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Top 6 Best Games like PUBG


PUBG or Player Unknow’s Battlegrounds is one of the most played games in the world right now. The game offers excellent graphics, weapons, gameplay, open-world, and animations, and much more. It has a massive user-base and downloaded millions of times from the App and Google Play Stores.

However, gamers don’t want to stick to only one game for too long as they get bored easily. With that being discussed, there are plenty of other games that offer the same gameplay and other features as PUBG does. Today, we will discover games like PUBG that you can play on your devices. So, let’s begin!

6 Best Games like PUBG

Best Games like PUBG
Best Games like PUBG

1-      Call of Duty – Games like PUBG

Call of Duty - Games like PUBG
Call of Duty – Games like PUBG

Call of Duty is one of the best games available out there. The game is developed by Tencent that is a big name of developing various other excellent games. The game is curated fantastically and has all the features of the gunplay.

The game offers seamless gunplay as it does on its PC version. The game also has high definition game models for optimizing the gameplay. Moreover, the game offers various game modes, including royale play, that will keep you engaged for so long.

You will be overwhelmed with its weapon attachments, achievements, and much more. The game is fun with its royale mode, class system, and various other features. If you are addicted to PUBG and looking for games like PUBG, you should try this one.

2-      Free Fire – Games like PUBG

Free Fire - Games like PUBG
Free Fire – Games like PUBG

Another best shooting game that gives you the same gameplay experience as you get playing PUBG is Free Fire. The game is especially for those people who own low-end mobile devices. The game is a battle royale and comes with tons of features. The graphics of the game are outstanding.

The game is popular among users because of its easy availability. Initially, the game was felt wonky, but in recent times, it has been enhanced to its full potential. You no more need to worry about lags and stutters as you will get a terrific gameplay experience.

The game is exclusively optimized for gamers, and if you want another game like PUBG, you should try it once to decide whether it is what you want or should you look for another game.

3-      DayZ: Battle Royale – Games like PUBG

DayZ Battle Royale - Games like PUBG
DayZ Battle Royale – Games like PUBG

In fact, the DayZ game’s Arma2 mod was the one, which introduced the battle royale genre. The developer of the PUBG game was the one to create a royale mode, which is used in the DayZ for Arma2. The gameplay of DayZ stared from a remote island, which is dominated by the brain-eating zombies, and players have to survive.

Players attempt to survive there, allying with other players on the island, or go ahead on their own and kill everyone that comes in their way. There is no danger zone feature in the game that is used to gather players. The players of the game learn that they do not trust anyone on the island except for themselves. If you are a fan of PUBG and in search of more games like PUBG, we highly recommend you to try this one out.

4-      Fortnite Battle Royale – Games like PUBG

Fortnite Battle Royale - Games like PUBG
Fortnite Battle Royale – Games like PUBG

In the esports market, Fortnite Battle Royale game is one o the most played battle royale game. The battle royale mode of the game makes it stand out, and it is added by the developers to offers something unique to players.

The game emphasizes on survival coop or story mode that offers features, where gamers can build bases and defend themselves from the hordes of enemies. The mobile version of the game follows the legacy of its PC version and offers cartoonish artistic graphics. The game is very challenging, and you need to grind a lot to earn a win. It is a masterpiece, and if you are searching for games like PUBG, you should experience it.

5-      Z1 Battle Royale – Games like PUBG

Z1 Battle Royal - Games like PUBG
Z1 Battle Royale – Games like PUBG

Z1 Battle Royale is another shooting game that also features a battle royale mode, which earns it a place in our best games like PUBG list. It is a survival third-person multiplayer game. The Z1 Battle Royal battle royale mode offers the same outstanding gameplay experience as you have in other battle royale games that keeps shrinking the active play area.

The crafting feature of the game enables you to craft various items and essential tools, including healing, by collecting resources from within the map. Moreover, if you play its battle royale mode for too long and get bored, you can switch to its other game modes to keep yourself engaged.

6-      Rules of Survival – Games like PUBG

Rules of Survival - Games like PUBG
Rules of Survival – Games like PUBG

Rules of Survival game is out there for quite a long time, and we have played the game way before the arrival of PUBG. The game offers a phenomenal and vibrant gameplay experience on mobile devices. It offers smooth gameplay with quite impressive gunplay options.

Moreover, the vehicles of the game are pretty fun to roam around, and the open-world is fantastic because of its remarkable geographical structure and impressive asset placements. If you are in search of games like PUBG, this is the game that you should play on your smartphone.


PUBG is an addictive and most popular game in recent times. Everyone is playing the game because of its unmatchable gameplay experience and pretty amazing features. But sticking to only one game for so long is not good as you get bored quickly. There are games like PUBG that you should try for a new gameplay experience.


Q: What game should I play as a replacement for PUBG?

Ans: if you are bored with PUBG, there are various other games that you can play to keep yourself entertained. These games include Call of Duty, Fortnite Battle Royale, Free Fire, Z1 Battle Royal, and more.

Q: Can I play Free Fire offline?

Ans: Yes, you can play Free Fire game while offline. Offline mode doesn’t support team mode, and you will have to play as a solo player.

Q: what PUBG game is best?

Ans: As per the Google Play Store, PUBG Mobile tops the lists of Best and Fan Favorite Games.


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