Top 11 Best Time Lapse Photography Apps

Time Lapse photography is turning out to be increasingly mainstream. And there are many applications for time lapse photography that are available today in the market. They can let you get new and amazing experiences.

Time Lapse Photography Apps

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best time lapse photography apps that can be used to make your videography and photography more advance and improved.

Time Lapse Photography Apps
Time Lapse Photography Apps

Here are our best picks.

1. Time Lapse Camera

At the point when you come to download this Android time lapse photography application, you may see the name as Time Spirit. We accept the engineers changed the name, mid-release, so don’t you worry.

As it so happens, you have two alternatives; either a photograph lapse or time lapse. With the photograph lapse by, you take up to 30 pictures, and the application will transform it into a period pass video.

Time Lapse Camera
Time Lapse Camera

This is extraordinary for users where you may take a picture for each day from a similar spot. The time lapse alternative catches a period lapse by video without even a moment’s delay, where it changes over the video to time lapse without any problem.

  • You can include sound, change the goal (max is 1080p) and pick a length between 1 moment to 12 hours.
  • Android-based
  • No promotions
  • Free

2. Pic Pac Stop

Pic Pac Stop is a time lapse photography application which is extraordinary compared to other Android time-lapses by applications around. In addition to the fact that it lets you shoot, and import and convert video to time lapse.

Pic Pac Stop
Pic Pac Stop

Significantly after the video has been imported, you can, in any case, edit it. Adding sound to the video is easy. Probably the best component is voice control. You can control the manual mode utilizing vocal orders.

Considering all these things, there are also a few things to remember about this app.

  • Stop movement recordings
  • Record or import
  • Free (under $5 star)
  • Voice control

3. Time Lapse Camera and Video

Time Lapse Camera and Video is another amazing time lapse photography and video application that permits you to modify all the fundamental capacities. Utilizing this application, you will have the option to make both photograph and video time lapse. There is no restriction to the length. For the individuals who are wanting to shoot evening time meetings, there is a convenient component; for example, plan recording.

Time Lapse Camera and Video
Time Lapse Camera and Video

Another extraordinary feature is that you can edit both the chronicle outline rate and the playback outline rate. In case you imagine that the chronicle outline rate is excessively high for your video, it is conceivable to stop the playback outline rate to show signs of the improved result.

Likewise, there is an option to stop the recording in case you don’t have anything exceptional to shoot. It merits referencing that not at all like other time lapse applications, which are mentioned in this article, this one contains pop up advertisements.

  • The application doesn’t offer any in-application buy to impair them.
  • Allows you to work with both video or picture time lapses
  • No video length limit
  • Supports plan recording
  • You can edit the goal

4. Framelapse

Like the vast majority of the significant time lapse photography apps, this application permits you to physically situate the settings. View, white equalization, the time clock is also adjustable. You can even apply channels to the time lapse as well.


For the video, you can characterize the casing and edit the video time span and the direction. On the head of this, the goal and the bitrate and fps can also be set as you wish to. For usability, this is one of the least difficult applications to utilize, which means you’ll utilize it more regularly. In case that you can manage a couple of pop up promotions, at that point the free form is completely usable.

  • For the professional version, which gives you a white parity and presentation lock, you’ll have to pay for it. This is outstanding amongst other Android timelapse photography applications accessible.
  • Only for Android
  • Zero rendering time (nearly)
  • Free ($3 ace)

5. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

With regards to hyperlapse applications, this Android time-lapse is an amazing app to use. The advantage starts straight away, as you understand, you are working with a basic UI. Not exclusively would you be able to shoot the recordings, but you can also import more content. This is a colossal advantage, making this extraordinary app compared to other time lapse photography applications available.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile
Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

For shooting the new recordings, you can change the video speed from anything somewhere in the range of 1x and 32x. To balance out the shot, utilize the 1x speed setting. This will also keep the sound unblemished.

  • When you’ve shot the time lapse by video, you are allowed to choose the goal (720 or 1080p) and afterwards its saved area.
  • Only on Android
  • Free
  • Shoot and import
  • Simple Interface

6. Lapse It

With regards to shooting time lapse with video, Lapse It flaunts all the features that you can consider. Running from manual settings like centre mode, ISO mode, scene mode, and white equalization to picking the range after which each time is clicked, Lapse It gives you the full oversight.

Lapse It
Lapse It

Not exclusively would you be able to shoot time lapse by videos in the application, yet in addition, stop the movement videos as well. Furthermore, when you’ve shot a video, you can change its goal, codec outlines every second, and even include a sound or an impact before at last rendering it.

  • The main drawback of the application is that the vast majority of the highlights are accessible just in case if you purchase the premium form that costs $2.99.
  • With the free form, there’s not much that you can do but rather consider what the sum total of what prospects you’d be opened to in case that you purchase the expert adaptation.

7. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse is Instagram’s interpretation of time lapse photography applications, and it’s the least difficult time lapse application you will at any point go over. Considering what you might be figuring, it doesn’t expect you to have an Instagram account.

Hyperlapse from Instagram
Hyperlapse from Instagram

You can make time lapse videos in any event, when you are moving, and they will be balanced out utilizing Instagram’s in-house adjustment, releasing any knocks that may happen during their releases.

  • The time lapse recordings can be made up to 12x the speed of the first video and afterwards shared to other people.
  • The application’s interface is only the camera, the choice to change the speed of the time lapse and that is basically it.
  • In case that you’d like a straightforward time lapse application that carries out the responsibility well and doesn’t lowland with alternatives and promotions, Instagram’s Hyperlapse application is the one for you.

8. iTimeLapse Pro

iTimeLapse Pro brings sharing your time lapse recordings with others utilizing the application. Offer your photographs to the application’s exhibition for others to see it and, in case that you need, you can see theirs as well. The application clicks a progression of pictures and, at that point, joins them to make a video. You can pick whether you need to click these number of pictures physically or after a set time span.

iTimeLapse Pro
iTimeLapse Pro

After the time lapse by video is assembled, you even get the chance to include a sound before at long last rendering it.

  • At times, you may not want to arrange a time lapse by video in a simple sitting. iTimeLapse Pro lets you make various meetings with the goal that you can save any pending video that you might need to chip away at later.
  • For an application that costs just $2.99 and has some remarkable features, we would thoroughly suggest it.

9. iMotion

Like most different applications in this list, iMotion lets you make a time lapse photography and videography while giving you the unlimited oversight of video tools like introduction, white balance, direction, and so on.


What’s more, there are highlights like manual mode and WiFi distant that you can use. The time lapse videos you record are autosaved and can be shot at up to 10 FPS. What’s more, when you record them, the application additionally gives you a choice for turn around playback.

  • Like most different applications, iMotion, as well, lets you share your time lapse videos from inside the application.
  • For an application that costs you nothing, there isn’t a lot of what you can whine about.

10. Slo-Mo time Lapse vid edit. or

This is a video editing application that doesn’t offer video recording choices. Nonetheless, in case that you as of now have the recording, you would prefer to transform into a time lapse in the form of a video, Slo-Mo time lapse vid edit. Or might be perhaps the ideal choice you have.

Slo-Mo time Lapse vid edit. or
Slo-Mo time Lapse vid edit. or

Other than making moderate movement and time lapse by recordings, you can also use this application to upgrade the hues in the recording you’re editing, crop or trim video clasps and add redid text overlays to the recordings.

  • The application also includes a wide range of channels and permits you to add audio cues or music to the video you’re chipping away at.
  • Remember that you need to make an in-application buy in case that you need to expel the watermark from your recordings or in case that you need to send out your time lapse and moderate movement recordings in Full HD result.

11. Lapse It Pro

The apparently unending list of time lapse photography apps is incomplete without Lapse It Pro. The Lapse It Pro offers settles on an ideal decision for all iPhone and Android clients who need to accelerate the videos they are recording up to them multiple times.

Lapse It Pro
Lapse It Pro

The application can be utilized in both Auto and Manual modes, which implies that you can control ISO, Exposure or White Balance esteems while a chronicle meeting is still in progress.

  • In case that you would prefer not to take photographs or record videos with Lapse It Pro, you can bring the previously existing film into the application and transform it into a shocking time lapse.
  • The application’s render motor fares UHD 4K recordings in astoundingly brief timeframes, so you can rapidly share great recordings to any of the famous internet based life systems.


In this discussion, we discussed the best time lapse photography apps that can be used to make out your amazing photography or videography experience. All these time, lapse apps have their own features and options to interest the user. The data added here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Is there an application for time lapse?

Pic Pac Stop is an amusing name. However, the application is a standout amongst other Android time-lapse photo applications around. In addition to the fact that it lets you shoot, yet additionally import and convert video to time-slip by. Considerably after the video has been imported, you can, in any case, alter it. Adding sound to the video is a snap.

How would I make a time lapse by photographs?

To make a timelapse, you need the entirety of your photographs numbered all together, with no holes in the succession. At that point simply go to File > Open, and pick the primary picture. VirtualDub will, at that point, load the entirety of the pictures. To set the edge rate, go to Video menu > Frame rate

How would I make my time lapse slower?

Drag the slider left to hinder the time pass speed, or option to make it quicker. The quicker the speed, the shorter the last time slip by video will be. At the point when you’re content with the speed of your time pass, tap the green checkmark at the head of the screen.







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