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Top 9 Best Ubuntu Apps


Ubuntu is open-source operating system software that can be run from the desktop to the cloud and to all the things that are connected to the internet. The operating system is considered an excellent distribution for beginners. Initially, it was intended for personal computers only, but now it can also be run on servers.

If you are using the Ubuntu operating system for the first time, you might be wondering what some best Ubuntu apps you can have are or which Ubuntu software you should have. So, here we have bucketed a list of best Ubuntu apps that you should have to make most out of it. Without any further delay, let’s begin.

9 Best Ubuntu Apps

Best Ubuntu Apps
Best Ubuntu Apps

If you are coming from windows, then below are some best Ubuntu apps that have the ability to replicate your daily needs.

1- Ubuntu Tweak Tools

Ubuntu Tweak Tools
Ubuntu Tweak Tools

Ubuntu doesn’t offer much flexibility for the customization of your desktop. However, you can do some basic customization to your desktop, such as different fonts for your system and different windows themes installation but not more than that. So it is a great idea to have a tool that offers a ton of customization options for your desktop and access to some more advanced settings. Ubuntu Tweak Tools is the app that can do just that.

Depending on your Linux desktop environment, if you are using GNOME, you can install GNOME Tweaks, which you can find in the software center. It offers advanced tweaks, such as keyboard shortcuts, changing window behavior, and multiple themes options.

If you are using Unity, you can install GNOME Tweaks, which you can find in the software center. The app will enable you to alter your window behavior and settings, as well as more advanced options that you usually can’t access.

If you are using Compiz, which is a window manager rather than a desktop environment, and enables animations and 3D effects, if you are going to Compiz for window management, you will need to install Config Settings, which can be found in the software center.

  • Access to advanced Unity settings
  • Configure window management settings
  • Change scrolling behavior and security

2- Geary Email Client

Geary Email Client
Geary Email Client

The majority of Gmail users use a browser to read, write, and send emails because it is straightforward, fast, and has the ability to work across multiple systems. But Ubuntu allows you to use the Geary Email Client app, which is a featured-packed email client and allows you to send and receive emails from significant webmail providers, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. through its account wizard.

Once the syncing is finished, it will come up with a neat and modern look, as well as incredible integration with the GNOME Shell desktop, which is what Ubuntu uses. The app features robust mail search features, a well-organized mail composer, and various other incredible features.

  • Modern and easy interface
  • A featured-packed HTML mail composer
  • Instant mail search

3- Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser
Google Chrome Browser

As the majority of Linux distributions features Mozilla Firefox as their default browser, which is a tough competitor of Google Chrome. Google Chrome has the edge over Mozilla Firefox because of its outstanding features, such as you can have direct access to your Google account, and you can sync browser history, bookmarks, extensions, and more from the browser to smartphones and other operating systems.

Google Chrome browser offers an updated Flash Player for Linux, which not any other browser featured for Linux, including Mozilla Firefox and Opera browser. If you are coming from windows and use Google Chrome continuously, then it is a great idea to use it on the Linux operating system as well.

  • Updated Flash Player
  • Direct access to your Google account
  • Sync bookmarks, browser history, and more

4- The GIMP


If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe Photoshop, you should go for the GIMP, which is a powerful open-source image editing software and is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems. Although some fancier features, which Adobe Photoshop offers, are missing, it is still the best alternative of an expensive Adobe Photoshop software, and you can use it for entirely free.

Whether you want to edit your selfie, enhance your photograph, or want to create a multi-layered masterpiece to share on your social media, The GIMP can do the job done for you.

  • The best alternative to Adobe Photoshop
  • Entirely free
  • Support multiple operating system platforms

5- Steam


Gaming on Linux operating system was a distant dream a few years ago but not today. Recently Valve introduced Steam gaming client for Linux operating system and changed everything. Earlier, other operating system users were hesitating to switch their operating system to Linux because they aren’t able to play games on Ubuntu.

You might find it tricky when installing Stem on your Linux operating system, but it is worth it as hundreds if not thousands of games are now available for your Linux operating system. Some of the most popular games, such as Hitman, Global Offensive, Counter-Strike, DOTA, etc. are available and you can play them on your Linux operating system. You just need to ensure that you are fulfilling their minimum hardware requirements.

  • Play popular games on your Ubuntu desktop
  • Easy to use
  • It is free

6- Lollypop Music Player

Lollypop Music Player
Lollypop Music Player

It is another best Ubuntu app that you should have on your desktop. The app is a fully-featured GTK music player and manager for Linux operating system, as well as a fantastic alternative for Rhythmbox. It integrates smoothly with the GNOME Shell desktop and contains all the features you can expect from a standard music player app, including play music, add music, instantly browse music, create playlists, and much more.

Another fantastic feature of the app is that it has a feature of Party mode, which has the ability to fetch lyrics, album artwork, and even artist biography using online sources. It might look old-fashioned app in an era dominated by other music apps, such as Spotify and Amazon Prime Music, still this app shows, far from looking dated.

  • The best alternative for Rhythmbox
  • Instantly play, add, or browse music
  • Party mode

7- Kdenlive Video Editor

Kdenlive Video Editor
Kdenlive Video Editor

If you are at the hunt for some best video editing tools, you can try Kdenlive Video Editor on your Ubuntu desktop. It is one of the best Ubuntu apps that you should have if you need an editor to trim your video before uploading it on the internet or working on a multi-cam video podcast with flawless transitions and cool video effects, then you can experience this app.

Kdenlive Video Editor is the best open-source video editing tool for Ubuntu. This non-linear video editing software offers an incredible balance of both basic and advanced video editing features, such as rotoscoping and outstanding transitions, keying, keyframe editing, and much more.

  • In-built title editor to create, crop, move and delete video audio clips.
  • Add custom effects
  • A vast range of transitions and cool effects

8- VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player

As the majority of users who come from windows operating systems know that the VLC Media Player is the most popular open-source and cross-platform media player. What distinguishes it from various other media player software is that it can play videos in almost all the video and audio formats available out there without any problem.

It is another best Ubuntu app that you should use on your Ubuntu desktop. Featuring a slick user interface, which is easy to use, offers many features, including audio and video customization, online video streaming, and much more.

  • Screen recorder
  • Convert video and audio files
  • Can play any video and audio format file
  • Online streaming

9- Franz


Franz is yet another best Ubuntu app that you should install on your Ubuntu desktop. It is an instant messaging client, which has the ability to combine messaging service and chats in one app. Franz is amongst the best modern instant messaging platforms. It has support for all the significant messaging platforms, including  Messenger, Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, HipChat, and more under one app.

The app can also be used for business purposes because it is a complete messaging platform and can be used for managing mass customer service. You can install the app by downloading its package from its website and launch it using the Software Center.

  • One-stop solution for multiple messaging apps
  • Free to use application
  • Add a service for various times


If you are on the hunt of the best Ubuntu apps that you can have, then these are some of the best Ubuntu apps that you should try on your Ubuntu desktop. If you have any ideas regarding the best Ubuntu apps, you can comment us below.


Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Can I play games on Ubuntu Linux distributions?

Ans: Yes, recently, they introduced the Steam app, and you can play the most popular games, including DOTA, Counter-Strike, Hitman, Public Offensive, and more on your Ubuntu desktop.


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