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Top 6 Best Chrome OS Apps


Chrome OS has support from numerous platforms, including the Web, Android, and Linux. It basically implies that Chromebook appreciates a huge number of local applications from different subsystems.

Best Chrome OS Apps

From gushing systems to games and life-sorting out applications, we have listed all of the best Chrome OS apps with details.

Best Chrome OS Apps
Best Chrome OS Apps

Pixlr And Canva

Numerous clients who rush to Chrome OS find that there is nothing but bad alternatives for photograph altering. In any case, things have changed quickly in this office. You would now be able to do some extraordinary photograph altering with all the basic instruments on Pixlr.

Pixlr And Canva
Pixlr And Canva
  • The new beta manager of Pixlr is far and away superior with help for layers, rope instrument, wand, veil, and that’s just the beginning.
  • Aside from that, Canva is additionally an extraordinary decision for photograph altering and making compositions on the fly.
  • You can pick your measurements, pick a foundation, and simply begin with your photograph altering. Also, you can make a PWA application for both the sites, so there is that.


For those clients who need Photoshop-level highlights, well, there is an extraordinary web application on Chrome OS, which does precisely that. Photopea is a web application where you get a comparable design to Adobe Photoshop with endless propelled highlights and altering apparatuses heated in.

  • You can keep altering photographs of various record designs like PSD, XCF, RAW, SKETCH, and so forth on your Chromebook with no issue.
  • All I would state is, Photopea is among the best Chrome OS applications for photograph altering, and you won’t be frustrated by any means.


The Netflix application for Chrome OS is just as able as the Netflix application on each other stage, and in case that you have at any point utilized it on an Android gadget, it ought to be really recognizable.

  • Simply sign in to your record (or your old flat mate’s record you despite everything approach) and get back on track
  • Apparently observing probably the best films on the administration.

Google Photos

If you have an Android phone, you most likely as of now appreciate Google Photos, especially after an ongoing update. The Google Photos application works entirely well on Chrome OS. It’s an incredible spot to use for old photographs you had no clue your phone upheld them and along these lines, also erase them, every one of them.

  • You can likewise alter photographs, arrange them into collections, and apply the standard variety of channels.
  • It’s a simple pick for the best Android applications for Chromebooks.


Spotify is another best chrome OS ap in which you presently download the devoted Android application for the full Spotify experience.

  • It includes similar usefulness, yet now you can let loose a program tab and hold tuning in to all your top melodic picks, get proposals, and the various Spotify highlights you love.


Another best chrome OS app which site has everything, from viral recordings to motion pictures, and now you can without much of a stretch peruse on your Chromebook.

  • The Chrome OS application is, at last, a duplicate of the Android adaptation
  • It’s practically equivalent to the YouTube web application, yet a little cleaner.
  • Try not to stress, your memberships and unusual favoritees are correct where you left them.

Google Keep

In case that you need to take notes rapidly and write something for later utilize, then Google Keep is a standout amongst other note-taking applications on Chrome OS. Without a doubt, you can introduce the Android rendition of Google Keep, yet we will suggest you utilize the web application.

  • It’s intended for a greater screen and matches up legitimately with your Google account with no issue.
  • In addition, you can make an independent application of Google Keep utilizing the guide I have referenced previously.
  • You can likewise introduce the Google Keep expansion in case that you need to spare sites rapidly and do errands while perusing the web.

Skype Web

You get all your local applications incorporating Skype as a web application. Skype offers an undeniable web stage where you can get to your messages, contacts, and in particular, calls. What’s more, like the local application, you can make and get calls with no issue.

Skype Web
Skype Web
  • You should simply make an alternate way of this application, and you will get calls in any event, when the application is shut.


VLC is positioned among the best media players on any working framework, and the equivalent is valid for Chrome OS also. You can introduce the Android application on Chrome OS, and you will be a great idea to go.

  • As we definitely know, VLC underpins a wide range of media designs running from MKV to H.265 encoded recordings.
  • In this way, if the local media player can’t render a video document, VLC will be your companion.
  • Best of all, the application is totally free and open-source, and you don’t have to pay anything for playing recordings that are encoded with restrictive codecs.

Adobe Lightroom

In the web applications area, I have referenced a couple of photograph altering programs, yet those are generally for picture control and entangled altering. Not to forget that, in that case, you need a disconnected application that permits you to modify lighting, complexity, immersion, and other such boundaries.

  • Adobe Lightroom is the best Chrome OS application in such a manner.
  • Basically, in case you are a photographer and need to improve the appearance of your photographs, then simply go with Adobe Lightroom on your Chromebook.
  • It bolsters both mouse and contact screen controls to dive further and alter your pictures in extraordinary detail.


In this discussion, we discussed the best chrome OS apps with their details. If you have questions, then please ask in the comment below

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Can Chromebooks run android apps?

Indeed, you can utilize Android applications on your Chromebook. Most new Chromebooks accompany the Google Play Store out of the crate, which permits you to rapidly introduce your preferred Android applications.


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