Meijer Myinfo Login Portal for Employees

Meijer supercenter was founded by Hendrick Meijer in 1934, which is a supermarket. The chain of this supermarket has a total of 242 stores across various states of the US, including Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Its main headquarters is in Michigan state, where half of them are situated.

Meijer Myinfo Login Portal for Employees

Employees of Meijer are allowed to manage their work account using an online portal available on the web. The Meijer Myinfo is a virtual workspace for the Meijer employees, to facilitate its employees Meijer supercenter using an employee web portal. The portal was launched for the company’s employee to manage their accounts and work schedules. With this portal, the company itself is also able to access its employee database.

Meijer Myinfo Login Portal

If you are an employee at the Meijer Myinfo, it offers its users various exclusive benefits and perks to help ease in their work. Some of these benefits are listed below,

  • The employees can check their salaries and account statements for the current and previous fiscal year.
  • Being an employee at the store, you can apply for leave online using this portal and see what is the current status of your previous applications.
  • You can also manage your working shifts and schedule timing using the calendar feature available in the portal.
  • It will also let you manage and update the ongoing projects status from the portal.
  • You can submit your work report after every day to the company from the portal itself.

Benefits of Myinfo Login

The portal provides various benefits to its employees such as

  • By logging into your Meijer Myinfo Login Account, you can get the accompanying advantages as a Meijer Employee:
  • You can effectively deal with your Meijer Employment from a solitary screen.
  • You are allowed to check your compensations and explanation for the monetary years and earlier year.
  • You can apply for leave and check the status for the equivalent.
  • You can check the yearly schedule and keep up your plans as needed.
  • You are allowed to update your New ventures, and then check the progressing ventures.
  • You can submit a day by day report and week after week reports, too, all from a solitary spot.


Login Requirements

If you want to be the part of the web portal, you have to fulfill some primary requirements to be able to login to the portal. A steady internet connection and a web browser are required, and also the portal link that you will need for the Meijer employee ID provided by the company.

Meijer Myinfo Login Process

Meijer Myinfo Login Process

After you have gathered everything that you will be needing to login to the portal, follow the steps to the tip

  • Visit the website
  • On the website, you will be asked for your Employee ID. First, you need to fill it in.
  • Then click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • After that, it will redirect you to a page where you can create your new password. And you have to make sure that you enter your correct employee ID as it won’t let you create an account without an employee ID.
  • Once after you have created the password, you will be free to login to the portal whenever you want to and when you wish.

If you have done all the steps and still you are not able to get into the portal, then make sure that you have a steady internet connection. The portal will have a problem if your internet connection is slow or is constantly rebooting. Then switch to a stable one. There is also a possibility that your browser may seem to be not working quite well, you can switch your browser or clear the cache and cookies of your current browser and then retry. To give you a better surfing experience, many websites use the cookies from a browser, but if you have disabled the cookies from your browser, then you may not be able to load this webpage for the Myinfo portal. So, in this case, you will have to enable the cookies from your web browser settings.

Features of Myinfo Portal

The first page of the login portal in Myinfo portal is the Menu page, where you can have different categories like its Benefits, or Human Resources, and Career Developments, Payroll, etc. All these categories can open into a new page, and they can help you as an employee to gain maximum advantage out of the portal service.

  • The Benefit menu has several employee rewards where you will have to enter the Rewards for the user ID to check and avail of your special rewards.
  • The Human resources menu contains your personal info, which you can easily manage and change it accordingly.
  • And the career development menu can help you to manage your work schedule, and the payroll menu allows you to check on your salary account and its current status.


Customer Services

The company does provide customer services to people. To refresh your advantages like Health Care, or Life, and the accidental Death and Dismemberment, or the Retirement, you can contact the Meijer Rewards Service Center at the number 1-866-681-6116.


In this discussion, we discussed the Meijer Supermarket and its online portal for its workers and employees. We discussed the benefits and functionalities of this web-based portal that requires an account to register, and then it can be used to login by an employee with his employee id and a password to check his details about the work and schedules. We hope this info was helpful, if you have any questions, email us.

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1. How do I take a day off at Meijer?

First, you need to log into your employee portal and then type ESS into the search bar and hit the magnifying glass to search. Don’t hit enter key; you have to hit the magnifying glass icon. It will be under the Time Off. Then you can select your options for taking the day off.






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