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WGU Student Portal Login and Sign Up [Quick]


Western Governors University is an America based Higher Educational Institute that provides their degrees through the online system. It is one of the popular non-profit and private organizations for providing online education. The WGU login portal will help you to get access to your online account and also will enable you to get all options of WGU services such as you can complete your bachelor’s or master’s degree online at the WGU. There are several WGU scholarships available for the students who get enrolled here. The headquarters of WGU is situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

WGU Student Portal Login and Sign Up

Requirements for Login

  • You must have your Personal Electronic Device to login to WGU.
  • Your electronic gadget is associated with an Internet connection to get to website.
  • Get your enrolled Username and password for the WGU student portal.
  • You need to input your own data, such as First Name, Last Name, and the 6-Digit of the Application PIN.
  • Enroll your “Email ID” on the portal to recover your Username in WGU student Login.

Benefits of WGU login

WGU Login provides various benefits to its users.

  • The WGU offers various rewards and alternatives for you and a free application for referrals.
  • Students are posted for the arrangements, limits, and also deals that work, which is to your advantage.
  • It also permits an adaptable and moderate approach to procure the graduate degree that will get you close to your place at the top of MyWGU.

WGU Student Portal Login Process

A login process is required for the WGU to get all the resources of the course given online. It is a very safe and authorized process where the user can access its courses using his device. The WGU online account supports the Computer devices, Mobiles & Tablets to get access to the portal. You can also use the mobile App named myWGU for the portal to get all kinds of options related to your course work and the WGU!

WGU Student Portal Login from Mobile

If you are using a mobile device, then you can get your WGU online course from your mobile device easily. Keep in mind that it should be a smartphone device. From your smartphone, you must have a stable internet connection to get accessed to the portal. If you are using a tablet or any such device, you might have to use the Wi-Fi connection to browse the WGU.

  • If your internet connection is set up and is ready to go, then go into your internet browser from the mobile device, then search for the WGU.
  • After you get on to the login page, then you should provide your Username of the WGU online account as the first option. So you have to enter the right password that was previously used in your WGU account. Then, click on Sign In.

WGU Student Portal Login from PC

WGU Student Portal Login from PC

We are going to discuss the method or the ways how to log in from a pc to the online account login. It is recommended that you don’t try this method on any unauthorized pc or anywhere else.

  • At first, you must have a stable internet connection to browse the WGU online account portal. If your internet connection is working fine, then open your web browser and then browse to search for the WGU online account login. From you can get to the home page of the site.
  •       Then, you have to input the WGU Username in the first option of the page that you see. And then, in the next blank option, you have to add the password for your WGU online account. And when you are done, click on Sign in

WGU Password Recovery

WGU Student Portal password recovery

This is possible that a user may forget his password sometimes; the portal lets you reset the password as well.

  • Go to the login page of the WGU online account through the portal using your Personal Computer or a Mobile Device, or you can use myWGU App.
  • When you go to the login page of WGU, then click on the Forgot Password option.
  • It will ask you to provide your WGU online account Username first, and then you can click on the NEXT option.
  • Then you will have to verify your identity first to change the password.
  • After your verification, your information to WGU, you will get directed to the password resetting option of the WGU online account.

Contact Info

The WGU also provides contact info for handling inconvenience, and it has the portal for customer service and student service numbers too.

WGU Student Service Number is: 877-435-7948

Email ID is:

Western Governors University official website:

WGU Student sign on the website is: www.My.WGU.Edu

Student Portal

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In this discussion, we discussed the WGU student portal login and its various functions along with certain conditions for the users as well as the new users. The condition is simply explained. We hope this info was helpful for you, in case you have questions or any problem you can leave a comment or review with feedback at our given mail under the bottom section. Thanks for cooperating.

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1. Is WGU legitimate?

WGU has multiple degree options in their Online College of Health and Professionals. And the WGU is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on the Colleges and Universities

2. How much GPA is required to get into WGU?

You have to maintain a GPA of at least a 3.15or more. Main Academic Excellence is in line with the WGU admission standards. And the Score at least must be above 3.15.


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