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Download Free Garageband For Windows PC


Are You really a music lover?

You love listening to music day and night? Then you must know about Garageband.

It is a wonderful app for making music by yourself and people love using it. But the problem is the app can only be used by a person having Apple product in his hand. Window and Android users are deprived of this wonderful app. I know you will be using a Windows or an Android phone and will be feeling very sad that you don’t have an Apple phone or a tablet to use it.

I also wanted to use Garageband app, but when I came to know that I cannot use it, I felt pathetic as I loved this app. Then I started looking for a solution and finally, my search for a solution came to an end. I have found some wonderful solutions and I want to share it with other people as well. You don’t need to worry anymore, just follow the guide and you will be able to install Garageband on your Windows 7,8, and 10.

Why People Use Garageband?

People use Garageband because they are in love with music and they want to showcase their music skills as well. They want to show the hidden potential of music that lies in them. And that is the reason why people love it and want to use the app on their PCs and other operating systems as well. This app has a profound taste of music such as Instrumental players and the DJ. These wonderful features take the music to another level and allow people to enrich their inner skills and make people dance with their own tunes.

Do you know Garageband is not new? It was originally developed in January 6, 2004; 14 years ago

What can you do by using Garageband

  • Garageband allows you to have more than 1000 loops and it is one of the best things about it.
  • You can create some really cool soundtracks like DJ beats by triggering the loops.
  • Garageband has the ability to allow people to customize by adding third-party instruments.
  • If you want to try something new and innovative, You can play a different Instrument as well.
  • You can also even play more than one instruments and at the same time. Not only you can play more than one instruments but also you can combine all these musicians together and make an outstanding piece of music from it.
  • One of the main reason why I would prefer Garageband is that the way it captures the audio and the way it customizes your performance is excellent.
  • You can easily share your piece of art on social media and gain popularity around your fans followings and friends.

Garageband’s every feature is amazing and wonderful. There is no reason why should a person not download Garageband for Windows if he/she is a music and beats lover.

Without wasting any further time, let’s see how to download Garageband for PC.

How to Download Garageband for Windows PC

As we all know Garageband app is specially designed for iOS devices and cannot be used on any other platform. But I have a solution for you. I am going to tell you how can you download Garageband for PC. If you are worried about the version of windows you are using, you don’t need to as it can be run on any version whether it is Windows 7,8.1 or 1o.

By using iOS emulators or Andriod emulators, you can easily use it. Once you have these emulators, you can download Garageband for your Windows Operating system. You can do everything after having it on your PC as you would do on an iPhone.

1. Use Andy Emulator toDownload Garageband for Windows 

When I was looking for solutions to this problem, I found many wonderful emulators that could ease my problem. And Andy is was one of them. That is why I should call it one of the best Andriod Emulators for PC. It is very easy to download. And It is free to download. Follow these steps to Download it.

Step 1: Press the button below, and it directly takes you where you can easily Download Andy Emulator on your computer.

Step 2: Have you downloaded Andy ? Great, now all you have to do is to open emulator and Type “Garageband” in the search bar.

Step 3: A list will appear before you, just select the Garageband for PC download and it will start downloading.

Step 4: Installed? If Yes, then go to the home page of the emulator and here you can see Garageband Icon, just click on it and enjoy.

2. Download Garageband using Bluestacks

You probably have heard of Bluestacks emulator before because it is a very popular emulator. If you already have installed this emulator on your Windows operating system then well and good. In case you don’t have then you can also download it and use all the iOS and Android app on it.

Follow the given steps described below to download Garageband. 

bluestacks download for pc

Step 1: Press the button below, and it directly takes you where you can easily Download BluesstacksEmulator on your computer.

Step 2: After downloading the Bluestacks, Now open it and type Garageband in the search bar.

Step 3: A list will appear before you, just select the Garageband for PC download and it will start downloading.

Step 4: Go to the home page of the emulator and here you can see Garageband Icon, just click on it and enjoy.

3. Use iPadian and Download Garageband 

If you do not like the emulators I mentioned above, or you are having some problem using it. Don’t worry, here is another emulator as well called iPadian. But keep in mind that it is an iOS emulator which means you can download only Apple store Apps. It can be easily downloaded and free.

Follow these simple steps to download iPadian for using Garageband App on Windows.

iPadian emulator for Windows

Step 1: To download iPadian on your Windows PC, click the below button.

Step 2: Now install the file which is given and save the file with “.exe” extension.

Step 3: After the installation gets completed, press the “Finish” option. You must press “Finish “ after the downloading of the file.

Step 4: Now simply open the iPadian emulator. Open the App Store.

Step 5: Type Garageband in the search bar of the emulator and hit enter

Step 6: Download and Install Garageband on your iPadian emulator. 

Step 7: You can easily see the icon of Garageband on the home screen of iPadian after it is download.

Open Garageband and touch the music of your own choice.

4. Use Rare Software And Download Garageband 

You can also some other software as well to use iOS and Mac-specific app on your Windows running devices.Rare Software is a good alternative to Blusetacks and Andy and can you get along with iOS apps.

The procedure of downloading this software is given below:

Step 1: Firstly, click on the below button to download Rare Software

Rare software for PC

Step 2: You will see a button of green color right in the center of the page. Press it.

Step 3: Open the Downloader and let it run on your Computer in this step.

Step 4: Select the folder or location where you want to install this app . You can choose the default setting as well.

Step 5: You have to wait for a while to download this app on your windows as this app takes about 20 minutes.

Still Looking For Other Alternatives to Garageband for PC?

I have tried my best to give the best possible solution to your problem of using Garageband on Windows. I describe some of the best emulators which can install Garageband on Windows. But there are some more alternatives as well. Mixcraft and Auditool can also be downloaded on a computer as an alternative.

If you never used this app, then I tell you that you should try Garageband. I am pretty much sure that you will find it a wonderful app.

Here is the list of some commonly used GarageBand Alternatives for Windows 

  1. LMMS (free)
  2. Reaper ($60 with free trial)
  3. Stagelight ($9.99 with free trial)
  4. Mixcraft 7 ($89.95 with free trial)
  5. FL Studio ($99 with free trial)
  6. Music Maker Jam (free with in-app purchases)


Q1. Can I download Garageband for free on Windows PC?

A1. No, Garageband is an Apple product that is only available on Mac devices. However, there are several alternatives available for Windows users that provide similar features to Garageband.

Q2. What are some alternatives to Garageband for Windows PC?

A2. Some popular alternatives to Garageband for Windows include FL Studio, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reaper, and Audacity. These software programs offer similar features to Garageband and are available for Windows users.

Q3. Is it legal to download Garageband on Windows PC?

A3. No, it is not legal to download Garageband on Windows PC as it is exclusively designed for Apple devices. Attempting to download Garageband on Windows PC may result in copyright infringement and legal consequences.

Q4. How can I transfer my Garageband projects from Mac to Windows PC?

A4. Unfortunately, Garageband projects cannot be directly transferred from Mac to Windows PC. However, you can export your Garageband project as a .mp3 or .wav file and then import it into your preferred DAW software on your Windows PC.

Q5. Are there any free alternatives to Garageband for Windows PC?

A5. Yes, there are several free alternatives to Garageband for Windows PC, such as LMMS, Cakewalk by BandLab, and T7 DAW. These software programs offer similar features to Garageband and are available to Windows users for free.


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