Top 5 Best Time Machine for Windows

Time Machine makes an image of your working system, including your records, singular data, settings, presented applications, and everything at decided zones and stores them in a secured zone on a collection of outside accumulating mediums.

Time Machine for Windows

Time Machine is one of the most strong and secure support game plans out there. Furthermore, the way that it’s neighborhood to macOS makes it significantly increasingly accommodating.

Time Machine for Windows
Time Machine for Windows

With a great deal of fortification gadgets and courses of action available for Windows, it ends up being hard to pick the best, and that is the explanation we elected to do that for you. What follows are our top picks for Time Machine decisions that exist for Windows:

Genie Timeline

Of all the fortification courses of action out there that exist for Microsoft’s Windows OS, Genie Timeline is apparently the best, or if nothing else, my undisputed top decision. This is one of the closest you can get the chance to Time Machine on a non-macOS PC.

Genie Timeline
Genie Timeline
  • Genie Timeline follows a fundamental three methods with a “set it and neglect it” approach, ensuring that whatever options you decided for support are protected without requiring any intercession from your side.
  • It fuses with Windows Explorer with visual pointers, so not solely would you have the option to control the fortification strategy through the right-click setting menu, yet also see which records have been maintained up.
  • Genie Timeline supports a collection of pariah conveyed capacity benefits similarly as framework drives and servers and even features iPhone applications that license you to see your fortification status paying little heed to where you are.
  • It goes with structure control for bolstered up archives, has a reliable system recovery option should things go south, and it’s sensitive to your usage plans, with the objective that the support technique doesn’t back your PC off.


CrashPlan is another solid contender for time machine support game plans on Windows. Rather than Genie Timeline, CrashPlan comes in two flavors: a compelled free structure and a participation model that boasts of a lot of bleeding-edge features.

  • Free structure offers a very superior to the average group, offering fortifications to an external hard drive or other sorted out PCs in an automated way.
  • The free structure in like manner doesn’t have any archive size limitations, is adequately splendid to lead steady and differential fortifications, applies encryption and made sure about accumulating, makes them repair annals, tracks your eradicated records, etc.
  • CrashPlan is cross-stage, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and enrollment plans start at $6 consistently for solitary customers.
  • Venture and business approving is moreover open.

MiniTool ShadowMaker

This support programming for Windows 10/8/7 engages you to run a modified fortification plan to keep your records, the entire plate, sections, and Windows working system under affirmation as a time machine for windows. At the same time, slow and differential fortifications are supported.

MiniTool ShadowMaker
MiniTool ShadowMaker
  • In expansion, MiniTool ShadowMaker can make a hard drive clone adequately, which is a practical strategy to upgrade your hard drive and move everything from an old hover to another hard plate.
  • Furthermore, it licenses you to coordinate records to various territories for fortification.
  • Indeed, even the system shouldn’t be comparative Windows variation.
  • Regardless of whether your old PC is Windows 7, and your new PC is Windows 10, MiniTool ShadowMaker will be useful to recover it, with no request.


Mozy is exceptional, in light of the fact that it doesn’t stamp itself as just a support organization. They name themselves as a “cloud data confirmation organization” in this manner, typically, the focal point of their strategy is security. Everything upheld up and balanced with Mozy encounters military-grade encryption.

By then, the organization offers real record sync, with all supported up data accessible by methods for the web interface or through submitted versatile applications for iPhone and Android. It, in like manner, incorporates customized, off-camera fortifications with sharp exchange speed the officials.


It also doesn’t hurt that Mozy starts from EMC Corp., which has made a reliable name for itself in the domain of disseminated figuring.

  • What makes Mozy special, regardless, is that it’s a data support plan.
  • Mozy won’t fill in as a replacement of a system picture support instrument, yet in the event that that it’s your data that you are stressed over, Mozy will help.
  • Evaluating starts at $5.99 consistently with the option of benefitting a free primer before you decide to take a plunge.
  • And on the off chance that, if your prerequisites aren’t more than 2 GB, there’s a free structure too that gives you 2GB cloud support, a comparative entirety that Dropbox offers.


For all intents and purposes of any kind of writing computer program, it’s essentially hard to find an open-source instrument that is free and does the obligation well. Duplicati is that rival in this once-over.

  • This free program will fortification your records and data to different disseminated stockpiling organizations, including Amazon S3, One Drive, Google Drive, etc., similarly as FTP, WebDAV, and various shows.
  • Since you are giving the disseminated stockpiling organization, you’re simply limited by how much accumulating you have on the target objective
  • Duplicati additionally goes with strong encryption and robotized fortifications.
  • It works with booking and performs consistent fortifications to save information move limit.
  • A parcel of various options are also available to ensure that you have full authority over what gets bolstered up through this program.


In this discussion, we discussed the time machine tool that exists for Windows. Time Machine is one of the most solid and secure reinforcement arrangements out there. The info mentioned here is authentic and useful. If you have questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Can you access time machine files in pc?

So as to get to this element, clients join the Time Machine drive to the subsequent PC, and afterward hold the choices key and select the Time Machine menu from the framework menu. Clients would then be able to get to their supported up records from the new PC.







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