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How to Get iMessage on PC: 3 Installation Methods


If you are wondering installing iMessage on PC, then the whole article below will guide you about the best ways to download it. Previously, Apple users were using only message apps on their handsets. Still, one of the most crucial benefits of using Apple accessories is that you can enjoy several Mac and PC apps.

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Just imagine working all day on your Windows 10 and missing essential messages on your iPhone. Here comes the need of iMessage on PC. The new version of this messaging app allows you o enjoy text messaging on your PC very quickly. In the whole article below, we will guide you about all the steps to install it on your PC; thus, you can stick to your PC all the time.

iMessage – A perfect messaging app

Apple mobile company is developing day by day. It has its many apps which are providing great convenience in their works. iMessage is also an Apple service that is available on your PC now. Most iPhone users are also using WhatsApp, messenger, and much more, but no app can replace iMessage because it contains all modern features.

What if you are an android user? There is no need to worry about the consequences because there are many ways by which you can explore the hidden features of iMessage on PC.

Features you must know about iMessage

As the world is growing so fast, people worldwide are demanding the latest features in mobile apps. You will find iMessage as the best app because it is available with the latest features within it. Some of its exciting features are as below.

  • You can easily use this app by using your data cost. There is no need to download any other software for installing it.
  • It provides you every kind of delivery information for making your conversation more convenient than before.
  • You will get an opportunity to chat with your loved ones with better graphics.
  • The steps to download it on your PC are quite comfortable.
  • It will provide you an opportunity to chat with your friends with a single click.

How to install the iMessage app on PC?

Many users agree to the point that the messaging service of apple is as efficient as the music app called GarageBand. Some users may find it difficult to install it on their PCs when they are not iPhone uses. But you don’t have to worry about a thing as the following hacks will assist you in the best way.

Trick 1: Try to use Chrome Remote Desktop

Many extensions are now available. Chrome remote desktop is also one of them. It is going to provide you a systemic way to run iMessage efficiently on your devices. One requirement for installing iMessage on PC is the availability of Mac. Another thing to consider here is the connectivity of both Mac and computers.

All you have to do is to install Google Chrome desktop extension on both devices you are using. You can use several websites to do so. Once you have installed the extension, open it, and explore the launch option. The launch option is situated at the top right corner of your computer screen.

Another thing you have to do is to install a chrome remote desktop host installer if you are installing iMessage on your Mac. After installing it, launch it on your device. You will see an extended 12 digit code on your screen in Mac. Thus the system will help you to operate your Mac device with a computer even with a distance.

Trick 1: Try to use Chrome Remote Desktop
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After affiliating the two devices, install and launch the chrome desktop extension on your PC and enter the 12 digit code. In this way, you can enjoy iMessage on PC.

Trick 2: Use an emulator (for those who don’t use Mac)

Emulators are the software that can run all programs on your PC. If you are not using Mac, you can use a famous iPadian emulator for installing iMessage on PC. When you have installed the emulator in your device, it will guide you and allow you to download the messaging apps on your computer. The main reason for the popularity of iPadian is the simple instructions for its usage.

All you have to do is to download the iPadian at your device. After installing, launch the emulator at your device when you have installed the emulator and upload your Apple ID. If you don’t have one, try to create a new ID. After entering the ID, you will get access to the best Apple messaging service on your computer.

Whenever you want to enjoy iMessage’s services on PC, just run the emulator on your device, and you will get the opportunity to avail of the services.

Trick 3: Use BlueStacks to download iMessage on your device

.We all know that iMessage is an iOS app and cannot be installed on windows easily. Thus here is another option to release your tension. You can use BlueStacks, another emulator, to allow access to iMessage on your device. Downloading iMessage on your device is not a big deal when using BlueStacks to do it for you.

All you need to perform is to download BlueStacks on your device. It’s downloading is possible with the help of several websites which are performing at their best. Install it like much other software. When you have installed BlueStacks, launch it on your computer.

You will see a search bar on the screen. Enter the name of the software called iMessage. You will get the relevant options. Please select the right one and download it on your PC. Thus live is now comfortable with certain emulators asking to download every kind of software to your device. If you don’t want to install iMessage on PC, you can also use it online. There are many websites which are offering their services to fulfill the demands of their customers.

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Can you send messages after turning off your iMessage?

Yes, you can send messages in the form of a simple text even when your iMessage is off.

Do the Android users download iMessage on PC?

Yes, there are many techniques to download iMessage on your PC. You can use emulators to do it for you.


Messaging is the primary way of communication these days. Almost everyone in search of the best ways to communicate with their loved ones. So there is no need to waste your time on other apps when you can use iMessage. Choose an option as mentioned above to download it on your device.


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