15 Best Turn Based Strategy Games

Turn-based technique games draw out the more cerebral feelings in the game of the genre ‘turns’ permits us to think, consider, and plan our moves with as much master accuracy as possible.

15 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games

We are giving this list for you to see 15 best turn based strategy games.

15 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games
15 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games

Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2 is the best turn based strategy games on the internet. It is the main game in the Civilization inventory to be created. In addition, it is accessible solely for all cell phones.

Civilization Revolution 2 accompanies a 3D introduction and progressively strategic profundity. The game is structured by Sid Meier. Players can play the game through Android, iOS, PlayStation Vita.

The game is about victory, development, and government.

  • New Civilization
  • New Leaders
  • New Units
  • New Technology
  • New Buildings and Wonders
  • Enhanced 3D Graphics
  • Scenario Challenges

Gears Tactics

This game is basically a progression of strategic fights hung together by an account. There’s no procedure layer, and keeping in mind that there’s some steadiness for principal characters, it principally rotates around plunder and some essential ability trees.

  • It’s blemishes remain to additionally feature exactly how strong its remainder is. One advancement they have attempted to extend from the shooter arrangement is the ‘supervisor fight’ components.
  • These accomplish work in the strategic circle; however, it can, at present, be somewhat inconvenient. All things considered, in case you are searching for some to scratch that turn-based strategies tingle, this is probably the best newcomer in some time

Here Be Dragons

It’s extraordinary to see something really exceptional and invigorating turn-up, and Here Be Dragons is a brilliantly enchanting turn-based technique game. You are accountable for a little armada of boats entrusted with investigating the new world years before Christopher Columbus made his own journey.

Here Be Dragons
Here Be Dragons
  • It’s a pseudo-dream game with fantastical experiences, and you will have to battle a lot of ‘mythical serpents’ to oversee you.
  • It has somewhat of a mean RNG streak, yet it’s not all that difficult as to detract from the game’s allure.
  • As a game that invested a considerable measure of energy in Early Access, a portion of the later segments of this title feel like they could utilize some additional TLC, yet there’s a lot of challenge and replayability to satisfy your hunger.

Panzer Corps 2

In chronicled turn-based technique games, the Panzer Corps establishment is the Leading King. Panzer Corps 2 expands on the first game’s prosperity and couples it with a fresh out of the plastic new 3D motor. The scale is somewhat conceptual, with a solitary tank that can really speak to many vehicles.

Panzer Corps 2
Panzer Corps 2

However, it permits you to play clearing efforts on maps that can speak to lumps of whole nations.

  • It’s a battle centered game, so you don’t have to stress over structure units. However, you WILL need to stress over keeping your powers provided as they barrage over the guide.
  • Strategic alternatives, for example, enclosure, supporting fire, and separating units into littler ‘scaled-down’ renditions for a better than average flank implies you’ll have a lot of choices with which to take that key goal.
  • It’s not very far-expelled from a hex-based, WW2-style Advanced Wars

The Battle of Polytopia:

The Battle of Polytopia is outstanding amongst other turn-based technique games for Android. This methodology game is tied in with administering the world, battling AI clans, finding new terrains, and acing new advances. With boundless replay esteem, the auto-created maps make each game another experience.

  • Players can single out among various clans. The game is once in the past known as Super Tribes and is created by Midjiwan AB.
  • It was discharged in February 2016. It is an extraordinary game for the individuals who like the procedure


Uniwar is a turn-based procedure game with multiplayer internet ongoing interaction for up to eight players yet, in addition, accompanies the single-player battle mode.

  • The game is explicitly intended for cell phones. At first, it was released in April 2009 for Android and iOS, and from that point forward, it was turned out to different stages.
  • For example, Ovi (Nokia) and BlackBerry App World.
  • This technique recreation game happens on a hexagonal guide, where every player moves their units.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the top procedure turn based games for Android. It is allowed to assume a strategic pretending game. The game is essentially evolved by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo for Android.

Fire Emblem Heroes
Fire Emblem Heroes
  • It is a portable side project of the Fire Emblem arrangement highlighting its characters. The game was released on February 2, 2017.
  • The game accompanies a progressing, unique story where new characters and heaps of fight tried Heroes from over the Fire Emblem universe meet.

Casual Heroes

Casual Heroes is a turn-based game with strategic fights on the field. In this game, the players take fight under full control, plan moves, and can effectively apply to bolster things. In this game, rather than blade saints, use slingshots and moving pins. players utilize extraordinary capacities and present-day protests rather than enchantment.

