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Top 10 Best Writing Apps


Writing is profoundly human craftsmanship. Regardless of whether it’s a WordPress blog entry, report, advertisement copy, or even a genuinely captivating email or internet-based life inscription, composing requires character and feeling that originates from your heart. In any case, that is no explanation that innovation can’t assume a job in helping you make a great writer. But it can help you to be better than normal.

To enable, we brought up a list of best writing apps that go past spellcheck and word check, which will reinforce your composing game regardless of what writing project you’re dealing with.

Best Writing Apps

It doesn’t matter that for what reason you are doing it if you want to write using apps and improve your writing skills. Then here are our best picks for you in the category of best writing apps.

Best Writing Apps
Best Writing Apps

Let’s take a look at the following apps.

1. Scrivener

Scrivener is the best writing app on our list since it’s the most well-rounded. It has something of everything, so it’s ideal for composing anything from papers to blog entries to full-length books. In short, it’s the ideal tool for practically all journalists.

1. Scrivener
1. Scrivener

Scrivener includes a simplified feature to arrange segments of composing inside a lot greater responsibility. It likewise comes completely stacked with over twelve prewritten ‘formats’ for everything from verse to short stories, blog entries, much more. Along these lines, you aren’t expected to compose without any preparation.

  • Scrivener likewise accompanies a “full screen” mode that will assume control over your whole screen and permit you to focus on composing (without getting occupied by different devices, choices, or notices).
  • You can send out practically any documents with Scrivener, including Word, OpenOffice/LibreOffice author archives, Final Draft, PDF, txt, or RTF. You can even choose EPUB files for Kindles.
  • Scrivener has one-off costs of $49 for either a Mac or a Windows permit. The iOS adaptation will charge you $19.99.

2. Write! Application

Write! The application resembles a cut-down variant of Scrivener. It has an excellent interface, marvelous interruption-free writings, while also stripping the number of ‘extra’ tools usefulness that may help you in the event that you chip away at single archives or documents one after another.

2. Write! Application
2. Write! Application

Write! Application revolves around everything around its interruption-free composition and writing. You can either utilize “Full-Screen Mode,” which blocks out everything with the exception of your layout and record interface or then again; you can utilize the “Center Mode” that de-underlines everything else on your screen with the exception of the sentence or section that you’re chipping away at. In case that you need you can tag-group both the characteristics for better composition just as altering experience, nothing is more chafing than saving a Word Doc on your work PC.

  • Write! The application gives its own implicit cloud sync, so you can gain admittance to the equivalent shared library from any gadget you use.
  • The best part is, there are no cutoff points on the quantities of documents you can save. The main drawback is that the value hops a little with this additional cloud sync feature ($4.95/year).
  • Probably the greatest drawback in contrast to Scrivener is that there are no cooperation highlights accessible.
  • Write! Application, then again, permits you to distribute archives to the interwebs and get a shareable connection.
  • Multilingual choices (to support about 35 dialects)
  • Write! The application will spell check as you write in up to various 35 dialects.

3. Draft

Draft is a smoothed out word handling platform that can come in use as a great writing app. In case you’re teaming up with anybody on a bit of composing, be it a co-author, a supervisor, or only a companion or associate who’s giving your work a once-over to verify everything is ok.

3. Draft
3. Draft

Tools like Google Docs or Microsoft Word make the formation troublesome. So, you can’t super effectively accept small changes, or allude to past drafts that have since been edited over. With Draft, you can.

  • Two cool highlights: Hemingway Mode, a “write first, edit later” setting helpful for unfinished versions which incidentally kills your capacity to erase anything; and Ask a Professional, which lets you request edits from a staff of analysts.

4. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is charged as to a greater degree a language structure tool than a writing app. Notwithstanding, when you begin looking around, you’ll find that it’s, in reality, a whole lot more. It has a couple of splendid highlights that can give demonstration like an implicit composing mentor.

4. ProWritingAid
4. ProWritingAid

Furthermore, its practical methodology makes it ideal for genuine journalists who won’t generally need all the additional fancy odds and ends. ProWritingAid tools are combinations on top of blend combinations. In English, that implies you can connect it to essentially any gadget or program you use. It will even coordinate with other writing programs like Google Docs, or Open Office, etc.

  • ProWritingAid will get the entirety of your language structure and spelling issues. It’s outstanding amongst other syntax checkers dependent on our hands-on tests.
  • However, what you cannot deny is that ProWritingAid will likewise give you input on style, the structure of your bit. So all writers can profit by the additional style counsel.
  • It will give you input continuously to assist you with recognizing those irritating minimal unfortunate propensities.
  • ProWritingAid’s great tool detailing will hail regular writing issues like an over-dependence on qualifiers, rehashing expressions or words, and utilizing aloof voice.
  • It just deals with English. It doesn’t get along with other unknown dialects.
  • ProWritingAid’s yearly pricing is $50 bucks, with a one-time lifetime option for $175.

