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Top 10 Best Parental Control Apps


In the event that you need to protect your children on the internet, you need a parental control arrangement that screens the entirety of their gadgets, including telephones and tablets.

Best Parental Control Apps

These applications are the top cross-stage to be used as the best parental control apps.

Best Parental Control Apps
Best Parental Control Apps


FamilyTime does everything, permitting you to alter definitely what content your children ought to approach, set time limits, track area, and the sky is the limit from there. The product gives you apparatuses to set schoolwork and sleep times, or simply limit the all-out time your children spend on their phones.


There’s likewise support for geofencing so you get alarms when a phone enters or leaves a particular space and area following, so you can see precisely where your kid is.

  • What’s more, you can square or control utilization on an application-by-application premise, apply web channels, screen calls and messages, and watch out for contact records.
  • The free form just gives you access to a little subset of highlights.
  • In case that you need the top highlights, at that point, there are various plans accessible. For instance, it will cost you $27 every year for one device, and up to $69 every year for five devices, with levels for 2 and 3 gadgets also.


Nothing moves beyond KidLogger. This free parental control programming not just tracks what your kid’s type and which sites they visit, and it additionally tracks which programs they use and any screenshots they take.


In case you are worried about who your children may be conversing with on the web, there’s even a voice-initiated sound recorder.

  • In case your youngsters are a little more seasoned and increasingly mindful, you can single out which choices to screen and give them a little security.
  • The free version just covers one gadget and comes up short on a portion of the trickier highlights of the excellent releases.
  • However, it’s as yet a balanced app in case you are worried about your children’s wellbeing.

Open DNS Family Shield

FamilyShield is free help from OpenDNS. It’s a parental control app that naturally squares areas that OpenDNS has hailed under the headings “boring, intermediary/anonymizer, sexuality, or sex entertainment.”

  • The good thing about this application is that while FamilyShield can run on PCs and cell phones, you can also apply it to your system switch and channel all the traffic that goes through it
  • it’s simply a question of changing the DNS server numbers in your control board.
  • This has the glad advantage of improving DNS query speeds on some ISPs. By sifting everything at the switch level, each gadget on your system profits by the channels.
  • For additional alternatives, there’s likewise a superior help accessible.


Qustodio is easy to use, a productive app for guardians who are lacking in time. It offers a dashboard that gives all of you portable action for any associated device, including time spent on explicit apps like Instagram or Twitter.

  • You can set time limits, track messages, sift through specific sorts of sites, and square any game or application.
  • A lot of customization choices make it an incredible parental control application to utilize while overseeing gadgets for children of numerous ages, and it additionally takes a shot at Kindles and Macs, which is uncommon.
  • On the drawback, the product is somewhat costly at $55 every year for the five-gadget plan.
  • However, there is a free form with constrained controls that you can use on only one gadget.

My MamaBear

With the present innovation, there’s no explanation to know precisely where your friends and family are consistently, particularly with regards to your children. As guardians, we need to realize our children are sheltered, particularly when they aren’t with us.

  • With the MamaBear application, you can set up cautions concerning area movement.
  • It will permit you to give them some opportunity without calling or text and monitor them continually.
  • You will have no lack of anything when utilizing this application.

Net Nanny Control

Net Nanny is considered to be the best parental control application, has brilliant web-separating innovation and a cutting edge, natural plan. Among all the parental-control applications we attempted, it comes nearest to having highlight equality between its iOS and Android variants.

  • Its iOS capacities don’t appear to have been influenced by ongoing Apple strategy changes.
  • Net Nanny can follow your child’s area, show their area history, and set time recompenses and timetables similarly well on the two stages.
  • The iOS adaptation lets you obstruct a few dozen applications on your child’s phone; the Android one lets you square them all.
  • The main thing Net Nanny can’t do on a cell phone is screen calls or messages.

Norton Family

Norton Family’s capacity and highlights are perfect for Android families with numerous youngsters, offering almost every component a parent could need from extraordinary compared to other parental control applications.

Norton Family
Norton Family

This current help’s area following, time-planning, and web-separating and observing abilities deal with the two iOS and Android; however, Norton’s time stipends are just for its Windows and Android programming.

  • Application the board and instant message observing don’t work in the iOS application.
  • There’s no geofencing on either portable stage.
  • Norton Family comes free in case that you spring for one of Norton’s progressively costly antivirus suites, for example, Norton 360 Deluxe, which is regularly limited to as meager as $50 every year.
  • At that cost, getting Norton Family alongside Norton’s brilliant antivirus security is an easy decision, except if your children use Macs rather than Windows PCs.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids lets you screen your children’s exercises on PCs and Macs just as on cell phones.

