[Quick] Old Navy Credit Card Login and Signin

The Old Navy Credit Card Login is powered by Synchrony Bank. It is a service for its existing customers. If you are an existing customer of the Old Navy Credit Card then you can log into your account. The Old Navy is a retail organization. It is headquartered in San Francisco in California, USA. And it was established, back in the year 1990 by MD, in California, USA.

Logging into your credit card account will allow you to pay bills, view transaction history, also you can view earned rewards, update the account and personal details and a lot more just with a few clicks. The Old Navy has a login portal that is easy to use and it can be accessed through any computer or mobile device with a strong internet connectivity. Through this portal, managing your credit card account has become easier with the simple and easy tools that are accessible anytime and anywhere. If you want to visit their official site, you can visit it at the www.eservice.oldnavy.com.

In this guide, we are going to help you through different steps and guide you with each and everything related to Old Navy Credit Card sign in and login guide steps. And for the individuals who are willing to obtain the credit card of old navy can apply for a new care taking help of the guidelines that are enlisted on this page. You are recommended to review the credit card reviews by the customers before you apply for one.

Old Navy Credit Card Login Process

The login process for the old navy credit card login is a simple procedure that is listed below

  • Go to the official website of Synchrony bank.
  • Then you have to enter your username and your password in the empty fields.
  • Checkmark the Remember my User ID if you need to.
  • Click on the Secure Login button.

Old Navy Credit Card Login from Phone

It is sad to know that there is not any application developed yet for its users to login through the phone easily, but you can log in through the website for mobile devices that is www.mycreditcard.mobi

  • Go to the website mentioned above.
  • Then enter your username and your password into the empty fields.
  • Checkmark the Remember User ID if you need to.
  • Click on the Secure Login button.

Resetting Username or Password

If you forget the credentials that were given to you from your bank account, then you can also restore or change them from the bank’s website.

  • Go to the website of the Synchrony bank.
  • Click on the Find User ID or Reset the Password, under the login form.
  • You have to enter your card number and your ZIP code.

Benefits of Old Navy Credit Card

The old navy credit card also provides various benefits to its users that are listed below.

  • The customers can earn upto 5 points for every $1 which they spend at the Banana Republic, Gap, of Old Navy or the Athleta
  • Users can receive a $5 reward card for each of their earning of 500 points
  • Every $1 that is spent through the card can earn you 1 point which can be redeemed later
  • Once your card gets approved you will receive 15% discount on your first purchase
  • You can register for email updates and also earn 500 bonus points

How to Pay Old Navy Credit Card Bills

The customers of Old Navy can pay their credit card bills through online portal, through phone or also through mail. To make the online payments you first need to log into your account. After when account dashboard opens you will find a payment button that will direct you to payment window.

Payment Address For Navy Credit Card

P.O. Box 530942,  Atlanta, GA 30353.

Phone Number

The payment phone number is 1-877-222-6868.

Applying for Old Navy Credit Card Account

To apply for the Old Navy Credit card, you need to follow some straightforward steps.

These steps will help you in applying for the Old Navy Visa. You need to apply for the Mastercard when you read the advantages of Old Navy Credit card. In this discussion we will let you know how to apply for the Old Navy Credit card. And the procedure to apply for the Old Navy Credit card is a simple one and you won’t confront numerous challenges in doing so.

Your procedure to apply for the Old Navy Credit card will now be started. Consequently, to do it, simply stick to the endorsed directions;

  • Go to the right page from where you can apply for the Old Navy Visa. The link to the page is oldnavy.com.
  • After when you click on the link or website, you will be diverted to a page where you can apply for Old Navy Mastercard.
  • There, you have to enter your subtleties like name, and address, or ZIP code, and so on.
  • At that point then click on the proceed and you will be finished with the current stage.
  • It is a 5 stage process.
  • Completing all those stages will assist you with starting toward applying for Old Navy Mastercard.

Old Navy Credit Card Sign in Process

To login into the portal, you require a sign up for registration first. To get an account and be able to use the portal. Follow the below steps to get guide for the sign in procedure for Old Navy Credit Card Login

  • First of all go the Old Navy Credit Card login page from www.oldnavycclogin.com.
  • After when you are on the page, you will see two boxes to enter your data.
  • In the first box, you should enter your customer ID and then in the subsequent box is to enter your secret phrase.
  • If you have done both, then click on the Old Navy Credit Card sign in button to sign in to your record.

Activating Old Navy Mastercard

To activate the Old Navy Credit card, you don’t have to do any rocket science. The procedures are simple and you basically need to follow what we explain here. There are some basic steps given below, which will help you with the activation of the Old Navy Credit card.

  • You must know that initiating your Old Navy Visa is significant, as simply after that you will have the option to use your Old Navy Mastercard.
  • It is recommended for you to initiate Old Navy Credit cards through the guidelines that are given to you in this study. Initiating the credit card for the most part has two strategies; from which the one is to enact Old Navy Visa through telephone or actuate the Old Navy Visa on the web.
  • We are going to tell you the best way to activate the Old Navy Visas in both ways; through the telephone and as well as on the web.
  • Enact your Old Navy Mastercard through Phone at oldnavy.com.
  • And when you want to activate Old Navy Visa through telephone, you will need not much to do. This is simpler than doing it on the web, as you will need less things here. So enact Old Navy Mastercard through a telephone, you will need your Old Navy Mastercard number.

Old Navy Credit Card Customer Services

The most important thing that you have to do so as to initiate the Old Navy Credit card first through a telephone or from the web, and it may happen that an individual gets stuck in this step and needs an assistance from the online source. Henceforth you can call and initiate the Old Navy Credit card. The number for the assistance is 1-877-371-9673. A recorded message will welcome you on this number. Furnish them with your card number and the three-digit security code on the back. This will help you enact the Old Navy Credit card.

Credit Card Payment Through Mail

If you want to make the Old Navy Credit card payments through the mail, then you should be thoughtful about mail your payment to the necessary locations. In any case that you don’t have the location, then the official location is:

Old Navy Payments, P.O. Box 530942, Atlanta, GA 30353


In this discussion, we discussed about the Old Navy Credit Card Login and sign through a complete detailed guide in which we saw the benefits and learned some login and sign up procedures for this portal. We hope this info is useful for you and if you questions to ask, leave a comment below.

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How does the old navy credit card work?

The Old Navy Visa card customers can receive one point for every of $1 that is spent. Once you earn 500 points or more, you receive a reward of $5 for redemption at any Gap store. When you have signed up for the card you get 20% discount on your first purchase. And you can also get the promotional notices by providing your email.







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