5. AutoCrit

AutoCrit is a fiction writing an application that causes you to spot issues with word decisions, dull expressing, and a lot more. That makes it ideal for book composing and writers. This product goes past the essentials of only as an examination and a spell checker. So it has a smidgen for everybody.

That is the reason AutoCrit goes to careful endeavors to give customized recommendations and benchmarks depending on the sort of composing you’re doing. For instance, the ‘worthy edge’ of modifiers may be distinctive for general fiction book journalists versus B2B. It exceeds expectations at getting your mistyped words, as rehashed words or stating, and suggesting recommended choices to trade out.

5. AutoCrit
5. AutoCrit

Including “Section” headers in your draft will naturally make a chain of command inside AutoCrit, which at that point permits you to rapidly hop through the tool to edit one part after another.

  • With this, you can post your proposed review in Word, Rich Text, and Text documents.
  • You can trade the entirety of the suggested edits into various work area based configurations to work later even when disconnected or send your book to a friend.
  • AutoCrit may be the main composing tool to examine your wording.
  • Tragically, while AutoCrit incorporates a syntax checker, it ain’t excessively extraordinary. So you most likely get interested in different tools like Grammarly Premium.
  • You’ll presumably need to utilize other alternatives for writing apps. (Or then again, go for something like ProWritingAid that furnishes better language structure checking with a few, yet not all, of the composing style input.)

6. Grammarly Keyboard

Composing with a virtual console isn’t the perfect method to compose things. In any case, it’s unavoidable once in a while. Grammarly Keyboard is a tolerable console application for writers or authors.

6. Grammarly Keyboard
6. Grammarly Keyboard
  • It does fundamental things like auto-amendment for spelling mistakes. The application likewise assists with your language structure.
  • It reveals to you when it detects a sentence structure issue and offers an amendment.
  • Presently, as a rule, things are worded with a particular route for an explanation, and a few characters simply talk with terrible language structure. Nonetheless, it’s as yet pleasant having a console with abilities like this.
  • It is a great choice than most of the other writing apps to use.

7. JotterPad

JotterPad is a writing app explicitly for scholars. It has a number of highlights for things like books, screenplays, and other comparative kinds of composing work. The application additionally accompanies a no-interruption mode to truly get into the zone.

7. JotterPad
7. JotterPad

Some different highlights incorporate a dull mode, a word counter, Markdown support, typewriter-style looking over, and support for distributed storage. There is additionally part screen support, however, just on tablets and Chromebooks.

  • The free form accompanies the greater part of the highlights. A single $5.99 buy includes some additional stuff, while the $14.99 choice opens everything.
  • There is additionally a $0.99 every month alternative for distributed storage support.
  • If you’re not a huge fan of paying month to month for help to Google Drive’s free storage, then you can generally avoid that in case that you need to.

8. Microsoft Word, OneDrive, OneNote

Microsoft Office works like Google Drive. It’s a full office suite with availability between the entirety of your gadgets. Everyone thinks about Microsoft Word as of now. Microsoft OneDrive lets you sync your work between different gadgets, and OneNote is a sensibly better than average note-taking application.

8. Microsoft Word, OneDrive, OneNote
8. Microsoft Word, OneDrive, OneNote

We like Microsoft Office somewhat more since it accompanies local work area applications for Windows. That is a pleasant touch in case that you need something on your PC with somewhat more strength.

  • You do require an Office 365 membership so as to get the work area applications.
  • The free form lets you utilize the web variant of Word for nothing.
  • We additionally welcome that Microsoft lets you purchase the entire Microsoft Office suite for a single $119.99 payment.

9. Writer Plus

Writer Plus is one of the most famous composing and writing applications for pretty much anything. It has a lot of highlights for such stuff, including headers, rich content organizing, fix and re-try, console macros, a night mode, option to left content help, and stuff like word and character counters.

9. Writer Plus
9. Writer Plus

The insignificant UI and simple route put little among you and really composing, and we welcome that. There is additionally a speedy guide on the most proficient method to utilize everything. It’s not overwhelming like you see with Microsoft Word or Google Docs. It’s extremely simple and quick to simply bounce in and begin composing stuff.

  • The application is additionally completely free, with no publicizing.
  • The in-application buys are discretionary gifts in case that you need to help improve.


In this discussion, we discussed the best writing apps that can be used to improve or enhance your writing. All these writing apps have their own features and specifications to bring in the interest of the user. The data added here is relevant; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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