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My Family Mobile Walmart[Plans, Pay Bills, Customer Service, Login, Activation]

The Walmart Family Mobile is a prepaid mobile virtual network service that is a provider in all over the United States. This is a service that runs on the T-Mobile networks, and it is among the top services if you are considering the prices.

About Walmart Family Mobile: Details

In the past, the Walmart Family Mobile actually belonged to T-Mobile, and later on, it was sold in 2016 to the TracFone six years after its initial launch. The main purpose of this service is that it is supposed to complement and adhere to other prepaid services offered by the online stores which come among the biggest retailers of the wireless phones and services.

The WalMart is the multinational retail company that offers mobiles, and numerous network services plan to its users, The Company has joined up with the T-mobiles for providing the best mobile phones with the collaboration at reasonable prices at and some affordable plans for the myfamilymobile users.

If you have recently got a mobile phone from family mobile or if you got a new SIM card from the myfamilymobile and you are willing to know how to activate the service, then in this article, we will help you to get the activation process for myfamilymobile products.

Walmart Family Mobile Activation

Before we continue with the activation, you should know that Walmart Family Mobile gives you the option of buying a phone from Walmart or either coming with your own phone.

If you choose to come with your phone, then you will need to check and see first whether your phone is compatible with the service or not. You must have a phone from a T-Mobile compatible or one that has been unlocked and can operate at 1900 MHz frequency.

Also, if you want to use the LTE services, then your phone has to operate on the Bands 2 or 4 or even 12 in some of the areas. If you are not about the compatibility, you can simply text to BYOP to 611611.

If you are choosing to get a phone from the Network, then there are different options available, and you will also need the activation tool which is sold separately, including the Sim Card of the service. You can either select to buy the activation kit from Walmart or Amazon based on your preferred choice.

Walmart Family Mobile Activation

Once you are done with the phone selection phase, the next thing you need to do before the activation is to pick up a plan that works for you. After this, there will be an activation process to follow:

  1. First, you need to get your activation Kit, which is at the cost of $25.
  2. Then go to Walmart Family Mobile activation page and start the process.
  3. Then select the type of product that you want to activate between Family Mobile Phone or Bringing Your Own Phone.
  4. The next thing you need to do is to put in your Sim Card number.
  5. Then input and supply all the necessary information needed.
  6. After when you are done with the activation, you can select the plan that you wanted and then follow the procedure of the phone setup.
  7. After this, your activation is completed.

Requirements for Compatibility

If the device existing belongs to the T-mobiles than it is all good for you, and if not then the device should possess some compatibilities that are mentioned below for Family mobile SIM

  1. The devices should have a 1900 MHz frequency Band 2.
  2. It must have Inbuilt LTE service,
  3. Bands 2 and 4 are a must,
  4. Some areas may also require the band 12 LTE.

Once you have clicked on the option “A FAMILY MOBILE PHONE,” then you will get a message saying “Enter SIM card number / ICCID” and then under that, you will find a box to insert the asked details of SIM CARD number or ICCID.

Now you have to enter the received Family Mobile SIM card number with the newly bought myfamilymobile phone. The Family Mobile SIM will have 20 digit numbers which start with a number 890 and so on, so you have to enter the same and proceed onwards by agreeing to the Terms & Condition of the Family Mobile and click on the continue TAB. Now you will see various plans, and you can choose the plan you want to and proceed further with the activation process.

Setup and Finalization Process

In this process, you have to input all the general questions asked, and you need to input your email address and verify it first and if you are willing you can set a security code or pattern too for your new myfamilymobile phone, once done you can proceed further for the last step.

The final step is to finalize this whole process, this means the activation process and the selected plans payout process, and you can choose to set-up the payment methods for the select my family mobile plan at the mobile family portal.

Customer Services

The Family Mobile does not have the best support services, you can still make your complaints, settle account issues, or the billing issues, change or cancel any service, have a technical issue resolved or you can get some other things through the customer service.


In this discussion, we talked about Walmart My Family Mobile pay. Everything is simple and easy to understand, and we hope you understood well. If you have questions, leave a comment.

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What Network Does Family Mobile use?

It is owned by TracFone, but it runs on the T-Mobile network, which is one of the biggest four networks in the US, including the Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and the Sprint Corporation.

What phones work with Family Mobile?

If you are bringing your phone to the services, it should be compatible with the T-Mobile, or it should be unlocked. Or you can choose to buy a phone at Walmart.

Does AT&T work with Family Mobile?

If you have a phone that is unlocked and works with AT&T, then it will also work with the T-Mobile and any other Network.


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