August 28

How To Bypass OTP Verification: Best Sites to Do it!


It seems you are looking for a brief guide on bypass OTP verification; we are here with authentic information. Stay tuned, the whole article below is going to guide you about everything related to OTP verification.

Whenever any social media asks us for phone number verification, we get hesitated to provide our real number. That is why many users are now searching for, which will guide them in the best ways.

A complete guide on how to bypass OTP verification!
Secure your number now!

With the help of bypass OTP verification, the existence of a number or an email is confirmed. The world is getting modernized day by day. Scams are getting more popular, so two-step verification is making its place in people’s hearts by providing exceptional security to your social media accounts.

When you are using two-step verification, the chance of entering fake emails and phone numbers is restricted to a greater extent.

Threats of entering your real number

Many scammers are there finding ways to get the personal information of individuals. When you are creating a new account, they will require your email or phone number. This requirement is related to confirming your existence. For those who are quite insecure about providing their information, here comes the best alternative called bypass OTP verification. This method of verifying your phone is efficient in giving you a fake number for verification.

You can use such a verification number on many social media platforms without entering your name. Many people who are using androids for the first don’t have an idea about OTP verification. When you enter your new number, you will start getting unwanted messages from strangers. It is quite frustrating to handle.

How to bypass OTP verification?

Many people are in search of methods to get OTP verification. Many websites are now available, working to provide one-step verification for confirming your identity through call or SMS. All you have to do is give a 4 to 6 digit code that you will receive after entering the number at such websites. Many websites are also affiliated with scammers so that they may use your personal information for harmful purposes. So it is better to adopt bypass OTP verification.

When it is talked about bypassing the verification, it is now possible to bypass any number. But every problem comes with a solution. You can use a fake name to generate real number verification.

Best sites for bypass OTP verification

You may have heard of those websites offering their services to provide fake phone numbers too many users out there. So let’s start with some of the best choices for temporary phone numbers.


Have you ever used temporary numbers? If not, this website will give you the best services for getting fake numbers within minutes. You will find seven fake numbers instantly. These fake numbers are aiding the customers to use them in SMS or call verification.
The best platform to get proxy numbers!

There is no hard and fast tool to use this website. All you have to do is to choose any number available on the site. You can use this number for entering into the platforms which are requiring SMS verification. After that, you will receive a verification code. Thus verifying your existence has become quite easy now.


It is one of the most popular platforms for getting fake numbers without facing any hurdles. There is a complete list of proxy names at these websites related to every country. Thus you don’t have to worry about the region you are living in. You can use this website to bypass OTP verification.

When you have selected your desired number, you will get a code in that number’s inbox. Thus, you will get verified in minutes by using this platform.


There are many users out there in the world who are using fake number generating websites. But very of them are aware of those websites which are also related to one-step verification. If you are searching for verifying your account but are hesitant to provide your number, this website will help you a lot.

There is a wide range of options to choose from the best temporary phone numbers. You can use any one of them to verify your account. This website will send you a verification code. Upon entering the verification in the respective social media account, you will get access to use it.


Last but not least website is, which works best to provide people with one step verification. It offers a wide range of numbers; thus, you can choose any number from the list at this website and receive online messages for free. There is no need to register you before using this website.

The verification messages will be available to you when you click on the desired number.

Steps for bypass OTP verification

After getting an idea about the best temporary phone number providing websites, its time to learn how to bypass OTP verification. To use the method of one-step verification follows the following steps.

  • Open any website form the list mentioned above. No doubt, all websites are up to a point, but you can choose any of them.
  • After opening the site, you will see a complete list of fake numbers there. One of the most significant benefits of using temporary phone number websites is that they provide numbers for almost all countries in the world.
  • Select any number from the list according to your choice and country.
  • When you have selected the right number, enter it into the platform, requiring single-step verification.
  • You will get a verification SMS or call to the desired OTP number.
  • As mentioned above, you can bypass OTP verification in a secure method in the light of steps.

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What does it mean by OTP?

The process of sending a verification SMS or call is known as OTP or one-step verification process.

Is it possible to bypass OTP verification by fake numbers?

Many websites allow users to use fake numbers instead of their real numbers to get verified.


Life has become so comfortable with the help of alternatives, which are now available everywhere. The Internet has provided a solution to every problem. So there is no need to worry about your privacy. You can save yourself from scams by bypass OTP verification.


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