  • an Arena with online fights continuously
  • battle machines and protective structures
  • clans with family talk and extra faction crew
  • Your own island with numerous upgradeable structures
  • upgradeable legends with their one of a kind capacities
  • battle with players for assets with turn-based fight strategies
  • normal competitions of families with prizes in jewels
  • enthralling journeys and accomplishments

The Banner Saga 2:

Banner Saga 2 is a turn-based technique game that includes the finish of a Viking-propelled world. The game is created by three-man independent improvement group Stoic. Flag Saga 2 is an enormous, severe world, were companions and adversaries the same face the finish of all things.

  • Players appreciate playing this epic, story-based, and strategic pretending computer game.
  • It is distributed by Versus Evil.
  • It is the continuation of The Banner Saga, which surprised the non-mainstream gaming world.

MiniCivi Alpha Game

The alpha rendition of MiniCivi is a turn-based 4X procedure game. It gives the vibe and profound gameplay of PC 4X games to tablets and enormous screen cell phones.

  • This is a 3D game for very good quality equipment.
  • The game can be downloaded and introduced on Android gadgets supporting 9 API or more.

Smashing Four

Smashing Four is one of the most well-known system games on versatile. It is on the web, card collectible, PvP multiplayer game where the player fabricates a crew of four crushing legends and fight against different players in fabulous fields.

Smashing Four
Smashing Four
  • Smash your adversaries in the field and battle your way up to the highest point of the positions
  • Duel players from all around the globe in testing fields
  • Win fights to win rewards
  • Collect cards to open new legends and overhaul them to release their one of a kind capacities
  • Get all saints accessible and prepare for fresh introductions
  • Fight in the difficult conditions of 7 game-changing Arenas
  • Create your own Clan or join a current one

Medieval 2

This is the most prepared turn-based game, released in 2006. Anyway, one that various veterans of the game plan request despite everything can’t be beaten. Perhaps it’s the story and feel of the Middle Ages setting.

Medieval 2
Medieval 2
  • Still one of the most esteemed that Total War has ever dealt with or it’s all the more testing, old-school sensibilities.
  • The enduring constancy of Medieval 2’s area is reflected in its an enormous number of mods, which are among the best and by and large determined for any turn-based game, and the way that CA gave it a total released which bundles in the gigantic Kingdoms expansion.

Unity of Command 2

Unity of Command 2 does everything its antecedent did, and that’s just the beginning. By switching up the situation structure and including new components like HQ’s and progressively important meta-crusade, hardly any rehashes of a similar crucial play out the same, Unity of Command 2 takes players to the more known waters of the Western front.

  • Beginning with the end phases of the Battle for North Africa, before proceeding onward to the intrusion of Sicily, Italy before at last permitting you to re-live the Normandy battles.
  • As you play through the excellent crusade, your military units and HQs will develop and improve after some time
  • There is additionally a light card technician that permits you to play a predetermined number of unique activities that can represent the moment of truth a hostile.

Battle Tech

A substantial, ruminative turn-based battler that does as much equity to its FASA tabletop attaches as it does to make a cumbersome, complex smaller than expected game wake up in the computerized form. This is a game that requests responsibility, selling the possibility of Mechwarrior battle being definitely not brief.

  • There’s loads to experiences on the strategic level, with warmth and weapon the executives combining with ecological factors and position.
  • Mechs are wonderfully pointed by point, inspiring the perfect blend of old Ral Patha miniatures and the appreciative modernization of MechWarrior Online’s imaginative point of reference.


A magnificent visual structure combined with a rich strategic encounter over all the groups implied this was a turn-based strategy war game that was anything but difficult to get the hang of, testing to ace, however nothing, not exactly an enjoyment to play.

  • The genuine quality of Wargroove anyway is its work in future sealing. There’s bounty to do and evaluate straight out of the crate.
  • However, a ground-breaking and strong editorial manager implies that there will be some phenomenal client created content waiting to be addressed in the months ahead.
  • Individuals are now reproducing maps and whole crusades from other TBT works of art like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars.


In this discussion, we discussed 15 best turn based strategy games that can be played easily. Turn-based technique games draw out the more cerebral feelings in the game of the genre ‘turns’ permits us to think, consider, and plan our moves with as much master accuracy as possible. All these games have their own features and turn based strategy to interest the user. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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