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How to Watch Indian Channels in USA: Free & Paid


Are you living in the USA? If yes, then the whole article below will give some potential platforms where you can enjoy Indian Channels in the USA. There are many individuals from India who are living in the USA. They are always in search of those platforms which can help them to watch Indian channels for entertainment. TV channels are a source of fun for those who are living alone in foreign countries.

Live streaming is standard, but the approach of TV channels is not natural in foreign countries. Many Indian channels are not directly available in foreign countries. Many platforms are featuring Indian Channels in the USA to help the people for their entertainment in loneliness.

Indian Channels and live streams in the USA

Do you belong to a desi family? If yes, then you are addicted to individual desi Indian dramas. If you ar e living in the USA, you may miss these dramas so much. For resolving the problem of watching Indian Channels in the USA, many websites are now available, which are versing at their best t provide the opportunities to the USA based Indians.

Indian Channels and live streams in the USA
Best TV channels in the USA

Besides the unavailability of Indian Channels in the USA, recorded programs are now available through specific platforms that are common in foreign countries too. Many South Indian Channels are also available in the USA, which features many Indian dramas for the entertainment of Indians in the USA. You can enjoy all of your favorite shows by a few clicks. You can also use VPN to access many other Indian channels in the USA.

Best platforms to enjoy Indian dramas in the USA.

There is a wide range of Indian Channels featuring several Indian dramas that are famous throughout the world. Many websites are now present on the internet from where you can enjoy such shows in the best quality. Some of these platforms are as below.


You may have heard about DISH TV if you are living in the USA. It is one of the most famous and most used platforms for streaming live Indian programs and featuring Indian dramas worldwide. This platform is not only providing the opportunity to enjoy Indian shows but also featuring many Indian movies in the USA.

South Indian dramas are also very famous in foreign countries. If you are a typical Indian and want to enjoy your favorite show in standard Hindi language, this platform will provide you with the best quality dramas. All you have to do is subscribe to their American packages. This American package contains all the exciting scenes, including the South Indian ones too.


If you are a pure Indian and living in the USA, you may have experienced SLING TV, one of the most famous platforms. It is one of the most renowned TV streaming apps which needs a subscription. It is not free to use. You have to choose packages according to your own. You can easily access it with many other devices like Amazon Fire, Smart TVs.

The best platform to watch Indian dramas!

You can enjoy the Indian channels at the best quality in the USA by only subscribing to it. There is no need to accept the base package. You can alps get a wide range of offers for the first 50 hours thus you can also enjoy other joys rather than Indian dramas.


If you are a regular internet user, it will be the best choice for you. It is an internet-based Indian channel providing platform. You can enjoy many Indian dramas in your mother language. Many international packages are included in it, which usually features a wide range of Indian Channels.

You can watch Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and much more with the help of this platform. Many premium level packages are also available within it, which features a long list of Indian channels in Hindi and Punjabi. You are provided with about 20 bags so you can choose anything according to your choice.


Streaming services are widespread in foreign countries. It is also one of the most popular streaming services which are available in the USA. All you need is to subscribe to this channel for getting fantastic content. No doubt it is not featuring the DVR availability, but it provides you an option to go with the Catch-up TV. It will give you one stream at a time. All the channels available at this platform are of high quality.



However, cable TV providers are not standard in the USA, but you can find this USA platform at reasonable subscription prices. Many South Indian packages are included in it, which are entertaining all users in an undefined way.

The only drawback is that they don’t have modern features compared to other famous platforms for watching Indian channels in the USA. You can also download your favorite recording form several shows by using the DVR.


HOTSTAR is also common in the USA, but it is streaming many original Indian channels with premium quality in foreign countries. One of the primary benefits of subscribing to this platform is that you will get an opportunity to enjoy Indian Channels in more than eight different languages.

You can enjoy their series by joining the premium membership. It will allow you to access the best services of Indian content. It will also allow you to download your favorite shows and movies with high quality in no time.



you may have an idea about this entertainment provider. It is common in all countries of the world. It also features many Indian movies and dramas. Thus, there is nothing to worry about if you live in the USA to enjoy the best service with this platform.


It is one of the most popular Indian live streaming channels included in the list of OTT platforms available in foreign countries. You can enjoy their live telecasts on your TV and mobile.



Jadoo TV is providing many Indian services in many geographical regions of the world. Content viewers have access to enjoy their favorite shows in high quality.


This channel is providing more than 32 channels of Indian drams in the USA. Thus due to its outstanding range of channels, it is gating unexplainable fame among the users.

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Can you watch Indian channels in the USA?

There are many platforms out there in the world which are featuring the best quality Indian channels in the USA.

Is using IPTV legal in the US?

Those channels which broadcast illegal streams are considered illegal in the USA.


After knowing the best platforms for watching Indian channels in the USA, there is no way to wait for other platforms. Choose any of the platforms mentioned above and enjoy watching your favorite shows.


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