Top 6 Best Sites like YouTube

Wondering about what are the best sites like YouTube? Keep on reading because there are many of them.

Nobody was aware that YouTube would gain that much popularity when Google owns all its rights. The service covered each and everything that you could imagine, such as sports, entertainment, cooking, vlogs, teaching, and many more. The fanbase of the site is so strong, and they upload tons of videos daily.

Indeed it is the most popular video streaming platform and dominates the video streaming field, but still, it is not without its flaws. Recently, the platform was criticized by a large number of users for its censorship policies that might become more fragile in the near future.

Moreover, the new monetization policy of the platform is also criticized by lesser-known YouTubers. Whatever the reason that forces you to look for alternative sites like YouTube, you are at the right place. We took the time and bucketed some of the best sites like YouTube that you should try. So, let’s have a look at them!

6 Best sites like YouTube

6 Best sites like YouTube
6 Best sites like YouTube

1-      Vimeo – Sites like YouTube


If you love to stream videos on YouTube, you should consider adding Vimeo to your list as well. Vimeo was of that first-ever site on the internet that offers high-quality videos. The site also contains a massive amount of user-generated fares, but the main focus of it is to offer high-quality content to its users.

The thing that we loved the most about Vimeo and included in our best sites likes YouTube list is that it also supports 360 videos and also offers some popular TV series. Just like YouTube, it also allows users to use its search feature to discover their favorite content, as it sorts out the content in categories and channels.

2-      Dailymotion – Sites like YouTube

Dailymotion - Sites like YouTube
Dailymotion – Sites like YouTube

Dailymotion and YouTube are considered one of the most famous rivals of each other. The site has been launched just after YouTube, and it is giving it a tough competition. The site contains tons of videos that are uploaded by random users, professionals, and amateurs.

Just like YouTube, it also sorts out videos in categories, and the homepage videos are organized by trending, hot topics, etc. Moreover, it also gives you recommendations for observing your streaming history, which means the more you stream, the more you will get the personalized recommendation. You will find the site familiar to YouTube, and that is why we have included it in our best sites like YouTube list.

3-      Flickr – Sites like YouTube

Flickr - Sites like YouTube
Flickr – Sites like YouTube

You might be wondering to see Flickr in our best sites like YouTube list because it is mainly recognized for photo sharing, and we often ignore its video streaming feature. If you want to stream random videos from all across the world, Flickr will allow you to do that. You will have access to tons of videos uploaded by random-users with no catch.

The only thing that we don’t like about Flickr is that it doesn’t have any feature to sort out those videos. However, you can use its search bar to discover your favorite videos that you love to stream. You can upload unlimited content on the site if you are a premium member, while the users with no subscription can only upload upto one terabyte.

4-      Metacafe – Sites like YouTube

Metacafe - Sites like YouTube
Metacafe – Sites like YouTube

If you love to stream short-form videos, then Metacafe is the one you should take a look at. The site is also among those sites like YouTube, where you can find any type of content you would love to stream. The sites contain tons of videos, including sports, product reviews, cooking, tips and tricks, games, and much more.

The thing we liked the most about Metacafe is that it is simple, and even if you are new to this, you will be able to navigate it comfortably. The site features a simple interface, as well as a section where you can find trending, latest, and most popular content. The app manages all the video content using a list of categories that you can find by clicking on its dropdown list.

5-      Crackle – Sites like YouTube

Crackle - Sites like YouTube
Crackle – Sites like YouTube

Crackle is also one of those few sites like YouTube that allows you to stream unlimited videos. The site is operated by a well-known entertainment giant Sony Pictures. Using the site, you will have access to your favorite content, including TV shows, series, movies, original web shows, and much more.

If you love to watch TV shows, you will find the most popular here, including Firefly, Mad About You, 227, and many more. Not only that, but you will also have access to most popular movies from the past that you might want to stream, including Paranormal Activity, Rudy, Nigh of the Living Dead, and many more.

6-      TikTok – Sites like YouTube

TikTok - Sites like YouTube
TikTok – Sites like YouTube

Wondering why we have included TikTok in a list of sites like YouTube? Well, the reason is it is also one of those big names which are considered the toughest competitors to YouTube. The site is owned by a Chinese company. It offers millions of videos from users, which you will love to watch.

The main focus of the site is to motivate all the creative people to unleash their creativity using this cheap production platform. You just need to make a video from your home and upload it to it to see the people’s reaction.

The platform touching the new highs as it is not only used by random users, but also, there are many celebrities who are using it to connect with fans and promote their work. If you love watching fun content, you should try it once.


Though YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform, it is a good idea to add other sites like YouTube to your list. Above are the best sites that you should consider if you want to stream more videos on topics that you love the most.


Q: What site should I use to stream fun videos?

Ans: TikTok is one of the best entertainment video streaming platform, where you will see millions of fun videos.

Q: Can I use Metacafe for free?

Ans: Yes, you can stream unlimited videos on Metacafe for free.



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