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Tasker Tutorial – How to Use It?


If you need to make the best use of your Android device, you have to know how you can use Tasker. Tasker is a computerized application, which roots your Android gadget to play out certain tasks; consequently, when certain conditions are met.

In case you are finding out about Tasker just because maybe you are not well informed about it. Or on the other hand, you don’t care for making your life simpler via computerizing your Android to fill in as a home collaborator for you.

Tasker Tutorial – How to Use It?

You can imagine how simple it would be, the point when you get back home, and your wifi gets turned on Automatically. Also, when you go out, it gets switch off as well. Let’s see how you can use Tasker.

Tasker Tutorial – How to Use It?
Tasker Tutorial – How to Use It?

Fundamental Components of Tasker

The Tasker application can be separated into 6 fundamental parts

  1. Tasks – It can be known as a list of Actions that the gadget performs at one point in time.
  2. Profiles – It’s a rundown of actions that the framework performs dependent on the Context.
  3. Contexts – Contexts give the information (time, area, availability) to trigger the specific Profile.
  4. Plugins – Pre-assembled arrangements by different designers to upgrade the usefulness of Tasker that can be anchored along with your own profiles too.
  5. Recipes – Recipes are the profiles or robotization changes that clients of Tasker can impart to one another, which others can bring directly into the application.
  6. Scenes – Custom UI components that you can make to cooperate with.

You can make Project tabs, which basically fill in as a window for arranging profiles, assignments, tasks, and other such factors. These will be shown along the base of the UI, close to the home screen symbol.

This is essentially an approach to maintain things in control inside the application. You could make an automatic system for email orders, area settings, or whatever you wish.

Setting Administration Permission

Tasker has the ability to control your phone widely with the settings permissions, yet you should initially give it the permissions. Make sure that the application can do whatever it requires, all that you need it to as it so happens by following means.

Setting Administration Permission
Setting Administration Permission
  • Open Tasker.
  • Hit the Main Menu button.
  • Select “More.”
  • Select “Android Settings.”
  • You will be given a rundown of settings. Go to All and ensure Tasker accesses everything.

Obviously, you can generally decide not to give Tasker access to explicit things, yet that will clearly influence the application’s work.

Creating Your First Tasker Profile

In this area, we will consider all the terms that we went over to make our own one of a kind profile that starts Daydream mode when you put your phone to charge.

For the individuals who don’t have the idea about it, Daydream mode lets you set up screensavers that show photographs, vivid graphics, and more when your gadget is charging or docked.

In case you don’t have a Tasker application on your Android gadget yet, install it. It offers 7 days preliminary as a trial, which you can attempt before settling on a paid version of the application.

  • Tap the + button in the Profiles
  • Tap on State
  • Here, we will characterize our Context, which will run the profile.
  • Tap on Hardware and afterward tap on USB Connected
  • Go back to the App’s Home screen by tapping the back button

We will presently characterize our Task.

  • You will be requested to make a New Task, make one and name it, here we will name it Daydream
  • Tap the + icon to include Actions
  • To dispatch an application we have to tap on App and afterward hit the Launch App
  • Select the Daydream application and leave different choices left
  • Go back to see your Profile. Presently every-time you will link your USB, the phone will go to Daydream mode.
Creating Your First Tasker Profile
Creating Your First Tasker Profile

Furthermore, much the same as that, a fundamental profile is prepared that will put your telephone to Daydream mode when you dock it/put it to charge. Presently you can do something very similar to the showcase settings of your telephone without the need for Tasker.

Possibilities Where Tasker May Fail Sometimes

Obviously, every coin has different sides; thus, does Tasker. There are various occasions when Tasker just neglects to work despite the fact that all that you did was correct. How about we see two or three potential situations where it falls flat

When there is a link between a framework undertaking and Tasker; here’s a superior clarification, the Android updated model doesn’t permit applications or optional administrations to have more need than the framework level tasks.

Thus at that point, the android framework needs to pick with respect to what it ought to arrange and send you a warning message or a Tasker trigger.

  • On Samsung gadgets because of the memory seriousness of the Touch Whiz Launcher, regularly Tasker gets killed out of sight because of low memory.
  • Across various variants of Android; every version of Android presents new features and fixes some security defects as well; some of the time, one profile may work diversely across 2 distinctive Android releases.
  • Improper Plugin setup; some of the times regardless of whether our profiles is right, the undertaking may be destroyed because of an inadequately arranged module


In this discussion, we discussed a tutorial for Tasker, how you can use it. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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What does the Tasker application do?

Tasker is an app for Android which performs errands dependent on settings (application, time, date, area, occasion, motion) in client characterized profiles, interactive or clock home screen gadgets. It controls an Android gadget without the requirement for root or an extraordinary home screen.

What amount does Tasker cost?

The application that used to cost $6.49 is presently accessible for $1.99, so now may be a decent an ideal opportunity to get your duplicate.


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