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[Latest Version] Download Yoosee App For PC


The security of personal assets has always been the first and foremost priority of everyone. If you are wondering about turning your PC into a loveable security camera, you must have to download the Yoosee app for PC. The world has developed much due to immense advancement in every field of technology. Nothing is a milestone now. If you have some security cameras at your place and you want to keep an eye on them anytime, you can download the Yoosee app for sure!

How to download yoosee app for PC?
Enjoy monitoring your cameras with the Yoosee app!

Home security and its monitoring have been made very easy with the help of security apps. If you have an idea about the appropriate IP security app, you can release your stress within minutes. There are many suggestions in the professional market, but one of the best choices is the Yoosee app. It will facilitate you to keep an eye on the control of all monitoring cameras in your area. The security industry of every filed is dependent on these kinds of apps to aid the users in monitoring the system of security. The whole article below is going to give you a guide about how to download the Yoosee app and its usage using an emulator and without emulator.

Before discussing the methods to download this fantastic app, let’s look at some of its remarkable features.

Astonishing features of Yoosee app

Yoosee is an IP security app that can run on your computer with the help of an emulator. Using this app, you will get an idea about what is going in your house or working place. Some potential features in it are making it superior, among other IP security apps. Some of these features are as below.

  • The best thing to note about the Yoosee app is that it allows its users to customize particular cameras. It also enables them to control their specific functionality separately.
  • Another feature about it is that it is far away from the traditional processing, which is dependent on server and some analytic problems.
  • It has many operating systems in it, which will help you connect with many cameras’ software. Thus it helps to meet all the needs of users regarding the connectivity with particular cameras.
  • Its sparkling ability to embed software of all cameras within it helps to reduce the cost problems to a greater extent.
  • With the help of direct integration with cameras, it can give you high-quality footage of your place. You can easily detect someone by the footage that it provides.

Download free Yoosee app for PC

You can download the Yoosee app in your PC easily to monitor the footage of all CCTV cameras in your place. This monitoring app not only makes you able to keep an eye on the footage but also helps you manage the CCTV cameras of your working area. It is one of the best solutions to watch the action of cameras on your PC. You can download the Yoosee app for PC free. However, there will be a need for an emulator for downloading it on windows and MAC users.

There are two different methods for downloading it in windows 7,8,10 and for MAC. Let’s discuss them in detail below.

Download free Yoosee app for PC
Download the Yoosee app to monitor cameras!

Need of an emulator for downloading Yoosee

There is no problem in downloading the Yoosee, but it will require a third-party application to run it on your device. These third programs are mostly emulators that help your host system run the peripheral devices to allow the functioning of guest software. Yoosee app also requires an emulator to run it in your PC for the sake of security issues. There are many emulators out there at Play Store, but the two most preferred players are Blue Stacks and Nox.

How to download Yoosee app for PC with emulators (for Windows 10, 8, 7)

Blue Stacks is one of the most popular platforms for installing encrypted privacy programs to your computer. You can download it with the help of this emulator. Follow the steps below for downloading it in seconds.

  • Android apps are only active on a PC in the presence of an emulator. If you don’t have any of it, download it first.
  • After installing an emulator on your PC, launch Blue Stacks on your device.
  • Once Blue Stacks is active on your device, click on the “My apps” option available on it.
  • Search for Yoosee in the search bar of the emulator.
  • You will get relevant results related to Yoosee.
  • After doing all this, maintain your Google account by logging in it in the emulator.
  • After doing all this, installation for Yoosee will begin depending on your connectivity of the internet.

Download the Yoosee app for PC without using any Emulator

You can also download it on your device without using any emulator. This method of installation will perform for both devices, which means Windows and MAC. Follow the simple steps as given below for downloading the Yoosee app for PC.

  • If you do not have a Yoosee app in your PC, download it first from the below link.
  • After downloading CMS of Yoosee in your PC, open the saved device on your device.
  • Click right on the saved file, and you will see an option called “Run as administrator.”
  • When you open it, it will ask for permission to install the app. Click yes to continue.
  • There will be an option to select a folder to install the Yoosee app for your PC.
  • Now the software is completely ready to install; you just have to press the install button on your screen. It will be available to you in seconds.

Alternatives of Yoosee app

No doubt, Yoosee is a safe and stable IP camera device for PC. It has a continuous renovation process. That is why there are many potential alternatives to this app at the play store. Some of these conventional alternatives are as below.

1. Wyze Cam

It is one of the most appropriate alternatives to the Yoosee app. It can support the local storage of camera footage in a micro SD card. It can provide you a high-quality image with undoubtedly high resolution.

2. XMEye

This alternative for the Yoosee app is one of the most preferred software. It is a free CCTV monitoring app that is readily available on your device. Its users are allowed to use it without any subscription.

3. iCSee

This CCTV surveillance app is one of the incredible alternatives to the Yoosee. It helps you to control and monitor the footages of your CCTV cameras.

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How to add another device at Yoosee App?

There is no lengthy procedure for adding devices to the Yoosee app. You have to tap the “Device Information” option, and you will see a visitor password. All guests are allowed to use this password for adding other cameras in the device.

How can you share a camera with your friends and families?

Yoosee app enables you to share the recordings with your family and friends. For sharing footages, go to the Home screen of the app. Tap on the discover option. Click on the share option; there will be an option called “share camera access by QR code.” After doing this, invite your friends to log in to the app.

Can you connect more than two devices with a camera using this app?

There is no option to connect two different devices with the same camera through the Yoosee app. For sharing another device, there is a need to unpair the previous method.


Yoosee is one of those applications enabling the users to monitor CCTV footage with modern transmission technologies. This app is best for those who are demanding high-quality videos. It has almost every solution for every user. The whole guide above will help you to download Yoosee app for PC in the most natural way. Try it and enjoy watching high-quality footage!


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