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How to Change Overwatch Username?


Overwatch is a multiplayer team-based video game that is played as a first-person shooter. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. The players have to stick together to defend and secure a control point on the map, and they also have to escort a payload across the map within a limited amount of time.

Overwatch can be considered as one of the best-balanced team shooter games in the market. If you don’t have any problem with cartoonish graphics and can play nicely with others, this is a 6×6 objective shooter game, and it has some of the best fast access action of any game around right now.

This game was released four years ago, and it is still as popular now as it was when it was launched in the first place. It is one of the shooter games that isn’t dominated by snipers or any shotguns, and it has a place for every kind of player in it. It has a good cast of characters, some cool, mysterious maps, and excellent weapons with some effects.

When playing this game, you may feel that have you ever grown out of your current BattleTag? Or do you want to change your Overwatch username, but you can see any option in the game to do it. We will show you exactly how you can change your Overwatch username. This is how you do it.

Changing Your Overwatch UsernameChanging Your Overwatch Username

The basic issue of changing the name in Overwatch is that you cant do it from the in-game settings. You can do it from the Blizzard portal. As it is a Blizzard game, so it uses the Blizzard account portal on its own official website. There are other options there for you, too; you can only change your BattleTag for once and for free and then have to pay for any further changes.

How to do it;

  1. First of all Login to the Blizzard Portal
  2. Select the Account Details from the left menu.
  3. Then scroll to the BattleTag and select to Update.
  4. Change your name.
  5. Then select Change your BattleTag, and change it.

Then after a few minutes, your change will be made in Overwatch, and you will get the new username. Not to forget, you only get one free change, and then it will cost money onwards for further changes. After your free change, the price for change to pay for the name change is $10 to change it again.

Choosing a Username for OverWatchChoosing a Username for OverWatch

You have a lot of competition if you want to get a cool username in Overwatch. Some of the best names are unique and feel tough; your new name selection is going to be hard. But if you already have something up in your mind that has never been used before, you can get the advantage.

We suggest you plan ahead of game names every time you are playing a game. We will always need them for the next game, and so you can use that name in other games, too, as a unique identity. So planning ahead of others and keeping a list of the coolest names is always a good idea. Just use something to record cool words or names such as in notepad to use as inspiration. Then you can pick and choose the names you want to as soon as you need it.

Check @REAPERnamesCheck @REAPERnames

The reaper name hasn’t been updated in a long while but, the Twitter account @Reapernames was set up to track some usernames. Reaper often has the coolest names, and this is where you can find some of the best names. Most of them might be already taken obviously, but you can use them to get the idea of inspiration and put a mold on them to create your name with a twist in it.

Check TumblrCheck Tumblr

Tumblr is an app mostly used for entertainment that also provides a lot of info from the people. This Tumblr site tracks Overwatch usernames. The owner disappeared for a long time for ages, and then he picked it up again and is back with new ideas of names. There are tons of old usernames on this page that you can use. Some of them may be free now, or you could use others as inspiration.

Use the Game Name GeneratorUse the Game Name Generator

The game name generator is an app or a source from where you can generate a name for your game account. Some of them are quite good suggestions, while others are just useless. You can see which name suggested is best for you and choose accordingly, most of the people use it.

Changing your username in Overwatch is not the same as other games that allow you to do it from within the game. The Blizzard uses the BattleTag across their entire range of games, so you have to change your name from there. As you only have only one single name change for free, you need to think harder about what you to change it into.


In this discussion, we discussed how you could change the overwatch username that cannot be done from inside the game. You can get to an online Blizzard portal where you can make a name change for once only as free. Then you have to pay for it for further changes. It was simple info; we hope this was helpful. Leave a comment or reply; it will be appreciated.

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1. How many times can I change battle Tag?

Whether if you have outgrown your BattleTag or you have decided that it’s a time for a battle tag change, you can update your BattleTag from the Blizzard from the online portal. In the past, the users could only make one BattleTag change for free

2. Can you reset the overwatch account?

No, there is no way to reset the overwatch account and its data. And deleting my account would mean that you have to buy a new game account. So you have to make your choices wisely in this case.


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