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iEvaPhone Apk and For PC [Unlimited Free Credits and Calls]


The Internet has brought a revolution in communication. You can send emails to anyone throughout the globe, which can include documents and any kind of files under a limit. And you can also use specific applications for voice communication. Moreover, you can also connect with a phone number through some tools. But it will take some cost from you. But today we will tell you about iEvaPhone, which allows you to call any phone number in the world without any charge. We will tell you the procedure. So, you must keep reading for more.

What is [For PC]

It is a website that enables the user to call on any phone number throughout the globe for free. You do not need to register on the site for making a call. But you can also register to become a premium user. The users can call globally two phone numbers for a specific time. The call limit for free users is for two minutes. You also need to watch a fifteen seconds advertisement before making a call. This site is a perfect utility for shorter calls. If your friends are in another country, then you can contact them for brief communication.

iEvaPhone Apk Download

You and download ievaphone apk form the download button below:

How to make calls by using iEvaPhone?

How to make calls by using iEvaPhone

We will you every inch of detail. So, you must follow the steps.

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Your internet connection must be strong, reliable, and stable.
  • Otherwise, you will get your voice distorted.
  • Now, you must open your web browser. For calls, Mozilla Firefox works the best. You can also use Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Now, you must visit
  • A home page will greet you.
  • The website will require Adobe Flash Player. If you do not have it, then you must download it and install it. The link for download is this link
  • Now, plugin the microphone and headphones on the computer. And make sure they are working. The headphone jack is colored green and the microphone jack is colored pink.
  • You can also double check by playing any sound file on your computer and hearing the sound in the headphone. You can use windows sound recorder for checking the quality of the microphone.
  • The interface of iEvaPhone is simple and easy to understand. You will be shown a flash player phone plugin on the homepage.
  • You can select the country from the drop-down box. And it will show the country code automatically. For example, the dialing code for the USA is +1, and the dialing code for Pakistan is +92. I think you have got an idea about the country codes.
  • Now, you have selected the code. It’s time for the actual phone number.
  • So, you must type the phone number in the box next to the country code box.
  • Now, you need to press the green dial button.
  • The site will show you a fifteen-minute advertisement when you press the green dial button.
  • You must click the “Yes” button when a popup asks you to enable the microphone. This step is necessary for calling.
  • You can call free on any number but the call time is limited according to the countries. For example, the free call to Switzerland is only for two minutes. But you can check the call time limit in the “Free call tab” for every country.
  • You are allowed to make two free calls every day. Your IP address will be used by the site for your identification.
  • You can register on the site and recharge your account with the described payment method. And then, you can call on any number without limitations.
  • The site accepts PayPal and Visa cards as some payment methods.

Some Premium International Calling Apps/Services

There are not many services for free calls through the internet. But if you can afford the call, then we will tell you about the premium services.

Google Voice

If you have a Gmail account, then you can call freely on any number in the USA and Canada. But you have to pay charges for other international calls. This service sets a phone number for you, which becomes the official phone number for your account. You cannot receive calls on it, but you can call on any number from it. The international call charges are not expensive. It will take once cent for one second of international calls. You can call your friends and loved ones through Google Voice under 5$ for 15 minutes. Google accepts various payment methods, which also include PayPal.

Apowersoft phone manager

It is a software that works just like a phone. You can send SMS and videos through this tool. You need to download the software and make a premium account on the service. And then, you are free to call through your computer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I call from the Internet to mobile for free?

Ans: You can call from the internet to mobile. But it will not be free. Some services allow you to call any mobile number with time limits. But if you want a brief call, then you will always have to pay for it. Google Voice is a good and affordable platform for calling on the mobile. But you cannot send SMS through it.

Q2: Why EvaPhone is not opening?

Ans: The site can be down for maintenance. But you can use the sister service, which will open at this address This service is the same but with a different domain name. If you use this site, then you have to pay for the same charges as the original site takes.

Q3: What is APK call?

Ans: It is the call from your mobile app to any cell number. This call is made by using the internet. And you can find many call services on the Play store, which allows the users to call from the mobile internet to any mobile network. Whats Call is the popular application that allows you the same service. You can use it with affordable charges.


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