[13 Latest]Best Online Receipt Templates

A receipt is a very helpful record that is used between organizations and businesses and also between people when they buy or exchange anything. A receipt is proof of a transaction showing all the nitty-gritty details on it.

It’s a printed understanding between two people. It shows details of food that have been bought or grocery items or cash being sent or gotten to somebody by somebody alongside the expense and time mentioned on it.

Best Online Receipt Templates

Different types of transactions have different details on the receipts, and different organizations have their own custom receipt format according to their products and way of dealing. These layouts can be found from the online receipt template generating sites. Where you can get the template of the choice of receipt you want to publish for your business or for any other purpose.

Best Online Receipt Templates
Best Online Receipt Templates

In this discussion, we listed down the best of the online receipt templates or formats that you can use in your custom receipts.

1. Motel Receipts Template

If you are familiar with motel and lodging, then you may already have understood what this receipt template will be about. With regards to lodging receipt layouts, there is no standard configuration to follow. But there are certain rules for the receipt that you must have included in it.

1. Motel Receipts Template
1. Motel Receipts Template

The following are the rules and guidelines for creating a motel receipt template and use it for your business purpose, making it easier for you and your customer to understand the transaction and deal.

  • Think about the sort of format you need to utilize or make. In case you download a layout, modify it accordingly.
  • If you make it without any preparation, you can decide and plan it any way you want to.
  • Include all applicable fields like customer name, check-in and check-out date and time, room number, and other such details like contact.
  • You may include different fields or data as you see fit. Come up with a plan for your format. Make it straightforward, exquisite, and professional.
  • Also, make sure to just utilize understood, basic text styles that are simple to read.

2. Delivery Receipt Template

A delivery receipt generally shows you type of confirmation that the order that was sent for delivery or the order that was coming to be received will be delivered on this date and by this person to the next person.

2. Delivery Receipt Template
2. Delivery Receipt Template
  • It incorporates data, for example, the amount and sort of bundles and packages that are delivered.
  • This is useful for clients to guarantee that they are getting the right things, and it gives organizations documentation of effective delivery.
  • This online receipt template includes a marked line for the receiving party as verification that the delivery was accepted by the person.

3. Petty Cash Receipt

Numerous organizations keep unimportant cash support close by to cover little costs, for example, cleaning supplies, postage, or other office supplies. It’s dependent upon every business to choose what kinds of buys and what level of cost is proper for less money.

3. Petty Cash Receipt
3. Petty Cash Receipt
  • To monitor how this deposit is being utilized, it’s essential to make a receipt for every withdrawal that shows the measure of minimum cost and why it was utilized, who got the money, and who affirmed the exchange.
  • Exact petty cash receipt will guarantee responsibility and wipe out any problems or corruption by showing around how the assets are being utilized.

4. Hotel Receipt Template

Hotel receipts also have online receipt templates for the users to choose the style of their own to include and add data in a customized way according to their choice and point of interest.

4. Hotel Receipt Template
4. Hotel Receipt Template
  • The format may have neighborliness charges, which may incorporate hotel services, exercises and administrations, food, daily room charges, and different costs.
  • The straightforward template gives abundant space to add itemized data and makes it simple to modify.
  • Giving hotel visitors an expert, separated receipt makes clear correspondence, which is a significant part of value client assistance.

5. Rent Receipt Templates

These rent receipt templates can be used by the owner of a property or a house or building who has to lend a room or property on rent to someone. These receipts include useful data of the tenant and the landowner mentioned on it along with the sums being paid or left to be paid on it. It helps you easily create a rent receipt of your own custom choice and details.

  • It consolidates the date, receipt number, a total of the charges, sort of portion, holder’s name, and occupant’s area, and other services being offered.

6. Sales Receipt Template

Sales Receipt formats are utilized to make the way toward making any exchange ordeals much simpler. It is one of the best online receipt templates that can be used in different businesses according to the choice of data added by the owner in it.

6. Sales Receipt Template
6. Sales Receipt Template

This receipt is authoritative for both the dealer and the purchaser taking everything into account. The sales receipt will go about as proof of a specific exchange finished with a specific business.

  • The data contained in the business receipt will incorporate the kind of merchandise of sold, their cost, the name of both the dealer and the purchaser just as expense amount for the specific exchange.
  • Sales receipt layouts can either be manual or electronic. The electronic deals receipt can be customized or changed to address the issues of a given business. This will empower the logo, name of the business, and their area codes to be set in their ideal areas.

7. Blank Receipt Template

Another best online receipt template that you can use for almost anything is the blank receipt template. With this template, a business can make great supportive receipts with the substance being added to them, which can be changed according to the owner.

7. Blank Receipt Template
7. Blank Receipt Template

Receipts are significant in business to keep proof of what has occurred. Copies of the first receipts can be made as a sanity check for future reference or use. This receipt template includes the following

  • The blank receipt format has features that can be legitimate for a wide range of associations.
  • There will be 2 receipts on each printable receipt format page.
  • Customization permits you to add the association’s name, the business logo, and other such details.

8. Deposit Receipt Template

A Deposit receipt design is a format to show any sort of exchange that has occurred between two individuals or any organization showing all the details like cost and time, etc. It is used to record the receipt of an all-out whole for the purchasing or accepting of a thing or property in a private product. The trader has to give it to the buyer.

8. Deposit Receipt Template
8. Deposit Receipt Template

This online receipt template includes the following details on the receipt layout.

  • The names and the data of the buyer and the vendor
  • The measure of the entirety
  • Amount of money paid
  • The date of receipt of the money

9. Cash Receipt Template

The most widely used receipt is the cash receipt that displays the transaction time and details of the amount and sender’s and receiver’s detail on it. This type of receipt is used in almost every aspect of real-life exchanges of products and services.

9. Cash Receipt Template
9. Cash Receipt Template
  • Generally, these online receipt templates are used by some private companies, cafés, and organizations, etc.
  • The people may need to give a cash receipt when selling a trade-in vehicle or different things.
  • Cash receipts are particularly significant with regard to recording charges. \

10. Business Receipt Template

This business receipt format gives general info that is reasonable for a number of trades and installments that are taking place on a certain product in your business.

  • This online receipt template will be used as a receipt to assemble portion or as a receipt to watch that portion has been gotten.
  • You can incorporate your business logo and other information to the receipt.


In this discussion, we discussed the best online receipt templates that people use to generate receipts. There are different details explained about each of them, and we hope this info is helpful because the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic. For more inquiry, ask questions or leave a comment below.

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How would I compose a paid in the full receipt?

On the printed or transcribed receipt, compose the words “Settled completely” in enormous letters that spread a decent bit of the receipt. Sign your name on the receipt also to make the receipt a coupling receipt.

Is a tax receipt the same as a simple receipt?

Solicitations and receipts are produced by dealers and merchants and gave to purchasers, clients, or customers. While the data on an assessment receipt and a receipt might be comparative, a duty receipt isn’t a receipt. A receipt, then again, is documentation that installment has been made to finish a deal.

What is a valid receipt?

A receipt or verification of procurement is an archive given by the dealer as a record of your acquisition of products or administrations. A substantial receipt must incorporate the accompanying data: the date of the buy. The depiction of the things bought, including singular costs and amounts.






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