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[Latest Version] DOWNLOAD ES File Manager for PC


If you are looking for a tool that can organize your files on your device, then ES file manager for PC is one of the best options to go. Not everyone is proficient at managing data and growing it. Managing files and arranging according to the use, is one of the most demanded factors for File explorers. It is one of the most critical file managing tools that can help you to get rid of unmanaged files. You can use ES file manager for both androids and PCs.

How to download ES file explorer for PC to organize files?
Manage your files with ES file manager!

ES file manager for PC is capable of arranging all files and can do everything that a built-in file manager can do. There is no need to take stress about the file management capabilities as it can keenly arrange all your files. Sometimes, local root systems are also in need to manage them properly. Most individuals are not efficient to do it in a significant way; that is why ES file manager for PC has deigned. If you are looking for a guide to know everything about downloading it on your PC, you got the right place. The whole article below is going to give you every single detail about the app and its installation.

Everything you need to know about ES file manager

It is a file manager that is designed by ES Global particularly for Androids, but many users are using it on PCs. Its demand among the users from the whole globe is making it one of the best and frequently used apps. Its simple features and settings will let you arrange and browse all files present in your device. Almost everyone is using this app, but very of its users is utilizing it to its full potential. This app doesn’t only allow you to arrange and browse files but also lets you share appropriate data if you want. All activities provided by it are also available online. You can also insert pictures in records of your own choice.

There are many essential features in it which can make it one of the best choices among Al file explorers. Before heading towards the guide for its installation, let’s look at some potential features of ES file manager for PC.

Substantial features of ES file manager

There are many options for file managers at the play store, but there are some essential features in it. These features are making it more preferable among other apps. It can run many different applications, including Google Drive, SkyDrive and much more. Some of these features are as below.

  • When you are using this app, you can enjoy searching for files in the search box. If you have lost something in the ocean of data, you can use ES file manager for PC to explore it.
  • You can copy, paste and rename specific files by using this ES file manager. There is also an option to select many files at a time and then to perform a single operation.
  • If you are wondering to share your files through FTP, you can use ES file manager to transfer data from one device to another.
  • If you are looking for an option to see how an image seems? You can explore this file managing app to view that image. There are also many options to preview your favourite movie clips.
  • Are you running out of space? ES file manager for PC will help you to manage all junk files and clean up the other area.
Substantial features of ES file manager
Best File Manager!

Requirements for downloading ES file manager for PC

The file manager is usually used to keep every single file sorted and keep your data completely organized. However, if you are looking to download ES file manager for PC, there are some requirements to make it available for your device. Some of these requirements are as below.

  • There should be a PC with windows installed in it (either Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP).
  • An appropriate emulator for your device is necessary to support the installation of the ES files manager.
  • Availability of free space of about 50MB in your computer is a must.

An emulator is a hardware or any software that is available for installing Android apps for PC. Installation of individual apps is not allowed to PCs for the sake of security issues. The concern for security issues has now resolved due to the advent of emulators. There are many good options for emulators in the industrial market. Some of these include Blue Stacks and Nox. You can download them for enjoying Android apps in your PC.

How to Download ES File manager for PC? (Windows and MAC)

No doubt file managers run efficiently in Androids, but you can also download ES file manager for PC. Some steps to install this file manager on your device are as below. Or use the Direct Download Button Below:

  • If you don’t have an emulator in your PC, make sure to download it. The best option is to download Blue Stacks.
  • After installing an emulator, launch it on your device.
  • After launching an emulator at your PC, click at “My Apps” button available on the screen.
  • Search for ES file explorer in the search box of the emulator.
  • You will see results related to ES file manager.
  • Once you see the results, make sure to login in your Google accounts at the emulator to download the app.
  • Install the app from the emulator and enjoy using it immediately.

ES file manager allows you to organize your file system. There is an option present in it which will enable you to access the Root system of your device to manage it properly. If you have it in your PC, there is no need to download any other file manager as it can deal with the built-in systems most efficiently.

How to download ES file manager for PC? (Windows and MAC)
Best File Manager!

ES file manager alternatives

Undoubtedly, the ES file manager is performing at its best, but as we know that technology is a continuously developing field. That is why many alternatives are present for the ES file manager. Some of the best options are as below.

Cx file explorer

It is one of the most useful file explorers. It is available with many potential features such as the built-in search for files, clear cache, and support for other devices and may perform about 99% of functions that are provided by the ES file manager.

OI file manager

It is one of the most demanded open file explorers that are available for Android. It is competing for ES file manager at its best.

FX file explorer

The main reason for its popularity is the presence of modern features in it, including high security and no analytics related to tracking.


Is using ES file manager safe?

Most individuals are highly about their personal information. For them, ES file manager for PC is the best option to go with as it is taking high care of the personal data of its users. There is no threat to leakage of personal data while using it.

Why was ES explorer banned?

ES explorer was banned from play store back in April 2019 because of the claim that its manufacturing company is Fraud. After removal of such applications, it is again available to its users.

What is the usage of the ES file manager?

There are many potential benefits of using an ES file manager, but some of the main features, including cloud storage options, clear cache, transfer of files, are making it the best choice among all apps.


Thus from the whole discussion, it is clear that there is nothing to worry about file management when you have ES file manager in your device. It will take minimal to arrange all files for yours. Follow the complete guide for downloading ES file manager for PC!


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