off Vivid, but no other reseller will recognize or list them. AND VIVID REFUSES TO SELL THEM FOR ME EITHER!

    So , I can’t sell them, I can’t validate them, but I’m out over $1,000!

    Vivid chat says “they’re fine.” Seatgeek and Stubhub says “not.”

    Sites won’t even upload them because they aren’t recognized as actual PDFs.

  • Vivid Sears is a scam!!!! Beware!
    Take any other company over them. Tickets don’t arrive or they arrive late. There is no opportunity to resell tickets.

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