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The advancement in technology creates new opportunities. Anyone with a sane mind chooses the option of convenience. And you cannot find old methods of staying in business for a long time.

The management of employees needs attention. But when the number of employees goes beyond the limit, then management becomes chaos. Big stores like Myloweslife has a large number of employees. And they needed a system to manage its employer’s responsibility. That’s why is created. A single stop for all employees. The top management has put their trust on the portal and gave it a go. And now all employees of the store can claim benefits through a digital portal.

About MylowesLife (Login, Portal, Myhr, wealth, retirement)

This article is about the digital portal, but let’s dive in for a little detail. My Low Life is a hardware retail store, which has outlets in all major cities of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The store acts on the new model of business. It offers all hardware utilities under one roof. This store has many categories to choose from. You can find DIY products, home improvement gadgets, electronics, and all types of industrial tools.

During the past decade, the store progressed into many cities and opened multiple branches. That’s why their employees reached 265000, which is a big number for imagination.

Why is created?

This digital portal is 24-hour helpline for the employees. But there are many other reasons for its creation. And reasons are mentioned below.

  • The company provides benefits to employees, and the portal serves as the handler of all benefits.
  • The employees can claim medical benefits with just a few clicks. All they have to provide is scanned copy of health care receipts.
  • Any employee can register a complaint through the portal.
  • The senior management is within reach of low-level employees.
  • The employees can communicate with each other.
  • The portal serves as the social point for employees. They can share many things on the portal. Login Login

This portal is not for everyone. You cannot just register and use the portal. For becoming a member on the portal, you will require the following.

  • You must be a registered employee at the myloweslife
  • You must have SIN. It is a special employee’s identification number.
  • You must possess a social security number.

Login details of

You need to follow the steps for registration. And then you can login. If you do not have SIN, then ask your manager to give you the SIN. This number is unique for every employee. At the inception of your contract, this number is created for you. Your manager knows the details.

Here are the steps for registration.

  • Open your computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • Connect to the internet. Your internet must be fast, reliable, and stable.
  • Open the web browser. Make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.
  • Type in in the address bar and hit enter.
  • You will be directed to a homepage.
  • Find the register option at the homepage.
  • Click the option, and you will be directed to a form.
  • The form will require your personal details, social security number, and SIN.
  • Correct fill out the details and provide social security number and SIN.
  • Your registration will be completed in a minute.
  • You will be sent an email for verification.
  • Click the link in your email, and you are a member of the portal.
  • Now you can use the portal for your benefits.

How to use the portal?

You can use the portal by following these steps.

  • Open your computer.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Open the web browser.
  • Type in in the address bar and hot enter.
  • Click login at the homepage.
  • The portal will ask you username, password, and SIN.
  • Provide the details and hit enter.
  • You will be directed to a dashboard.
  • You can find the options on the dashboard.
  • Use the options for your benefit. Customer support

The portal also handles customer service in case of problems and questions. You can reach out to them by following two ways.

  • You can call them at (1-888-474)-6365.
  • Or you can write to them at Low Group Benefits (NB2CB), 1000 Lowes Boulevard, Moonville, NC 28117.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is SIN?

Ans: SIN stands for a special employee identification number. The company manages the employee through a database. The SIN is the representation of the employee in the database. Every employee has a unique SIN.

Q2: I do not know my SIN. What should I do?

Ans: Your SIN is created at the time of hiring. You may have slipped the number in the windmills of your mind. If you want to get it, then go to your manager and ask for it. Your manager will give you the number.

Q3: How do I claim the medical benefits?

Ans: Login to your account on Then click the option of benefits on the dashboard. You will have to provide the receipt from the health care provider. Your benefits will be added to your salary.

Q4: Can I request a transfer through the portal?

Ans: The portal is not for seeking opportunities. But you can convey a message to your senior management. Maybe they look into your matter and grant you a transfer.

Q5: How many employees get SIN?

Ans: All employees of the store get a SIN. Without it management of employees is not possible.

Q6: Can I communicate with other members?

Ans: Yes, you can communicate with other employees through the portal. The communication will be done in the form of messages. But there is no chat option.

Q7: Does my data is vulnerable on the portal?

Ans: No, your data is not vulnerable on the portal. The website has top security measures.

Q8: What benefits I can get?

Ans: You can get medical, dental, vision, and 401K.

Q9: How many employees are there on the portal?

Ans: Almost all employees are on the portal. The management has stopped the claim of benefits through the paperwork. That’s why all employees regularly login and claim their benefits.


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