[11 Latest] Connectify Alternative [Mac & Windows]

You may have used Wi-Fi hotpots in your life. So if you are trying to get an idea about turning your PC into a portable Hotspot, then here are some best alternatives of connectify, which will help you to make the most of the internet. You can’t assume a world without the internet now. Almost every software requires the internet to run it properly. Your mobile phone, your computer is like an empty box when there is no internet.

Explore the best alternatives of connectify for turning your computer into a Hotspot!

So why compromise on the quality of connection you have? There is no chance to miss the opportunity of getting the best alternatives. If your friend is running out of the internet, don’t worry, there are many alternatives of Connectify with the help of which you can’t give them the best services.

Best alternatives of connectify

No doubt, connectify doesn’t need any words to introduce it as it is one of the most popular virtual internet sharing services. But it sometimes causes many inconveniences, that’s why they need alternatives of connectify is available now. It seems you are quite curious about knowing the exciting list of connectify choices. So let’s head towards it.

1. Thinix Wifi: Connectify Alternative for Windows

If you are seething for user-friendly software for sharing the internet to other devices, it will please you in every way. You will get access to many modern features when you start using it. There is no need to take tension about its compatibility as it is easily compatible with Windows 7, 8, and even 10. You will get a free trial if you want to test it before using it for a long time.

It will provide you two versions of it. There is also a Hotspot which is available on the internet. Moreover, the price of this virtual Hotspot is too affordable. Almost everyone can enjoy using it.

2. Mhotspot

Many people about there are trying to change their PCs into a portable wireless Hotspot. For those, it is going to be the best option ever. You can explore all of its features with the help of a few clips. One of the most amazing parts about it is that it will help you create a further Wi-Fi network. It also provides you another feature to look at the details of all connected devices to the desired Wi-Fi. So you can easily examine the usage of the internet at the respective devices.


3. Virtual Router Plus

If you are demanding an open-source Wi-Fi Hotspot, then there is no better option for you than this software. It is freeware software that can readily turn your device into a wireless Hotspot. It uses modern technology to do so. In most cases, the technology is Windows Wireless Hosted Network.

4. Ostoto Wi-Fi

Another one of the best software for enjoying wireless internet connections is OSTolo Wi-Fi. All you have to do is arrange for an internet connection where you can get the signals for connectivity. Later on, everything is upon this software. It will allow you to create your Wi-Fi zone with the help of very easy and simple tricks.


5. Seventh Gate Free Version

Many internet users are looking for free versions of connectify alternatives that they can enjoy without any hindrance. One of the things you have to be concerned about is that it will require a Microsoft Public License. It will assure you of the legitimacy of this alternative. You have nothing to do with it. Just open the software and explore its amazing and exciting features.

6. Ljon Scripts

It is one of the most appropriate software for turning your device into a wireless Hotspot. If you are looking for a free version without ads, it will be the best decision for you as its performance doesn’t contain ads at all. But if you are using its paid version, you will see advertisements that will inconvenience you.

7. Maryfi

For those who are using windows seven every day, it will be the best solution for getting the best quality internet connection. Not only this, but it provides you all services in many other versions too. One of the basic reasons for its increasing popularity is that it is extremely easy to use. Moreover, you can use it on all of your devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and laptops.


8. Winhotspot

Are you wondering about turning your PC into an internet device? Is yes, and then choose this software. It is one of the most common software among those interested in gaining the best quality internet. It is available with the best bandwidth, which will keep the internet track completely clear. Another benefit it provides to its users is that it will help you look at the client P and MAC addresses of the devices you are using the internet.

9. Wi-Fi Hotspot Pro

If you are using Microsoft software, it will run the internet even more fluently in your windows 10. One of the most important things to note about it is that you have to upgrade your system before downloading this software to availability modern features. It is provided with a very simple and friendly user interface. It is completely free to use. You have to follow the three steps for getting the best services from it.

1o. Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you are looking for software that will provide you with modern features free of cost, you got the right place. This software will enable you to connect all the internet connections to your device for making it a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot. It will not hinder the speed of the internet once you combine it with your device. It will share all of your files at a very high rate.

.Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Is it possible to use virtual Hotspots?

There is much software in the digital market that will provide you an opportunity to turn your PC into a portable wireless Hotspot.

What are the alternatives to connectify?

There are many effective alternatives to connectify. Some of these areas below.

  • Maryfi

Time to take action

So after knowing some of the best alternatives to connectify, how can you stop using the best? So choose any software from the list above and enjoy the best services!








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