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TM Menards [Login, Register, Reset Password]


Menard is a company in the USA that deals with the Home equipment, accessories, and improvements center chain. It is one of the largest home improvement chains of the USA, with having about 305 stores. It’s headquartered is in Wisconsin. The Menards Stores are quite popular for having good collections of home decor items and appliances. There are about more than 40,000 employees who work with this private service.

If you are a new employee of the TM Menard, then you must have to understand and have the idea about this company. And you also have to know that what the Menards Company deals with, including its history and how it is working.

TM Menards [Login, Register, Reset Password]

TM Menards is an online Portal on the web for Menards employees or team members. You need to be an employee of the TM Menards; then, you can easily log in to the online web portal because it is made only for its members. Any member of this company, such as an employee at the store or any other worker, can also log in through this portal. When you want to check your work and other profile related things, then this portal will have all the facilities for you.

Benefits of TM Menards Login

Through this portal, the employees of the company can get the following benefits

  • The official website of TM Menards can be accessed at any time of 24 hours.
  • The employees of the company can check their salaries, and they can print their payrolls
  • Employees can check their work schedule and other shifts in their schedule
  • Employees can also request for a change in their shifts, leaves, etc. through the access of this portal
  • Retirement plans can be checked from the portal by the employees
  • The portal is secure and takes care of employee’s security as all the information is kept confidential
  • The portal also has dedicated chat support for employees to help for getting info
  • Employees are allowed to check for their Medicare, and the pension plans, etc. using this portal
  • It develops a source of communication between the company and its employees. It also helps in keeping safe the interest of its employees in a very effective manner.

How to Register at TM Menards

How to Register at TM Menards

To use the benefits of TM Menards, users must have to get themselves registered on the website first. To register,

  • Enter your Member Number from the team, and the password is given by the employer or the manager.
  • Fill in the basic information if asked, and then click on login.
  • Your registration is completed, and you can view all of your details.

TM Menards Portal Login

TM Menards Portal Login

As the portal requires a login process before it can be accessed, so we have to get ourselves registered to login to the portal. After the registration process, proceed to follow steps

  • Open browser from your Computer
  • Type the official website as www.tm.menard-inc.com in the address bar
  • Press the enter key and wait for it to load.
  • You will reach the home page of TM Menards login which will give you the options to enter the team number as well as its password
  • Then click on the team number box first and enter the number that was provided to you during the registration process
  • Then click on the password box and enter the password that was set by you after the registration.
  • Once you entered both of the team member number and its password, then click on the login
  • The system will start to verify your login credentials, and it will direct you back to your account page where you can easily see all your information

After your login is completed, you can see all the links attached, and you can check all of the information by clicking on these links.

TM Menards Password Reset

TM Menards Password Reset

There is a possibility that you don’t remember your password, and you forget it, so you will need to recover that password, and that can be done easily through this portal.

  • Open your browser.
  • Go to tm.menard-inc.com website
  • The TM Menards login page will appear on your screen. You will be able to see the box for the team member’s number as well as its password.
  • Below the Password box, you will see an option saying ‘FORGOT PASSWORD.’
  • Then click on that option, and you will be redirected to the other page
  • On the next page, you may see a box in which first you will have to enter the Team Member Number
  • After that, it will send you an e-mail to your registered email address
  • Open that email and click on the link given in it
  • After clicking that link, you will be again redirected to a new page where you can reset your own password
  • Change the password and click on the update

Now you will be able to login to your TM Menards account using the new password that you have reset recently.

Customer support and service

Their Customer Service Number is: 715-876-5911

Their email is: guest@menard-inc.com


In this discussion, we discussed that the TM Menards portal has benefits for its employees. The TM Menards login portal is considered as one of the best employee management systems in the US. We hope this info was helpful.

You can reply or review with feedback and contact us at our mail provided.

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1. Unable to log in to TM Menards, what is the problem?

First of all, make sure that you have been registered successfully to use the services of the portal, then try to log in. You have to contact your general manager or the HR coordinator who will tell you that you are registered or not

2. How much is the Menards employee discount?

It allows 10% of purchases made from the Menards stores to the employees or team members only.


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