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Download and Overclock GPU using Gigabyte OC Guru II


PC hardware is big business in the technology domain. You may have heard about Intel and Gigabyte. Both are leading motherboard and PC hardware manufacturers. If you are using a desktop PC, then it is a fair chance that you are using a Gigabyte GPU. Consequently, you need better performance. For that, you can use overlocking your GPU, which can be made possible by using Gigabyte OC Guru II. We will tell you everything, the detail about adjusting regulators in your GPU. So, you must keep reading for more.

What is overlocking?

Your PC works with the hardware, which performs all computing tasks. But in the process heat is generated along the way. So, your computer fan cools it away. The speed of the fan is controlled by the hardware configuration. In the overlocking process, you change the variables in your computer for optimum performance. These variables can include fan speed, GPU voltage, frequency, and many more. You can get better PC performance by overlocking. And you will need software for that. There is much software that can be used for overlocking but we will mention only the software for Gigabyte hardware.

Gigabyte OC Guru II

It is a software produced by Gigabyte that enables you to change the variable in the hardware. The change in variable allows you to optimize the performance. The variables include clock frequency of GPU, the speed of a cooling fan, the memory of GPU, the voltage of GPU, the memory of RAM, and many other variables. With the right configuration of GPU, you will enhance the processing speed and rendering of graphics. This software is free software, and you can download it from the official website of Gigabyte.

Gigabyte OC Guru ii Free Download

  • Open your computer.
  • Connect to the internet. Your internet connection must be strong, reliable, and stable.
  • Now open your web browser.
  • Now, you can download Gigabyte OC Guru II from the download button.

How to overclock GPU by using Gigabyte OC Guru II?

How to overclock GPU by using Gigabyte OC Guru II


The process is pretty straightforward. You need to follow the steps.

  • After downloading, you must install this software.
  • Now, after installation, you must launch the software.
  • The main screen will allow you to create multiple profiles with different sets of configurations.
  • In each profile, you can set the GPU frequency, memory frequency, fan speed, minimum voltage, and memory voltage.
  • You can create a maximum of five profiles, which allow you to have five different sets of configurations.
  • The software also allows you to change the OSD (on-screen display) settings of the GPU. You can select the location of OSD, assign the hotkey for OSD, assign a screenshot hotkey, and change the general brightness, contrast, and gamma levels of the display.
  • The support section will allow you to update the driver for BIOS. You can also update the software from there.
  • The new versions of drivers for BIOS will bring new features and functionalities. That’s why updating is recommended for all users. It will eliminate problems for the system with a new set of configurations.
  • While overlocking you must check the speed of your cooling fan. An overlocked PC gives the best performance but it also generates more heat. That’s why you should increase the fan speed to the maximum.
  • If possible you must use your computer in an air-conditioned room. It will give you better results because the temperature of the hardware will be

Other overlocking utilities

Overlocking is recommended for all users because it gives the maximum performance of the PC. If your hardware is not from Gigabyte, then you can also use other overlocking software. We will describe the detail of the few.

AMD Overdrive

This software is specifically made for AMD/ATI GPUs. And it is bundled with AMD catalyst drivers. It has limited features that include GPU core adjustment, memory clock adjustment, voltage control, and fan speed manual control. You can set the 2D and 3D profiles of the system with this tool. This tool is a freeware, and you can download it from The user interface of this tool will show you everything you can adjust.

Sapphire triXX

It is a recently launched software that works on AMD/ATI cards. This utility offers you the adjustment of fan speed for different occasions, adjustment of core voltages, clock speed, and frequency of the GPU. You can maximize the performance by overlocking GPU while gaming. And you can also reduce fan speed for less noise. The clock speed is also under your control. You can create a maximum of three profiles with different configurations. And you can also create a log file for future analysis. This utility also allows you to update VGA BIOS. This way, you can get the latest features without any cost. You can download this tool from this link

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the Xtreme gaming engine?

Ans: These are high-end graphics cards for PC gamers. And these gaming cards work with Gigabyte motherboards and Nvidia technology is the foundation of these cards. You can overlock the graphics by using overlocking software. It is highly recommended to overlock while gaming because it will improve rendering and execution speed.

Q2” What is the Gigabyte Aorus graphics engine?

Ans: It is a redesigned utility that allows gamers with total control over Aerous gaming graphics. The gamers can customize the voltage, fan speed, clock speed, fan profiles, power targets, and LED illuminations. The customization brings a better gaming experience. The beginner players do not know these tactics. That’s why they could not get their PC on maximum performance. If you want to play games with maximum quality graphics, then we recommend you to do the overlocking.

Q3: What does the fan speed do?

Ans: The fan speed is directly proportional to the heat reduction in the hardware. If you increase the fan speed, then it will reduce the heat of the system. If you put the fan speed at a low level, then noise will be reduced. But your computer will become hotter.


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