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Top 6 Best Total War Games


Making a decision about the best Total War games is difficult. Perhaps this is on the grounds that the idea of ‘best’ relies upon what sort of mindset you are in.

Best Total War Games

In this discussion, we are going to highlight the best of total war games according to their different features. Here are the best picks for the best Total War games.

Best Total War Games
Best Total War Games

Total War: Warhammer 2

This game changed the course of Total War. It took the arrangement in a striking new fantastical course, shifted group mechanics at the vital level more forcefully than any time in recent memory, and re-imagined its tasteful with a significant update.

The continuation took everything the first did and pushed it. Its center crusade includes progressively abnormal and increasingly vivid and far-reaching world guide, and a more profound story told through dazzling work of art. Except if you want to play the best total war game, this is the spot to begin from.

Total War: Warhammer 2
Total War: Warhammer 2

However, with a truckload of DLC and the capacity to rush on to the primary game. Furthermore, in case that you get everything, you get what is irrefutably the richest and legitimate delineation of the Warhammer Fantasy universe, there has at any point been in a videogame.



It is a standout amongst other absolute war games. Napoleon takes everything Empire advanced pleasantly and refines it, streamlining and improving the best bits of its meandering, as often as possible in a bad way precursor.

Additionally, remembering that it’s some different option from an insignificant improvement: Napoleon addresses Creative Assembly, making sense of how to apply a story to a rising game fittingly.


The game is a show of Bonaparte’s splendor, and the triumphs are central since they are coordinated with humankind and decency. Similarly, just like an extraordinary Total War game, it’s a spellbinding strategy for jumping into a pivotal turning point in Europe.

You get the chance to experience the triumphs and frustrations of an exceptional military mind, and it’s a sporadic, routinely moving technique for seeing something that, notwithstanding everything, echoes through history.

Encountering immense clash through the eyes of a couple of individuals makes this a lowering, splendid, totally a basic experience.


Shogun is poor, and it feels like a thing from an alternate time period. It likewise experiences a continuation that stands apart as one of the most sensational and convincing passages in the best war game series.

Yet, regardless of this, the first Total War game has minutes that wait in mind for a very long time after you originally play it. Things like racing into positions of spearmen with a Kensai blade holy person, or the urgent pop of bound musketeers opposing a mounted force charge.


In the event that you need to play a Total War game set in medieval Japan, you are undeniably bound to play the spin-off. However, this merits playing for successors a very lovely, mixing view of the series that are pre followed.



Disregarding the game’s imperfections, it has many feelings to the heart of its loyal followers who can’t resist the urge to cherish it. Not one guide but rather three! Units as changed as Native Americans, privateers, Ottomans, and Indians!

A practically complete surrender of the arrangement’s attention on scuffle battle for black powder rifle volleys are played in the game. At the point when it self-destructs, it’s a debacle, yet on those minutes when Empire meets up, its desire is completely amazing, even ten years gone.


Medieval 2

This is the most seasoned Total War game on the rundown, released in 2006. However, one that numerous veterans of the arrangement demand still can’t seem to be outperformed. Maybe it’s the disturbance and sentiment of the Middle Ages setting.

Medieval 2
Medieval 2

Still one of the most cherished that Total War has ever handled or it’s all the more testing, old-school sensibilities.

The suffering dependability of Medieval 2’s locale is reflected in its a large number of mods, which are among the best and generally driven for any Total War game, and the way that CA gave it a complete release which packages in the immense Kingdoms extension.

So in case that you can look past the maturing designs, Medieval 2 is overflowing with advantageous substance.


The most characterful minutes from great Total War games typically happen naturally in this game with the fearless hired fighter armed force on the edge of your domain, the careless posterity of crusading officers.

Attila is the primary fruitful endeavor that is a total war game to mesh these accounts into the game itself. It nearly makes Total War a misnomer.

It’s not just about battling: Attila is down of legislative issues, devouring, starvation, devastation, and movement, set during one of the most delicate and early times of the history of Europe, despite everything feels like an unformed idea, fit to be formed or crushed as you see fit.

It also works admirably of collapsing in increasingly mixed components, for example, climate and guerilla fighting, ideal for anybody progressively used to the straightforward lucidity of its prior Total Wars.

Also, like Warhammer, all that you do is under the shadow of a social affair storm: it’s not if Attila and his Hunnic armed force will show up. You will just love this game.


In this discussion, we discussed the best total war games that you can play. Each of them hasunique characteristics and unique stories with features of their own to entertain the gamers. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Which of the total war game should I buy first?

We would suggest Shogun 2 and Warhammer 1 for a start; however, simply get one with an intriguing setting for you. Attila as far as possible it’s the best out of the new ones. In case chance that you need to go more established anyway, it depends what you see as an intriguing period.


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