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How To Install ADB Complete Guide

There are a lot of tutorials written for the purpose of how you can be able to access the features of the android platform that simply are not visible to the users. That can be done with the help of some command line (ADB) commands a tool that is offered by Google for the purpose of debugging the various parts of the system or applications. However that can also be used for all kinds of neat and hidden tricks using the command line is not in the reach of every tom, dick, and harry for that we are going to give a start from the basics so that you can understand it in a better way. Here we are going to tell you that you can comfortably install the ADB on the different devices. So here we are going to start this article so let’s go:

How To Install ADB
How To Install ADB

How to setup ADB on windows

Here it is not really difficult what it wants just a slight concentration of yours, and you will get it. It is not difficult at all. So here, some of the steps of setting up the ADB on the windows areas.

How to setup ADB on windows
How to setup ADB on windows
  1. First of all what you need to do on the windows that you have to download a zip file of the ADB from the internet
  2. Then you have to extract that file so that it can be accessible to you, and for that, you have to keep in an accessible folder so that you can approach it any time.
  3. Then after that, you have top open the main source where you extracted the zip file earlier
  4. After that, you have to open the command prompt, and for that, you have to click the shift button, and right-clicking within the folder, you can open this command prompt. Afterward, you have to click the “open command prompt here.”
  5. Then you have to connect your mobile phone or the tablet to your computer via cable. Then you have to change the mode from USB mode to file transfer mode. It is best for the purpose of transferring the file; however, some of the devices may not need this.
  6. Then you have to go to the command prompt windows, and you have to enter the command that I am going to tell you sooner for the purpose of launching the ADB daemon: ADB devices
  7. After the above step, you will see on your phone’s screen to allow or deny your USB debugging access. So now, you have to give the access and also check the box always in case you do not want to see the command again.
  8. Lastly, you have to rewrite the command that we wrote back in step 6 if all the things worked well so you will be able to see the serial number of the device in command prompt

And now you can run ADB command on your device

Install ADB on MacOS

Here in macOS, you have to follow the steps given:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Then extract the zip file in a known folder
  3. Then open the terminal
  4. After this, you have to connect the device to the Mac with USB cable then change the mode to file transfer
  5. In case you have seen the terminal is in the same folder as where the ADB tools are there you can execute the command to launch the ADB daemon ADB devices
  6. Then you have to give permission to allow debugging from your device
  7. And finally, you have to write the command again, and in return, you will see the serial number on your device

Here you can notice that the windows and the Mac both have almost the same method to install the ADB

Installing ADB on Linux

Here you will also find the all the above methods will be quite the same, but the difference would be here is that this is a different device than the other devices. Here similarly you have to first download the zip file then you have to extract it after that you have to open it then you have to open the command prompt, and for that, you have to connect the device with your Linux machine through USB then you have to change the mode to file transfer. Then you have to enter the command to launch devices, and it will ask you permission on the device of debugging, and you have to allow it. After writing command, you will able to write ADB command on your device.

Installing ADB on Linux
Installing ADB on Linux


Here we have seen how we can easily install it on the different operating systems, and when it comes to doing it practically, it is not really difficult at all. So you have any of the devices having android. You can use it to connect with any of the operating systems. For that, you will be easily able to download the zip file of ADB and can easily install it. There you will find no complexity in the process of installation. After the serial number came on the screen, then you can be able to run any command of ADB on your device.


What is ADB?

Here you can say it is an android debug bridge. That can be used for the purpose to access those features that are not visible to the users

Is it difficult to install ADB?

No, not at all. It is not really difficult to install. Moreover, it is quite easy to install it on any of the operating systems.


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