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Top Best Apps to Find Songs


If you are music enthusiast, you will have a habit of going with the flow of a nice music tune that is being played in a party or a club or in your phone. And you also keep a collection of good music on your device to entertain yourself whenever you are alone or with your friends. But there are some cases when you are a party or someplace where the music is going on, and you love the tune from it your love the lyrics from the song, but you cant the song or identify it, and you badly need that song in your playlist. Under such conditions, you have one solution that you download the best music apps that can search and identify the music you are listening to if you don’t know what type of music it is.

List Of Top Best Apps to Find Songs

In this discussion, we are highlighting some of the best music apps to find the songs. Continue reading to know further details of these apps.


Shazam comes at the top of our list for the app to find the music because this app features a simple interface through which you can just directly tap the Shazam badge when the music is being played, and the app started to understand the music and searches for it over the internet to recognize it. Every song that you search and tag in the shazam app gets saved in its search directory from where you can remember the name of the song even if you have forgotten it.

For instance, you can also listen to that music as a short clip to understand whether it’s the same music or not. This is a free app for both android and iOS users, which is owned by since 2018. There is a Discover button in the app that shows news from the music world, including the new music releases.

You can search your favorite music from this app and then add It in your playlist too as favorite music, and when you identify a song with the app, the app tells you its all the details such as name, writer, singer and a reference link from where you can get the song played. The best feature of the app is if you are offline, Shazam saves the music that you are hearing and wants to identify, and it will find you a match when you get connected to the internet back again.


Siri is a built-in app for the iOS devices that is the artificial intelligence of human voice recognition and output source. With the help of Siri, you can give certain commands to your device with the help of an internet connection to get your output result as a response from the built-in intelligence. In this way, you can use Siri to search your favorite music or sound on the web too.

For example, if you are listening to music or a song and you are thinking of a way to identify that music, you can launch Siri from your device and say What song is being played right now? Or you can also say what the name of the song is? Then siri will start to listen to the song and search for it on the web to tell you the name of the song after it recognizes it.

After you get the song, you can click on it to play it through the use of Apple Music if you have already subscribed to that. Then you can save or download it. Otherwise, it will ask from you to purchase the music or listen only to its sample.


Sound Hound is a free music search app that you can get from your playstore. It is one of the best song finder apps from the year 2020 that can understand music just by even hearing the humming of the tone. Unlike other apps, this app plays music videos instead of just playing the music only. This feature helps you to be more precise about the choice, and that’s what differentiates it from all the other music search apps. It has a built-in feature that works as a song assistant and lets you search for any music with reference to its artist and lets you play that music, all you have to say is Ok Hound.

If you want to get additional features with the app, you will need to go with the Premium app after paying $5.99 that will get you to use more of its features. Other than this, you can see lyrics of the songs, and it will connect you to Spotify and buy those songs with the use of Google Play. There is one drawback or a minor issue that you may experience with this app, which is when you are using the song identifier, the user interface doesn’t seem to be user friendly and feels like more of a restrictive type. And if you turn off your screen when you are playing anything, it halts and closes that music video.


Genius is a good music search app for both android and iOS devices that has a screen full of contents, and the best thing about it is that it identifies a song real quick. You just have to click on the identify button to start the genius app to work and search for that song’s name while listening to its tune and lyrics.

With this great feature of song identification, the Genius app also provides a home feed of music-related news and updates with videos and other content to keep the users updated with what is the latest music on the go. It may not be felt like the best app, but it does a great job like all other music search apps to listen to the audio and search for the results through the internet to identify that audio signal.

BeatFind Music Recognition

BeatFind Music Recognition is an android app that is really simple to use, and it has the simplest interface just like Shazam, where you will just get a simple one button to click on, that is Listen button. It only requires a simple question like Which song is this? And it starts to search for that desired result.

It is powered by an ACRCloud that helps it to identify the song or audio that you want to identify, and then it displays you with a result of the title and other details. It does also give you a link to the song after the search is complete to let you play the sample of that music from either YouTube or other such apps.

One cool feature of this app that some of the individuals may find cool is that it has a “party mode” in it that has a connection with your camera flash lighting when there is a beat, the flash starts to light up with the music, and there is also a history tab for you from where you can see your previous searches for the songs that you searched for before. There is one problem that may disturb you; that is, this app has ads popping up between the identification of the songs.


TrackID is an app developed by Sony Corporation that lets you identify music. The recognition system that is put into this app works really great, and all of the users are satisfied with the results. You can recognize any music with this app even if you play the music fast enough; it will show you quick results. The recognized songs get stored in the library of the history tab from which you can check them later on too.

It does have two cool modes in it that can make your experience much better. The first one is Discover Tab that helps you with song identification, which is new or at the trending list of the world. There is a list of all the songs and their categories, and you can search your song from that. And the option is Live, that gives a live feed of the current situation of the people who are searching for the songs at the moment, you get to see all those song names, and you can tap on any of the lists, and you have the options of sharing that music on other apps such as YouTube or any such other source.


Another one of the greatest song finding app is Musixmatch. It is a user-friendly app that is used to provide you with the lyrics of the song. Musixmatch is an app that recognizes the songs very quickly because Musixmatch main focus is the lyrics instead of the music ID, and it doesn’t focus on the popular charts like the other apps. When you play music, you can see its musical lyrics from the local library through the app connected to the internet.

One cool feature of this app is the floating lyrics feature that will let you view the lyrics along with the music and song being played in the background. The app is as free in natural form, but if you want to contribute in adding lyrics to your favorite songs then you need to create an account with the app first for Musixmatch’s premium plan that comes is $3 per month and provides you with few benefits like letting you save the lyrics for offline mode, as well as removing the ads from the app.

There is a bit of a drawback of the app; that is, you cant save tagged music for playing later as you can do in other such apps. But we assure you Musixmatch is worth keeping app even if you normally use apps like Shazam or SoundHound.


To consider the final words, we can conclude these apps in category wise for your ease and better understanding. If your choice is based on looks and features alone, but don’t have any clear decision to make, then Shazam is a clean app, and it doesn’t feature any ads, while the other app SoundHound has its own unique humming and singing feature. Both of these apps are a faceoff to each other for their unique content and facilities. As mentioned above, Musixmatch comes after these two apps, and it makes a great place after the two great apps Shazam and SoundHound. There are no other apps to match with them on the playstore. The rest of the apps lack features like Sony shuttered its Track ID service some while back, and other apps are not kept mostly up to date in years.


In this discussion, we discussed the best apps that you can find on the internet to search for music or audio. All of these apps have their own unique features that cannot be compared with any other app. You have one solution that you download the best music apps from one of these that can search and identify the music you are listening to if you don’t know what type of music it is. Feel free to use the app that you think will be the most comfortable one for you.

We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed the specific features of all these apps that they provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


1. How can I find any song with just its melody?

SoundHound can easily identify a song using its melody. You can just sing it simply or hum it or even whistle it. To do this, you need to click on SoundHound’s orange button, and it will start to do its best to match your recording.

2. What song is Siri History?

Open the iTunes from your device. In the upper corner, click on the menu icon. There you will see three options which are: Wish List, Siri, and Previews. Click on Siri, and you will see a list of every song that you have asked Siri to identify.


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