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How To Download Audio Songs and Videos From Tumblr

Do you want to download your favorite songs from Tumblr in audio or video format? If yes, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Tumblr does not allow its users to download videos and audio songs from it directly. But there is no need to get worried as there are many indirect ways that can be used to download audio and videos from Tumblr.

Tumblr is considered as another breed of social media platform. But, as compared to other platforms, it serves more when it comes to sharing platform. In other words, Tumblr is defined as a collection of blogs where people gather around from all over the world and share their personal stories and also files.

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Pictures, audios, and videos seem to be the core of this social media platform. Many Tumblr users share their favorite items on their drives. Besides, all these features, not everything is worth saving on Tumblr. Sometimes, while using Tumblr, you might have seen something pretty good enough that is worth-downloading, but you will not see any download option in Tumblr.

In this article, I will tell you about how you can save your favorite audio files or songs from Tumblr by using some simple methods.

How to Download Audio Songs and Videos from Tumblr?

Method – 1: Download Audio via Browser

Tumblr blogs often come with direct download links. That does not mean that taking audio files is impossible. As long as you are using the right browser, there is a simple and easy method for that.

You can also use your browser to download audio from Tumblr by using the following steps:

Step – 1: Go to the desired page in Chrome or Firefox (Wait for the page to load)

Step – 2: Right-click on the audio file.

Step – 3: Press the Inspect option at the bottom of the list – This opens up the Chrome Developer Tools Elements Panel. Don’t get confused by the lines of codes. All you need are the toolbars.

Step – 4: Select the network option from the top toolbar.

Step – 5: Select Network from the top toolbar.

Step – 6: Select from the Secondary toolbar media

Step – 7: Play the song

Step – 8: Open the link in a new tab.

Step – 9: Right-click on the download button.

Step – 10: Select the save as option and choose the folder where you want to keep the file.

Almost all the audio files downloaded by this method will be saved as MP3 on your device.

Method – 2: Browser Alternative

Sometimes Developer tools may not work for some users. In this kind of situation, there is an alternative solution that you can try before restoring to buy third-party software. But, keep in mind that these methods only work if the audio was directly uploaded to the page. If you want to download this embedded content, you can use the process given below:

Step – 1: Open the required page in Chrome or Firefox.

Step – 2: Locate the audio file and then select play.

Step – 3: Right-click on the player and select inspect element.

Step – 4: Look through the lines of code and locate the tag: <AUDIO PRELOAD=”AUTO”>

Step – 5: Copy the address on the second line of the code.

Step – 6: Open a new tab and paste the link there.

Step – 7: Once you click the Enter button, the file will automatically begin to download.

Step – 8: Right-click the player and select save video or audio (optional)

Sometimes the page will open an audio player instead of starting downloading. If this happens with you, then try the last step of this method. Remember one thing that while using Chrome browser, you will only be able to save the file in a video format. Whereas, Mozilla Firefox will allow you to save the file in MP3 format as well.

Method – 3: Third-Party Programs

This method is similar to how you download Youtube videos or convert them into pure audio files. Similarly, you can use third-party software to download songs or videos from Tumblr blogs. While some programs may not help you to download the content from the site.

Some other programs are able to record output from the site and then save it as MP3 or WAV audio file.

Tumbloader App for Tumblr

This app is compatible with Android devices. It is easy to use and works very efficiently. By using this android app, you can easily download audio songs and videos from Tumblr.

Step – 1: You can download this app directly from the Play store. Just open the play store and type Tumbloader for Tumblr.

Step – 2: Now open the official Tumblr app and browse to the audio or video which you want to download. This method is only for Android devices.

Step – 3: Click on the share of that particular audio or video and select Tumbloader to open the specific audio and video in Tumbloader.

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Q1. What is the purpose of Tumblr?

The purpose of Tumblr is to provide its users to share anything like pictures, videos, audios, etc. with people in one single location. This network is useful for personal interests such as writing, or photography, etc.

Q2. Is Tumblr safe?

Simple browsing with Tumbl safe mode feature poses a small threat to your system as a regular user. The developers of Tumblr keep the website safe from other attacks.

Q3. Can you get viruses from Tumblr?

Many people on several websites ask this question. Tumblr, like any other website, can contain links that take you to the sites that can infect your computer with malicious software. If you are posting content on Tumblr, you will not get any virus or other malware infection.

Q4. Can you download audio from Tumblr?

You can get Timbloader for Tumbler and download Tumblr audio in the highest quality. Just open the app and click on the Share or Send button. Select Timbloader and click on the Download button..

Q5. What is Tumblr, and how does it work?

Tumblr is a social media website where you can see all the posts from your followed blogs in the dashboard, which is quite similar to Facebook.  Tumblr users are also allowed to make a reblog post while they can also add their commentary in it if they want to. Users can also like a post. In short, Tumblr makes link-blogging easy.

If you have any confusions related to this topic, then do let me know in the comments.

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