Suikoden 6 Release Date And News

Do you love playing Suikoden? Can’t wait for the new 6th? I have been playing Suikoden for a very long time and I really enjoy playing this game. I have eagerly been waiting for the new edition. I every day ask myself When will be it finally releasing? If you are also waiting for it then let I tell you about the Suikoden 6 Release Date and all the other new you want to hear about it.

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People love Suikoden, that is why people want to hear about the 6th version of it. There are many rumors about the new edition of this game, but the fact it is not yet confirmed when does the edition comes. 

I don’t know when will be the release date of Suikoden announced, but we can only wait for it for now. If you have been a gamer at any point in the past couple of decades, there probably had played games developed by Konami. Some of the most famous are Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Dance Revolution, Pro Evolution Soccer, and last but not the least Suikoden.

 What is Suikoden 6?

Suikoden is a video game series which was created by Yoshitaka Murayama. You would be surprised to know that it is based on a Classical Chinese Novel. In Suikoden game series, the player takes control of a team. The team has maximum six people in it out of which 1 is an antagonist and other is the character of this game playing it. The Suikoden IV, series, has lowered the number to four fighters and one support.

Suikoden release date

This main objective of the game is that the protagonist tries to defeat the opponents who are trying to defeat his team. This can only be possible if the fighters in the game being sent from the party are used as members of the part, each series of the game has its own Stars of Destiny. This game is all about the characters running around towns on different islands and into dungeons which are filled by gigantic monsters and at the end, they fight a battle among each other for their survival.

Suikoden 6 release date

The series is divided into the following titles which are arranged by the date of release.

  • Prequels
  • Sequels
  • Spin-offs

Suikoden Games List 

• PlayStation: 15 December 1995, Japan; 1996, North America; April 1997, Europe.
• Sega Saturn: 17 September 1998, Japan.
• Microsoft Windows: 1998, Japan; 1999 China; 1999, South Korea.
• Mobile Phones: 2008–2009, Japan.

Suikoden II
• PlayStation: 17 December 1998, Japan; 25 September 1999, North America; 28 July 2000, Europe.
• Microsoft Windows: 2003, China.
• Mobile Phones: 2009–2010, Japan.

Suikoden III
• PlayStation 2: 11 July 2002, Japan; 24 October 2002, North America.

Suikoden IV
• PlayStation 2: 19 August 2004, Japan; 11 January 2005, North America; 25 February 2005, Europe.

Suikoden V
• PlayStation 2: 23 February 2006, Japan; 21 March 2006, North America; 22 September 2006, Europe.

Suikoden release date

 When Does Suikoden 6 Release Date Come up?

There are a lot of people like me who are deeply saddened by the news who have fallen in love in Konami Games and have been playing these games for a long time. But, unfortunately, it is true for the people who really follow the Suikoden Series. especially since Suikoden VI is so famous among people and is trending.

Konami has fans around the globe and people are dying to hear something about their upcoming series of the game. A small glimpse of the new game would be like an elixir of like for them. A small glimpse of the game will quench their thirst for the game. Do you want to know why people go crazy for Suikoden and why is it so famous among people around the world?

Let me tell you some detail and the about Suikoden 6 release date announcement.

Konami: The Developer of Suikoden

You would be wondered to hear that Konami has decided to make a note for traditional game development of all of its franchises. The company decision comes because they want to fully concentrate on business ventures currently being done. It simply means we won’t be able to hear anything from Konami for years to come.. And it is sad to believe that the people who love Konami games would not be entertained anymore. Konami business-driven decision is a great loss for people who are in love with such games.Suikoden release date

I am here to tell you about Suikoden 6. As a great lover of this game, we hope we will see it one day and enjoy it.

The Suikoden Revival Movement is a movement which has started because of the fans of who want to play Konami games. The sentiments of a large number of people are concerned with this game and they won’t simply let this game perish. Suiki fans want to dive in the ocean of Konami games once again.

Suikoden 6 release date

The Suikoden Revival Movement has gathered a large number of people. And these people are trying their best to convey their message to Konami that they want to be entertained. I hope this movement reaches the walls of Konami and people get some response from them.

Konami has not referred any new development of a Suikoden title, people are trying to persuade Konami to pitch the IP to another one so it can thrive again.

You can check the popularity of the Suikoden Revival Movement, where the gathering’s Facebook page has more than 30,000 preferences.

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Looking For Alternatives to Suikoden 6?

It is not clear that when will be the Suikoden 6 released. It will be better if you switch to other alternatives to it until it is released. And I am pretty sure that the alternative could be better than Suikoden 6. So, check these alternatives out.

  1.  In the mid of 2016, a game was released named I am Setsuna which is created by Square Anix. The game has an impressive old-school feel and awesome PS4 graphics, which will take you to your school days. Apart from its graphics, it has a wonderful story to tell you.
  2. The second one a would suggest is Suikoden 2 which was released for play station in mid-2016 priced just 9.99. It a game you would definitely love because It has a nice classic touch.
  3. If you have been searching for a game series for a very long time then your first choice should be StarOcean. The best thing about this game is that its theme is quite similar to Suikoden.

These were one of the best alternatives to Suikoden 6. I hope you will enjoy playing these games ‘

Suikoden 6 release date

Suikoden is a wonderful game and I really hope Konami listens to its face and we keeps on entertaining as it had been doing in the past.

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Will Suikoden 6 come out?

A new installment in the Suikoden series will be available in fall 2022. The series started in 1995 on the original PlayStation.

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