Kaspersky’s area following and geofencing work in the two iOS and Android, as to make its web observing and device booking. Kaspersky’s paid level is just $15 every year (there’s a 7-day free preliminary), and its free arrangement lets you set time limits, channel sites and oversee different applications.

  • In any case, the application of the executives is constrained on iOS, and the iOS application can’t screen calls or messages by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Moreover, another element that lets you square explicit sorts of YouTube searches, and survey YouTube search history in case you are a paid client.
  • Works just on Windows and Android, including the YouTube Android application.
  • In case you don’t want to see your children’s instant messages, at that point, Kaspersky Safe Kids is well worth considering.


Kidslox is a parental control application for Android and iOS that lets you obstruct and sites on to 10 unique device gadgets. It additionally empowers you to set everyday time limits for portable use, so kids don’t invest the entirety of their schoolwork energy taking a gander at Facebook or Instagram.

  • It highlights various modes, permitting you to change from an unhindered Parent Mode to a specially set Child Mode or a totally confined Lockdown Mode.
  • It even lets you see where your youngsters’ devices are.
  • Kidslox gives you a concise let loose preliminary when first marking, however from that point onward, it charges anything from $3.99 to $5.99 every month for a month to month membership.
  • It’s anything but difficult to set up, in spite of the fact that it necessitates that you download it on each application you need to screen.


OurPact was tottered by an Apple rule change in late 2018, the most remarkable parental-control application for iPhones, that nixed the administration’s geofencing, area following, and time remittances on iOS.

  • It can, in any case, do as such for Android devices as it does on iOS.
  • OurPact additionally gets kids associated with dealing with the day by day recompense of screen time that you give them, and it works superbly of planning.
  • However, its site sifting just squares pornography, and it can’t screen calls or messages by any means, even on Android.
  • In any case, you can square informing applications, and OurPact stays a delight to utilize.

In mid-2019, Apple removed OurPact from the App Store, yet in July of that year, after Apple backed off on its limitations, OurPact was restored.


Screen Time included in iOS works admirably of overseeing and planning children’s devices get to. Tragically, it doesn’t do much of anything else, at any rate on iOS gadgets. Application the board and web separating is for Android as it were.

  • Screen Time has some upcharges for area following and web channels, the two of which are seemingly basics and come standard with other parental-control applications.
  • You can get the two features in the 14-day Screen Time premium preliminary.
  • Screen Time lets you give out extra, that is correct, screen time to kids who perform tasks or great deeds.
  • Not to forget, you can’t square applications on iOS, and there’s no call or text checking by any means, in spite of the fact that geofencing and area history was as of late included for Android phones as it were.

Eset Parental Control

ESET Parental Control for Android adheres to a solid stage, yet it doesn’t stop even there, lacking instant message and call-checking, and number blocking includes and executing controls on what it has.

You get application boards, and time the executives with the free form of ESET Parental Control for Android accomplish a function.

  • as do the area following and geofencing you will get in case you pay for a membership. (There’s a 30-day free preliminary.)
  • it has the component that lets a child send an SOS message to assigned phones with a solitary tap.
  • All things considered, the $30 yearly arrangement does not merit dishing out for except if you get it packaged with ESET Smart Security Premium.
  • That is on the grounds that Kaspersky Safe Kids accomplishes more than ESET Parental Control for Android on four-fold the number of stages and at a large portion of the cost.


  • FamiSafe permits you to monitor your kid’s telephone area with its constant area sharing element.
  • It additionally lets you see area history, square applications, mark geofences as sheltered zones, check whether your children scanned for wrong recordings on YouTube, channel site substance, and control screen time remotely.
  • FamiSafe offers a free 3-day preliminary.


In this discussion, we discussed the best parental control apps that you can use to keep a check on your kids. All these applications have features to interest the user. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Are there any free parental control applications?

The free form is one of the most far-reaching parental control applications around, empowering you to set standards and time plans, square sex entertainment, and other unsatisfactory substance. In the event that you go for the paid-for adaptation, you’ll additionally get SMS observing, internet-based life highlights and per-application controls

Does the iPhone have parental controls?

iPhone’s parental controls can be found in the Screen Time segment of the Settings application. In the wake of turning on Screen Time and setting up a password, you can confine screen time with explicit applications, pick which sites can and can’t be visited, limit iTunes buys, and more.

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