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How To Set Routines On Alex


It is not really difficult in today’s world. We have got so many hectic schedules, and all of us cannot afford the assistants. In that way, we have been facilitated by the advancement of technology. Luckily you can have multiple commands at the same time that can be performed. Here I give you an example when you get up the morning, and you can turn on lights, listen to the news, and start coffee pot by just saying that “Alexa, start my day.”

How To Set Routines On Alex
How To Set Routines On Alex

It can also tell you about the customized routines. It can brighten up the lights in the morning, tell you about the situation of the traffic and also play your favorite songs. However, it can perform all day work on its own, which you perform daily. Alexa aims to make your day easier and really productive. Alexa can perform some actions on your one command, which makes it easier than repeating altogether each and everything with the passage of time.

Set Routines On Alex

Now let’s create a routine on the Echo, and for this, you will need to follow the given steps:

Create a routine on your Echo
Create a routine on your Echo
  1. Firstly you have to explore the Amazon Alexa app on your phone
  2. After this, you need to go to the menu
  3. Then you have to tap on the routines button
  4. Then to create routines on your Alexa, you have to tap +sign which means that to create routines
  5. Then you will get multiple options for how your routine should be. So your options are:
  • Voice

It shows your voice command; for example, the voice command will be “I am awake.”

  • Schedule

Here you have to set the time for your routines that how you want to begin it. This does not require word awake words.

  • Device

Alexa will complete your work by using the Amazon EchoHub.

  • Location

It worked with the location when you arrived back home this will guide you accordingly

  • Alarm

After this when you are going to dismiss the alarm you the routine of your’s will begin

  • Echo button

Whenever you are going to start a routine, you have to tap the Echo button.

Hey Alexa, help me wake up.

It is one of the best things to make you aligned with your daily routines. Because Alexa can start your routine even when you are sleeping, it will help you to wake up in the morning and will make you punctual, which is definitely a good habit. At the start of the day, it turns on the lights and brightens them slowly. It also starts brewing your coffee.

Moreover, when you get up, then say to the Alexa that “Hey, Alexa, good morning,” this will initiate your morning routine. Then after that, Amazon echo will tell you about the weather, then it will let you know about the traffic, and after that, it will tell you the summary of your emails, then it will read you the news.

Make it more enjoyable.

You can also say to the Alexa that play your favorite music when it gonna wake you up. And if you are going somewhere, it will guide you about the traffic that if the heavy traffic is on the roads, you can select the alternative routes so that you can save your precious time. Here you can also use commands like “Hey Alexa I am commuting to work”   this command will activate your Alexa. In this, you can also add actions to it that tells Alexa to turn off the lights if you forgot to do so.

Turn on lights when you get home.

You will agree to it that it looks really good when you come back to your home, and it is well lit. However, if the lights are turned off, then you have to navigate to the switchboard by navigating like a blind man or with the help of your phone’s torch, how ridiculous is this. In Alexa, you could set up the routine, but this location is significant here.  Here you will require to select the location from the given options, and you also have to enter the address of your home so that when you come near to your home, the Alexa will initiate the routine. You can also add the functions as if you also want to turn on the porch lights when you arrive home.

Turn on lights when you get home.
Turn on lights when you get home.

Fall asleep faster

When you are going to bed, then you need to start the bedtime routine, then you have to give the command to the Alexa that “Alexa, I am ready for bed.” Here in this, you just want to turn off the lights. And if you feel that you are not sleepy, then you can use music, but for that, you should also set the timer to turn it off. Otherwise, it will ruin the whole night.


Here you have seen that the device is not just good, but it is best for those who are unable to move with a proper routine. This is also a really good app for singles because they have to take their own care, so it is a really good app.


How is Alexa really helpful?

Alexa is really helpful for making the routines of a person, and if any person is not punctual, so it is the best app.

What are the benefits of Alexa?

Alexa is very beneficial, and some of the benefits of it are that it helps in waking up it turns off lights automatically it turns on lights when you arrive home.


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