August 3

5 Fashion KOLs that You Never Want to Miss in Hong Kong


What is the fashion in Hong Kong? Let us introduce some fashion KOLs who are stylish and unique on Instagram. With the rise of iot solutions in Hong Kong, Instagram and influencers have taken the main stage. Here is some of our favourites:

Hana Tam

Hana Tam is an actress, artist, and also a Youtuber. She is a fashion icon of Hong Kong. By viewing her Instagram account we can find a lot of Japanese intellectual styles in her post. Plain dress and minimalist clothing bring her audiences an intellectual and knowledgeable image. Her Instagram is worth reading if you want to learn how to wear a leisure street style in the town.



Faye Tsui

What if I want a decent and luxurious style? Take a look into Faye Tsui’s! She is a fashion stylist and a fashion influencer in Hong Kong. When you hop into fashion events from luxury brands in Hong Kong, you might have seen her at that moment. She is professional in styling and knowledgeable in fashion trends.



Harri Foo

Is a fashion influencer must be a real person? Harri foo might not agree with that. She is an illustrator who has been guesting the digital media Hokk Fabrica. She draws her style in a unique way then share it in her Instagram account. Her style is young and trendy, young followers are praising her work and style.



Charles Lam

How about men’s style! As a columnist of Vogue Hong Kong, Charles Lam can figure your “cool solution” out. His versatility in fashion styles, enable you to find out your style in his demonstration. There are various styles in the fashion industry, a fashion editor can help you find the style suit you the best.




After his graduation from the London College of Fashion, Mayao came back to Hong Kong. Then, he started his fashion influencer career. Not only about styling but also his beauty and makeup sense is helping fashionistas a lot. He is also a singer who is active in local television programs. His fans are not restricted by gender, everyone learns from his fashionable content.



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